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  1. I ordered my 6 pack on Tuesday night and it just arrived today. The peace of mind knowing I have the tests on hand was worth the cost. Now I don’t have to stress about finding a tester or worry my appointment will be cancelled.
  2. I got the email yesterday for my 9/19 sailing on Allure. My mother did as well and we had cabins that were two doors down from each other. Reached out to my TA who contacted RC and they said this is a very new process and to please wait to see if/when our cabin is moved. It does state you would be moved to a like-for-like stateroom so not holding out much hope for a huge upgrade. Just hoping we get placed near each other.
  3. Correct, I’m not concerned about location on the ship. If I am understanding this correctly, as long as we are not all online at the same time, we could get by with just one or two lines, and just share the logins. Is that accurate?
  4. I have tried to find an answer on the RC site, but can’t. We are on allure on 9/19, 4 people in two cabins. If I purchased zoom for 4 devices, can the devices be for either cabin or is it limited to the cabin that purchased? Right now it is 50% off and I want to take advantage of that as long as devices in both cabins can use it. thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks all. Got an email yesterday that due to the changes in boarding protocol, they have cancelled The Key. Oh well, but at least the ship is sailing. Now I just need to keep an eye out for internet deals.
  6. We signed up for The Key for our September 19 cruise on Allure. With the first check in time 1-1:30, does anybody know how they would handle the lunch? Nothing has changed in my cruise planner, and I have been waiting over a week for a response from Royal.
  7. Does anyone know if independent excursions will be permitted on Royal? I am on the Allure on September 19, and while I realize this is still a rather fluid situation with regards to safety protocol, and that things could drastically change by then, if they have already said that independent touring will be permitted I can start getting things booked. thanks in advance
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