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  1. We booked the Equinox for 11/30 a few weeks ago for $494 pp for a guarantee inside. They assigned us a cabin on deck 8. This morning I switched to a hump slant 1A cabin that was $604 pp. Both fares were NY resident discount fares. And the balcony was less than a min bid on the bid scale that they sent last week. This ship is empty, so perhaps pricing will go lower but we like the cabin we choose.
  2. Usually 60 days and the prices bottom out on sailaway. After that, they can start processing upsells, so you might find pricing on balconies goes up. Remember that a lot of colleges across the country are already closed for holiday break that week. So they will fill the ship. So that also changes the equation for this sailing.
  3. I would call security and express my concern about the child next to you because you know there are not any children allowed in havana. As in concern because the child is screaming and crying. It's worrying you something is wrong. Not that it's annoying you...lol
  4. It depends on how the ship is booking. How many haven cabins are available in the categories you are bidding in. How many variables they have built into that sailings bidding system as to what kind of bids they take at 60 days/45 days/30 days/ 3-5 days before sailing. No, you don't get a second chance when you get the email stating your bids are rejected. It's too much guess work for others to figure out for you. Bid what you are comfortable spending and keep checking prices. If the cabin you want comes within a certain percentage of what you are willing to pay, just call and pay for it. Otherwise, Good luck I hope you win your bid. As to the concierge, you should tip because they are there for you to use. You should also be prepared to tip haven bartenders, servers, hostess in the restaurant and the concierge assistant. You need to tip your butler and you should up the tip to the cabin steward.
  5. You always have the option to upgrade. If the price of the cabin is equal to what you paid or you just pay more the Penthouse has a king bed. I'm not really sure about the family suite?
  6. Wow, sorry this happened to you. We often cancel cruises right before final payment if the ship isn't booking well and we haven't booked thru the casino (that is basically a highly discounted 'free' rate) You know there will be a huge price drop then. In your case, what can you upgrade to? I don't know what cruise is it, so other than upgrading there isn't much you can do. They don't refund after final payment. I've heard of people getting a small amount of onboard credit but honestly, I'd try and get into a suite before I'd settle for that.
  7. They have seating for Haven guests reserved for shows. It's off to the left side. They open it to everyone approx 5 minutes before the show starts so you would want to be there sooner than that. For comedy shows etc held in other venues, nothing special. Just like everyone else, you make a reservation when on the ship. The concierge can do that for you. We make as many reservations as possible before we cruise, even when in Haven. The concierge can always help you change them if you'd like.
  8. I can't sign in. It keeps telling me my sign in is incorrect
  9. You say you figured out all those drinks, but a long island ice tea is made with 5 shots of different liquors. Triple sec is pure sugar. So is the sour mix. It's not the soda that will hurt you , it's the alcohol.
  10. Well...since we often do Transatlantics we probably won't book another one with HAL. Moving a cruise up by this amount of days is a huge deal. We have cruises booked following the original itinerary and then were staying, meeting friends and not coming home until the end of May. So it presents a problem for us. We might just do the TA and come home. Then fly over in the middle of May to meet our friends to cruise with them. It's definitely not a client pleasing type of change. We always have further plans after a TA or before one, so moving a cruise by so much time throws a lot of kinks into it.
  11. Yes. It's a major switch. I am really not sure what we are going to do. Our plans were to stay and meet up with friends but that's over a month away now. We haven't sailed on HAL in many years. I received an email today from HAL
  12. Hi, Is it normal for HAL to switch a cruise by weeks? Our cruise switched from April 15th to April 4th. It's a TA from Florida to Barcelona
  13. Fun! Yes the Escape has Lock it links. Great news about the jackpot win at Jakes. We rarely go there but it does seem like I walk out with money whenever we do. Hope your wife wins another jackpot!
  14. It will be fine as long as you have your other ID. Just bring the back up
  15. Tonight I just got offers for free cabins on the Edge for May and June sailings. Obviously they are truly having issues filling this ship. If our daughter wasn't getting married this summer we would have considered going to Europe. I haven't received anything from them at all before this. We sailed on the Silhouette in January.
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