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  1. We pick itinerary first. Then we look to see what ships/lines are fitting what we want to do. So, we do sail all different lines.
  2. No, I don't think they will be doing that. When I book a cruise from NYC, it's because the cruise is originating from NYC. If I wanted to leave from Miami, I would have booked a ship leaving from Miami.
  3. Because the port my New Years cruise is leaving from, it's very doubtful it will open. Too slow with vaccination.
  4. I can't see any cruises before October. I'm pretty sure our September cruise and New Years eve cruise will be cancelled. I'm just hoping our TA in April 2022 can go.
  5. Refund for both our apex cruises. They were casino cruises so only port taxes etc.
  6. We are on the Apex for 2 weeks for free in February. I imagine lots of casino guests will be making up the bulk of the "voluntary" passengers for the beginning cruises. Our issue is, we are both in the risk factor group. Will they allow back to back (which is what we have) and then we have a 3rd cruise, also a casino comp on a different line out of a different port the day we get off the apex. How will that work? Will we be able to go after being on a cruise ship for two weeks? Too many unanswered questions and I doubt any ships will be sailing in February anyway.
  7. We switched our cabin to Haven for 2022. I am not sure about using the spa. We have decided we will only cruise in Yacht Club or Haven to limit our exposure on a ship. I'm not even sure if this virus will be clear by then. If it's not, we won't cruise.
  8. I can't see NY opening their port. Florida is only pushing to be open because their governor has a unique viewpoint on how to run his state. I was happy when they changed final payment to 60 days out. There are so many cabins available on this ship, (1/3/21 Getaway) that we will probably cancel rather than have NCL hold our money.
  9. We are booked on this cruise. I expect it to be cancelled because I can't see them starting cruises from NY until maybe next May. I think they will start with shorter cruises this way the liability isn't as high for the cruiseline. An 11 day cruise to ports that are closed with people in NY who are always sick in the winter anyway, is a recipe for disaster. We cruise from NY in the winter every year. And every year there are so many sick people on the ship.
  10. How did you manage to postpone the last date for final payment I called them and the first time they put it off for a week. The second time they let me pick 8/31. They know Bermuda is not allowing ships. They have 3 cruises worth of money from us already. We booked this particular cruise thru their casino department. I'm sure they dont' want to alienate us any more than they have already. So knowing full well this cruise will be cancelled, they gave us the extra time. We upgraded to a suite so our cabin is not free.
  11. We had our final payment for Oct 18th changed to 8/31. I'm not going to give them any more money.
  12. I called on the day payment was due and received a 1 week change. So now my final is due monday for an october cruise. I will call back monday and ask for another week. It's a cruise thru their casino dept so the person did tell me they are only doing week by week. Carnival already has enough money from us on hold due to the mardi gras and 2 other cruises. I'm not super willing to give them anymore. They offered to let me change it but if there is cruising next October, we would rather choose a different cruise as our Ultra benefits don't follow us.
  13. If the casino friend cancels, the cruise is canceled
  14. lol, sometimes there is a lot to be thankful about that 😂
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