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  1. Yes, just too bad it is such a difficult task for celebrity to let you know when you ask.
  2. Thank you for this. Yes I called Celeb and they didnt know. Said they would get back to me, not holding my breath.
  3. Can anyone help me figure out which mid ship infinity cabins on the 8th deck would have the bed close to the balcony?
  4. how many reservations can you make at each specialty restaurant when the reservations open?
  5. Our agent always gets 6 months for final payment, so I dont really see this as a promotion.
  6. Most recent promo is Kids sail free, so much for Celebrity being more adult style cruising.
  7. We will watch and see, we are on the insignia in dec and may then book the itinerary we were intending to book this wed on the Sirena. If reviews about Sirena continue to be negative or mixed at best, there may be promotions and by booking on the ship, we will get something extra most likely.
  8. Sirena has some wonderful itineraries for 2020 and 2021...I had planned to do a booking tomorrow. Now holding off. If word spreads as it has here, there will be promos to fill that ship. However, here is only a small sampling of those sailing. Most are not reading CC and many are new.
  9. yes very expensive and now very bad reviews for food on the Sirena... wanted to book an Iceland 2021 when it comes out but now not so sure....
  10. sure hope things change for the better...we want to book iceland on the sirena for 2021 but with reviews like that about the food, not sure I want to do that anymore.... hope people really use the comment cards to get the food up to O standards...
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