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  1. We were in 7108 for a 6 week cruise and did not hear any complaints. We have booked the same cabin for 2 cruises in 2023. This was our favourite ship and can't wait to sail on the "Onward "
  2. Booked on Princess ( elite ) but also exploring Oceania ( 1 booking ) and Azamara ( 2 bookings )
  3. My new way of thinking is that Princess' new, larger ships are ok for TAs but will shop other lines for port intensive journeys.
  4. Why do you think PCL could not resurrect the Personalizer instead of attempting a new debacle?
  5. We canceled an Oct 2021 and a Jan 2022 booking. The stress relief is amazing. For now we do not struggle with Covid testing strategies and App confusion. Our next Princess booking is Sep 2022. We have also booked Oceania and Azamara cruises for 2022 and 2023. Comparison shopping is usually a good idea.
  6. We cancelled Oct 31 on Ruby. Testing looked like a hurdle we did not want. If testing had been available at the pier we would have flown to San Francisco as planned a few days in advance.
  7. Before we were printing forms at home we received a packet in the mail from TA. The packet contained boarding pass, luggage tags and other pertinent info. Were these the good old days?
  8. Did you suggest that they should have done testing at point of embarkation as a service to customers travelling some distance and trying to coordinate this recent requirement?
  9. We saw BRAVO several times on different ships. Always wonderful !
  10. We have cruised once on Azamara and have a 2022 booking on Oceania.Would like to cruise with Azamara again but waiting to see how the new ownership affects the brand.
  11. The fares are good but cabins go quickly. Just booked for 2023
  12. Dom't miss the VOLCANO but plan to share!
  13. I don't believe that PCL deserves any slack for removing our ability to complete pre-cruise requirements on our home computers. many have a valid reason for doing it this way.
  14. Especially the chocolates in the dark blue wrapper!
  15. My thinking when starting this thread was concern about a Jan 2022 cruise with balance due Oct 2021.Will PCL post updates by that time about vax/ non-vax passengers on ships sailing after Jan 1, 2022, especially sailing from Florida.? It is a wait and see game but. I plan to cancel if PCL has not posted the Jan 2022 policy by the time balance is due.
  16. A "small team" ?. It will be very interesting to see how many cruisers arrive at a port needing this "special line".
  17. TAs are wonderful ,especially Nov/Dec. It's fun to watch the crews' uniforms gradually shift from winter to summer .
  18. Ran out of FCD's but lucked out recently when PCL had reduced deposits ( $250 instead of $ 400 for 2 )
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