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  1. Yes on the equinox ! We cruised on her once in Spain for 14 days in 2015 and are hoping that maybe some of the crew are still working ? We booked the cruise before (Oct 25) for my friends 50th birthday and are all staying in sky suites next-door to each other ! We did a Caribbean cruise with them also for my husband‘s birthday years ago in a sky suite but it was before Luminae and allowing us to enter Michael’s ! So I think my friend Tawnya is going to really love the extra perks add it onto the sky suite !! Look forward to meeting you and having a martini on our second half of our journey !! Stefanie
  2. Happy birthday ! I will be spending my birthday on the November 2 ( birthday on the 3rd)cruise that we added on as a second leg of A B2B ! We were getting off after my best friends birthday on the cruise before and I was reading a blog of yours and thought we should stay on for one more week . Are you guys still doing the November 2, 2019 cruise ?
  3. Last April when we were on a Panama Canal cruise leaving Cartagena we were invited but when we arrive there were no beverages so we turned around quickly went to Michael’s club got a glass of wine and came back up ! It was a long haul for a glass of wine but it was super hot and the view was better with a glass of wine !😁
  4. I am glad I caught your review at the beginning of your trip!! Look forward to your review and pics!
  5. Just curious I got the Chase Sapphire reserve card this year for extra coverage and I know they don’t do medical Evacuation what is the cost for that with MedJet assist ? Not sure if we need that we are both just 53 but then again I guess you never know????
  6. I’m sorry if I missed it but what cabin is this is a nice very large deck?
  7. Our October cruise On the equinox changed to Tortola over a month ago . I noticed it on my cruise planner and then my travel agent sent me an email about a week after I noticed the change .
  8. I just wanted to hear any feedback on the Fort Lauderdale land and sea excursion that ends at the airport booked through Celebrity ? I just booked it with some onboard credit but was curious at opinions of how the excursion is ? Our flight doesn’t leave till 5 PM
  9. After speaking to Fitzroy on the phone we decided to go and go with him will let CC readers know later our cruise is not until Oct/November. He had a great itinerary to circle the whole island for A private tour for the four of us at a price of $300 which is much less than the other companies he didn’t offer beverages in the car which is fine with us since there’s lots of stops for that . Thanks for the input though for the other companies going to take a chance with him !
  10. Also called spek transportation. I already looked on the St .Martin forum and there was no information so I thought I would reach out to CC people and see if anyone has used this company we are looking at an all day tour of the island . He actually just called me back and just want to see if anyone here has actually used him he got pretty good reviews but not a lot since the hurricane so just curious ?? Thanks
  11. Great I must’ve missed it I went through quite a few pages quickly this morning . We just booked September 2020 on Summit Canada and had to switch the weeks because someone booked 1140 before me but just went on the next cruise and were able to at 1140. We really wanted a sky suite that the prices were too high so we are very happy with our choice and the extra money in our pocket !!
  12. Those were the pictures I was thinking about thanks it would’ve taken me a while to find them 😁 hopefully they don’t change them.
  13. Hey Jim I am on the summit in 2020 and when I googled the aft rooms 1140 had a bump out that went out over the Ocean view bar . I’ve also talk to other people who have had that room and they said it is a much larger aft balcony then even the two on the side 1141 and 1138 . But all five of the aqua class on deck 11 aft have larger balconies . I will try to post a picture but I’m running late for work LOL
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