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  1. We are booked on this cruise. I expect it to be cancelled because I can't see them starting cruises from NY until maybe next May. I think they will start with shorter cruises this way the liability isn't as high for the cruiseline. An 11 day cruise to ports that are closed with people in NY who are always sick in the winter anyway, is a recipe for disaster. We cruise from NY in the winter every year. And every year there are so many sick people on the ship.
  2. How did you manage to postpone the last date for final payment I called them and the first time they put it off for a week. The second time they let me pick 8/31. They know Bermuda is not allowing ships. They have 3 cruises worth of money from us already. We booked this particular cruise thru their casino department. I'm sure they dont' want to alienate us any more than they have already. So knowing full well this cruise will be cancelled, they gave us the extra time. We upgraded to a suite so our cabin is not free.
  3. We had our final payment for Oct 18th changed to 8/31. I'm not going to give them any more money.
  4. I called on the day payment was due and received a 1 week change. So now my final is due monday for an october cruise. I will call back monday and ask for another week. It's a cruise thru their casino dept so the person did tell me they are only doing week by week. Carnival already has enough money from us on hold due to the mardi gras and 2 other cruises. I'm not super willing to give them anymore. They offered to let me change it but if there is cruising next October, we would rather choose a different cruise as our Ultra benefits don't follow us.
  5. If the casino friend cancels, the cruise is canceled
  6. lol, sometimes there is a lot to be thankful about that 😂
  7. Casino gambling. We get cruises that come with money, gifts and prizes. You only pay port charges
  8. I don't know. I called today to ask for our final payment to be changed and they wouldn't allow it. It's a cruise booked thru their casino division. So I have to call back on Monday 7/20 to ask because that is the day final payment is due. It's not much, but I'm not going to give them any more money than they already have. There isn't any possible way with Bermuda's requirements for contact tracing that a ship can port in Bermuda. So I will call back on Monday. Hawaii is pretty strict about quarantine and contact tracing so I doubt that will change before next year.
  9. Anything I booked online wouldn't let me pay with a cruise next. So put in a credit card and it will take it. When I booked 2 cruises for 2022 that's what I had to do.
  10. Our sailing in October on the Pride is no longer bookable. Bermuda is not going to have cruise ships this year. So Carnival will either cancel by final payment or I will just cancel. I already have other cancelled cruises obc on a cruise next year which I am not sure will actually sail either.
  11. I sat on hold last friday for over 2 hours and we are on the apex in february 2021 for 14 nights. I would not wait for them to call.
  12. We both got an email for the free veranda. Lots of cruise choices. We decided to book a back to back on the Apex since we have not been on that class of ship yet. We both are amethyst in their casino. Celebrity has for few years given free drinks in their casino while playing. We don't drink much so if they don't, if we want a drink while playing we'll pay for it. We have the lounge nightly to go get drinks in if we want. We have cruises booked on other lines in November that probably wont' go because I dont' think Bermuda is going to be open. And then in January and who knows if NY is going to open their port by then?
  13. I was on hold approx 2hrs before they picked up. But we are on the apex back to back. Both of us had the free veranda offer It was well after 5pm eastern time that they answered. They are closed on the weekend.
  14. Huge difference between the balance sheet for Carnival and NCL Carnival has cash. NCL has none.
  15. I am doubting our Jan 3, 2021 cruise is going to go. If, in September, it looks still like it does now, I won't make final payment and cancel. I am also really wondering about my April Transatlantic. We are booked on a ship coming back to the US also. So it's kind of all up in the air.
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