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  1. A friend had a liver transplant two years ago. This spring, he cruised to the Baltic, including St. Petersburg (on Princess). We flew to Barcelona four months after DH had open heart surgery and since then have traveled in Europe (including the Balkans), taken four TAs, and done land trips to Brazil and China. Yes, we take precautions, take out travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition waiver and plan carefully. The upshot really, is that everyone has to decide what they are comfortable with. Hope you have many travel adventures in the future.
  2. Thanks. Love being out on the ocean. One of our favorite cruises was a westbound TA with only three ports and ELEVEN sea days.
  3. Keith, we're also Oceania lovers (we spent a month on the Riviera last fall). We're in our mid-seventies and prefer either land trips (we're former backpackers) and cruises with as many sea days as possible. We live in Southern CA and DH's doctor doesn't want him flying at this time, so that really limited places we could travel to. I really dislike road trips, so that meant cruising from a nearby port if we wanted to travel. HAL cruises out of San Diego (15 minutes from home) to Hawaii and Mexico, while Princess cruises out of LA (two hours up the road) to Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska, all round trips. We ended up choosing the Star Princess out of LA to Hawaii. We've been to the islands several times (and DH spent three months in a tent on Kauai when young and foolish), so we don't care that we'll only be spending a day on each of four islands. For us, the voyage is the important part of the cruise, not the destination and we're looking forward to the nine sea days, along with humpback whale watching on Maui and relaxing on the beach on Kauai and Oahu . We've cruised with quite a few O regulars who also cruise on Princess and we know not to spend all our time comparing the two lines. While the Star is larger than we'd like, it at least has a real wrap-around promenade deck and many open decks to explore and get away from the crowds, should I choose to do so. Yeah, the decor may be dated and not very stylish, but we're pretty sure we'll have a great time (we always do, no matter where we travel) and meet nice fellow cruisers. Oh yeah, friends have said that the best part of Club Class dining is the personalized service with the best wait staff. For us this is important, as I try to avoid buffets, even O's. Whenever we cruise, we end up, even when dining with people we've just met, enjoying really long leisurely dinners, usually closing whichever venue we're eating in.
  4. We've cruised on both the Marina and Riviera, last fall for 28 days. We met a number of gay travelers, but mostly socialized with straight couples from our roll call, a number of whom I still communicate with. We never felt anyone acting weird to us and usually the first thing out of people's mouths was, "How long have you two been together." As far as I was aware, no one turned purple when we showed each other affection, either. I guess our experience was similar to Britboys. With open seating dining, we often ate with strangers, and whenever we would run into each other after that, we were always greeted with smiles and often jokes. I will say that our Oceania cruises were by far the most enjoyable we've done. I'll also encourage you to go for it.
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