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  1. If wearing a mask is all it takes to get the hell out of this house and go on a cruise or vacation, I will gladly wear it. Being in a few high risk catagories, I'll probably wear it the rest of my life anyway. It's become second nature, like putting on my seatbelt. We're cruising in August (hopefully) so should be vaccinated by then, but that is no guarantee since at this point we really don't know how effective it will be long term. I've survived a lot of stuff in my life and I'm not going to get taken out because of ignoring sound medical advice. Just wear the damn mask.
  2. We took the tour on Edge and were told that they make the gelato on board, different flavors, every day. So you can usually get the same gelato at the buffet or MDR's for free that you may have to pay for in other venues. Just ask. There's also the soft serve on the pool deck, free. The snacks at al Bacio are free.
  3. Buy what ever is on sale in the logo shop and re-sell it on ebay. Larger t-shirts, tote bags. glass ware, you can make a few bucks for sure.
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