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  1. Laundry tokens only by using medallion?
  2. We had a booking there last year which we made months in advance and several weeks before the arrival date we received an email saying that we had no reservation as they had overbooked. Be careful!
  3. Been here before and I would like to say that wanting a chair may depend on length of cruise and physical need. However basic furnishings in a mid-priced cabin is a normal expectation. Princess made a serious mistake. it is up to us to choose a cruise line.
  4. We were at home in Punta Gorda as Charlie came to visit! It was a memorable experience.
  5. Are cruise cards still available on all or most ships?
  6. How do you see fares for 2021 before they are released?
  7. Can't open schedule. If you can please tell me if there is a Spring 2021from Florida to Le Havre.
  8. Happy to see the barrel chair topic has returned to CC. We will continue to cruise Princess in standard balcony cabins. If bringing a balcony chair into the cabin becomes an issue we will switch cruise lines. We like itineraries and most everything about Princess except the chair removal.
  9. I think some ships have only a bench ( no back ) at desk.
  10. Barrel chairs have been or will be removed from all OV and standard balcony cabins. Sitting on the floor is the new norm!
  11. Wishing Princess would list actual dining times for each ship. The personalizer is not correct.
  12. No complaints about Princess except the removal of adequate seating in balcony cabins. Have not yet experienced a Medallion cruise but don't expect it to be a problem.
  13. I am one of the persistent ones hoping that Princess will realize that they have gained only ill will. As customers realize that there is no seating in a balcony cabin they will look at other cruise lines. Some ships ( Sun etc ) only have a bench seat ( no back ) at the desk. Princess removed the chair but did not adjust the price to reflect the removal of the chair. Cruises were booked in advance on the expectation that a barrel chair was in the cabin. Princess never advised the customers that a change was taking place. DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING???
  14. Hoping to hear from anyone recently on Emerald and Sun. What are the TD times?
  15. Your concern for the burden on the stewards is thoughtful. Your assumption that there will be a supply of chairs in a storage room is questionable.
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