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  1. I’m curious if anyone has any pictures of the newly renovated summit specifically of cabin 1140 and also of the balcony furnishings that they have .I’ve read on another forum about the lack of comfortable furniture and curious if anyone has complained and asked for more comfortable furniture( lounger) hoping before our 2020 cruise .
  2. Thank you for the information above but I’m specifically looking for someone who has taken the Celebrity excursion . Thanks For any info
  3. Sea and land excursions in Puerto Rico . I’m just curious of thoughts of this excursion through Celebrity? My friends just brought it up and usually do not like to take excursions through cruise ship that are large groups ? It has you in a wooden boat in the beginning and then a coach ??
  4. I would definitely like to know we are cruising the end of October and a sky suite also and would like to leave my previous one at home if there is one in the room . Preferably one with a zipper .
  5. I’m also a little bit taken back by this I have been on a birthday cruise before also and have never received that in my sky suite nor did I ever expect any extra gifts or perks I think they went way beyond what they needed to to make him feel special !
  6. I am also on the same cruise as you Oct 24-Nov -2 and have been going back and forth about to costume or not!!😳
  7. I saw your review late I had to catch up on the first 24 pages LOL and now I’m caught up ! I enjoy your writing style and great pictures ! We are booked next September on the summit and will be our first cruise on this ship . I was able to get 1140 with the extra balcony space ! Our last few cruises have been in sky suites so this will be our first aqua classroom !For the 12 day cruise it was $7000 less than the SS just couldn’t do it !! We will miss luminae but will eat in specialty restaurants and enjoy Blu ! Glad to hear that you are enjoying Blu !also happy to hear that Qsine is still open on the summit we ate there once on the infinity and really enjoyed it but just a lot of food for two people !!
  8. Thank you so much for getting back to me ! We just got the Chase Sapphire reserve card this year and thought it would be enough insurance but I like the idea of having a back up medical insurance plan I believe it was only $77 for the two of us and will also wait until the cruise gets closer in October .Once again thank you for the info and look forward to reading about your next adventure .
  9. Another great review blog and your pictures are absolutely amazing ! I do have a question about insurance starting all the way at the beginning of your blog I have the Chase reserve card so I know I don’t need travel insurance I went onto the website insure my trip that you had stated how do you decide on picking out the plan three came up for myself and the one that you quoted the Geo blue voyager did not but there was an AIG ? Do you use just whatever is best for you at the time or do you go with a specific company for coverage thanks for any input . Stefanie
  10. Thanks for the info we will be on a cruise end of Oct. beginning of Nov. we will book a cruise then for extra perks then wait for new itineraries to come out!
  11. How do I look up and find the repositioning cruise from South America and where does it end I live in San Diego and that was another possible cruise we wanted to do ? I just looked at the itineraries for South America and I didn’t see anything ending outside of South America ?
  12. We just did this not on a cruise but we were down in Cabo a couple days before some cousins came in and were in a vip lounge we know that they were going to be walking into and didn’t say a thing . Took them a minute to register us and being there it was a fun moment of surprise and happiness . It would be fun if you’re at the Sunset bar and have your mom casually walking by 😁
  13. Thank you Cruisestich I was thinking it was November /December that’s when we booked our Canada 2020 when it first came out but I wasn’t sure if the Pacific coast was on a different schedule .I did notice there were some 2021 Cruises out already so I wasn’t sure why those were not out also .
  14. I have just a quick question I tried to find the answer online and could not and I know somebody here will know .When does the 2021 Pacific coastal cruise itinerary is come out ??
  15. I am enjoying your blog very much and look forward to hearing about Your TA. We have never done one but are doing our first B2B in October/November . Do people generally go off the ship on the day in Port or do they stay on ship ?? Also we did a Panama Canal cruise last April and were in a SS and ate and Luminae and we had a waiter named Lazaro ?? Is that the same person that someone said to say hi to with the name Lazar ?? We had him the entire cruise and truly enjoyed our meals and his humor ! If it is would you mind telling him David & Stefanie from San Diego said hello !! We became elite after that Cruise and I are looking forward to being elite on our B2B!! I look forward to reading the rest of your review .
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