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  1. It doesn’t seem to me as if Princess would have a very good argument to dispute owing the chargebacks. Is “we’re going to pay in 60 days” a valid argument for a reversal of charges?
  2. My cruise (June) was not cancelled by Princess until recently. However, on March 12 I cancelled several expensive Princess excursions through my Personalizer which immediately dropped from my reservation. I did not get any email saying such cancellation was being processed and no "credit" appeared on my account. Nothing at all to say I was owed any money. These excursions totaled around $1100.00. A month before when I changed my mind on an excursion, my credit appeared back on my credit card within 48 hours (which is what they advertise on their excursion site). This time it did not hap
  3. Not using a hammer - just making a point. And you are right, as a US incorporated company, Delta is eligible to receive help from the stimulus package.
  4. But ... with 5,000 DAILY departures... let’s say 100 passengers on a plane (which is low-balling) = 50,000 affected DAILY? I’d say Delta definitely wins that argument.
  5. When the Crown makes it to Southampton for a Norwegian Fjords cruise later this summer, if the problem is still not fixed I'm wondering how this problem will affect sailing in that area. I'm reminded of the Viking Sky last year, although I don't believe the Crown's issue is the same as that. Looking at the itinerary, though, I'm not convinced this ship will be able to get all the way to Honningsvag (or even make it there) without missing ports. Visiting the ports is our reason for choosing this itinerary. Any experience with that area/those ports and our chances?
  6. So many things to consider... our trip is in June/Europe so we are looking at taking a long haul to UK, boarding a ship that is already currently down a generator and missing ports throughout the Caribbean (Crown), and sailing with a crew who will have just finished a trip around all the hot spots in Italy. I don’t really think there’s a chance we’ll be able to avoid SOMEONE who either has the virus or is carrying it unknown to them by June. Missing ports either by the ship not able to make them or the port not allowing the ship in, being quarantined in Europe or the US on return for an extend
  7. Same "boat" as many of you. 🙂 We are facing final payment in 2 1/2 weeks for a Princess cruise to the Norwegian fjords in June from Southampton. Right now that whole area looks safe... but just today Norway had their first positive coronavirus diagnosis. And who would want to spend 14 days rocking around in the North Sea if the ports decide not to let cruise ships in? I'm not so much afraid of the virus as I am the quarantine for a long period of time - either in Europe or in the US upon return. And, of course, I don't want to miss the point of the trip - visiting the ports. Decisions,
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