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  1. I live in San Diego I wish more cruises started or finished from here!! We did San Diego to Florida thru Panama Canal 2018 on the Infinity!! Great memories!
  2. We are booked on the infinity south America so I’m really hoping by then it will be revolutionized!! I I think only time will tell when they finally get back to cruising ! Hopefully they will go back to revolutionizing the ships that were scheduled.
  3. I know I just realized that so I just edited the post😁I’m calling it Covid brain
  4. That’s funny I went onto my rollcall last night and was going to join but got sidetracked! But yes there’s only one other person on there right now.
  5. I booked this room the day it came out and wanted to experience that aft cabin !! But between Covid and some health issues I decided that I was going to upgrade some trips because you never know what your life plan will be!! cheers
  6. We were booked in aqua class 1140 and just moved to a sky suite so our room is open for anyone who is booked on that cruise that wants to get the aft deck room!!😁
  7. Our next two cruises are on the M class and we just upgraded both rooms to sky suites for a few reasons but #1 we love Luminae and love the lounge and look forward to spending some quiet time on the retreat deck.That being said we will probably have a lunch at Tuscan Grille and I do love a few things at sushi on five for lunch!!
  8. It was kind of funny I wanted to follow up we picked 6122 for our Boston to Canada trip and unfortunately my travel agent put a hold but didn’t finish the reservation out and let the hold lapse!! He felt awful since that was the last sky suite on deck six ! Since I did a little research on 8117 and it was available we took that SS it was more $$ since it was an S1 ! He has been such a great TA for years and since I changed rooms on two cruises this weekend knowing how he was super swamped ! I let him know it was absolutely fine!! In the end I like the location midship it’s closer to the elev
  9. Thank you we will ! We love PV and the direct 2.5hr flight is great!! We had Covid in Dec . So for now we are free to move about ! But still taking precautions! And hopefully in a few months we will be vaccinated!!
  10. I have some friends and family that think we are crazy to want to get back on a cruise ship .We just booked two in the last couple weeks! But most of the people that think we are crazy never liked and some never tried but knew they would not like it .So I like reading information from like minded people. We only do one cruise per year because we like to do land trips also !! Heading back to Puerto Vallarta next month!!
  11. We’ve been in the sky Suite 4 times and even though those aqua class rooms look nice and we like the fact of being one deck above The sunset bar. But after talking about it we like a butler and love Luminae!! We usually only have lunch and dinner in there and generally have our breakfast in our room another reason we like a butler!! and really like the access to The retreat lounge we only got to use retreat deck on the equinox last year the others were before the refurbishment. And I forgot about the extra bonus of being escorted out of Michael’s lounge on some port days when we did the P
  12. Were you ok with the switch from S class to an M class ? How did cabin changes go??
  13. Bigbenboys I have a question for you since you said you book SS normally. We just booked South America for 2023 and we booked one of those aft aqua class(that’s our third time booking 1 got canceled and we’ve moved rooms twice) we have never actually stayed in one. so now we’re thinking we want to upgrade South America to an SS🙂And we’re looking at holding room 8117? I like the location because we don’t have all of the lifeboats and deck stuff below? Just curious if you ever stayed in that SS??
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