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  1. We took the tour on Edge and were told that they make the gelato on board, different flavors, every day. So you can usually get the same gelato at the buffet or MDR's for free that you may have to pay for in other venues. Just ask. There's also the soft serve on the pool deck, free. The snacks at al Bacio are free.
  2. Buy what ever is on sale in the logo shop and re-sell it on ebay. Larger t-shirts, tote bags. glass ware, you can make a few bucks for sure.
  3. They can't do it. Liability issues, plus they'd be taking jobs away from the locals and their own employees. We were on the Liberty right after the earthquake in Haiti. Many people thought RCL should cancel Labadee because they were afraid of.. who knows... I guess they thought the locals would over take the ship and storm the Windjammer or whatever. RCL's opinion was they've had a long term partnership with the people of Haiti and they don't desert their friends when they need them the most. The Liberty brought food and supplies to help and did so for a long time after. The vendors that RCL uses donated tons of the food and other things. We went to Labadee, which really wasn't affected by the e.q. anyway, had a lovely time and spent a little extra money at the flea market. My point, the best way to help all the islands is to go there and spend money. Or FL, Hatteras, Charleston, where ever people will need to rebuild. All these places depend on tourism. So be a tourist, no guilt required. Don't worry about Coco Cay. RCL has plenty of money to rebuild and will do it in a hurry.
  4. We're in Boynton Beach, which is just south of West Palm Beach. If you look outside right now, it is a bright, beautiful day. Except the wind is really picking up. We're all boarded up, geared up and ready for what ever happens. We're sailing next Saturday on Symphony and I really don't foresee any problems. Miami isn't going to take a big hit at all. From what I've read, St Thomas and St Kitts came through it pretty well. Per RCL, no changes in itinerary as of now. The Bahamas will be devastated, no doubt about that, so if you were going there, not now. I have no idea about Coco Cay. I've lived in Florida since the 80's and DH has been here all his life. Make no mistake, this is a huge storm and will leave a lot of destruction in it's wake. We have to board up every few years now and it's getting worse and more often. For those of you who think it's some kind of 'hoax', I say you need to wise up and face reality. IMHO we have passed the point of no return. Be Safe.
  5. If you always want 5:30 you should change to fixed dining. I'm sure they'll do it for you. Many people want My Time and can't get it, so they'd be happy to free it up for people on the wait list. But if you do fixed dining you really need to be on time. Otherwise it throws everything off and you may get turned away if you're too late. Just like a real restaurant on land.
  6. The alternate time is a suggestion. The real purpose is to give the 'tourists' staggered times so everyone doesn't show up at one time. (I have this on very good authority).
  7. I booked starboard out of habit, but I think you're right. I may need to call CS and change that.
  8. I had made all my reservations for MDR, but then upgraded my cabin to Aqua class when the prices went down. All of my MDR reservations still stand. That would make sense, just because I can eat in BLU doesn't mean I'll want to, at least not every night depending on menu.
  9. Thank you all for the input. Since it didn't matter as far as spotting marine life, I booked based on distance from the Spa. Deck 9, fore. FYI, Celebrity is having an amazing sale. I booked an Aqua class, 4 perks included, so with all that it's almost like being all inclusive. This would usually be above my price point. Booze and a steak upgrade, DH is very pleased. Happy cruising.
  10. Which is the best side to be on for an Alaskan cruise? We're looking at the one way, Seward to Vancouver (or the other way). So should we book a cabin that will face east (land) or west (sea) to optimize possible whale spotting? Thank you.
  11. Which is the best side to be on for an Alaskan cruise? We're looking at the one way, Seward to Vancouver (or the other way). So should we book a cabin that will face east (land) or west (sea) to optimize possible whale spotting? Thank you.
  12. I'm not sure I understand your question, but I'll answer regarding water. It's not like the airport where you can't have a bottle of water from outside. If you have a bottle or two in your bag, no problem. Before there were drink packages like they have now, we used to bring our own water, a case for the whole cruise. We'd slap a luggage tag on it, hand it to the porter and it would show up in our room. Those days are gone. Even in the good old days, it would depend on which port you were in and the whim of the porters. We never had a problem in Ft. Lauderdale, but Canaveral was a whole other story. Once we ended up putting the case of water inside a suitcase (per the porters suggestion), then we got called to the naughty room and they wouldn't let us have it until the end of the cruise. Their reasoning was, if we sell it onboard, you can't bring it onboard. (I asked if that also applied to the flip flops I brought with me... big fight... whatever). Anyway, we just buy the drink package now and eliminate the hassle. I don't even use my Rum Runners anymore.
  13. It's doable, but Ft Lauderdale to Cocoa is going to be more like 4 hours. I've breezed in and out of car rental places, but some have had me standing around for 20-30 minutes, then an inspection, etc, There will be taxi's waiting right outside the terminal, so that's not a problem, but I wouldn't call an Uber. Security is tight in Ft Lauderdale and they might not let an Uber just breeze on in. I used to work at the port in Ft Lauderdale and have seen people who planned badly and ended leaving their rental car in the pay lot for a week, paying for the rental and the parking fee. But that won't be you. Best wishes.
  14. We've always eaten dinner in the MDR, but haven't always been happy with the food.. and I think it's gotten worse. So when I gave DH the option to have a decent steak every night, he jumped at it. Hopefully I can get him out of Chops and into something more exotic. We're on Symphony in September so they should have it all worked out by then. As a retired insurance agent, my advice is even if it says 'unlimited' there's always an 'exclusions' page. First World problems. Happy Cruising.
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