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  1. Thanks for the review. We're considering this for an upcoming 9 day cruise on Adventure. You mentioned tipping -- it's not already included in the price? Also, was there an upcharge for sushi? I could eat $200 worth of sushi in three meals ;-). Can you pre-book the restaurants or do you have to wait until you're on the ship?
  2. For Millennials, I think this is true. I do notice that my Gen Z young adults are swinging back the other way, to a life with better manners and respect for others.
  3. Yes, we have separate accounts because we don't always cruise together. He took a one-day cruise last year by himself just so he could best me on cruise credits ;-). Whoever has the higher level at the time books the cruise.
  4. I think Princess would have a difficult time filling the 1-day cruises if they were NOT giving a cruise credit for them.
  5. I think they have to turn in the cash; doubt they have to do so with the calling card.
  6. Bemis, you're assuming that change is good. Not always. I love some technological advances; just not ones that violate my privacy. I doubt that the option to opt-out will ever go away -- why in the world would Princess choose to alienate its customers, regardless of how small you think that subset is (I'm guessing it's not as small as you think)?
  7. Or they're people who turn off the locators on their phones (or their phones completely when not in use), pull down the visor at intersections with cameras, opt not to use the voice recognition on their remotes, browse the Internet with a private VPN, have disentangled from Google, use RFID sleeves, and check their credit cards and bank accounts daily. Once you are a victim of identity theft, you may decide to guard your privacy more closely. Or not. Your decision. My decision may be different than yours; it's my personal responsibility just as it is yours. Does not make me "paranoid," "technologically challenged," or stuck in "horse and buggy days" -- it just makes me careful.
  8. How wonderful of you to interfere with their parenting. I bet you're very well-liked by those mothers. /sarc As for standards of decorum, there ARE standards. I would not expect to see the same things on a Spring Break Carnival cruise as on an off-season Princess cruise. Have some decency, especially when there are children aboard. Or take a Bare Necessities cruise and don't worry about it -- the standards are different based on the demographic. We should all have some respect for others.
  9. Just curious whether some cruise lines have more of a problem than others. OP cruises NCL. Which lines are favorites for those of you who got sick or never have gotten sick?
  10. San Francisco is nice if you stay in the tourist areas. Cable cars are a fun ride, Fisherman's Wharf is touristy but fun. You can rent a scooter with your smart phone for $3/hr to take you up the hills. Use the Poop Map to see which areas to stay away from: https://www.openthebooks.com/map/?Map=32504&MapType=Pin&Zip=94103 Atlas Obscura has some interesting places to visit there: https://www.atlasobscura.com/things-to-do/san-francisco-california Please don't feed the homeless, who are abundant. If you feel so compelled, donate to one of the charities instead.
  11. Bring a small fan, even one that plugs into your computer will work. It's when the air is "dead" that it feels like a coffin. It also provides a little white noise.
  12. If you like to hike or walk a lot, don't forget the water bottle. Mt. Roberts is beautiful.
  13. On our last Caribbean cruise, the 20-somethings from the photography studio took the time to talk to us at the beach on their off-time. Not just a few words, but genuine interest and kindness. I thought it was very classy, and was above and beyond even what we've come to expect from Princess. On an Alaskan cruise, we had the grumpiest old lady at our table who complained about everything. The Filipino waiter read her correctly and began an exaggerated formality in his service, all the while referring to her as "your majesty." It was done with humor and grace, and she changed from a sourpuss to queen of the table. He turned what could have been a miserable service into a highlight.
  14. Just a date night cruise from Vancouver to Seattle on Princess. $19pp with $25pp in taxes (and $50 OBC for military to cover gratuities or most of the Crown Grille). There was also a 3-day from LA to Vancouver for $39 with $75pp in taxes. If I had been smart about it, I would've booked single rooms for each of us and scored another cruise credit for all of $19 (and one of us would've been able to sleep snore-free.) Next time 🙂
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