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  1. The Sixthman charters are 95% of the time full ship charters. They are only partial charters when the ship does not sell well and they switch to half charters.
  2. On debark day, they will have all B2B cruisers gather in one area, often a lounge or restaurant. Once the rest of the ship has debarked, you will be walked off as a group. You go through security (very briefly), they will distribute your new cards, and your group will be the first to board. You don't go through the normal check in process. If the ship is clear for boarding, you basically go for a walk with the other B2B people. If the ship isn't clear, they will have you wait and then board first. You could, theoretically, join your friends/family waiting to board and go back on the ship with them. You can leave your luggage on board. If you are switching cabins, staff is supposed to move your suitcase. However, twice when I switched cabins and was back to back, my luggage was still in front of my old cabin when I reboarded, so I moved it to the new cabin myself. In both cases, I was on the same floor, so it wasn't a big deal. If I was switching floors, I might have let them move it for me.
  3. On cruises where I drink only tap water, my feet and ankles swell so much I lose mobility in them. This does not happen on cruises where I stick to bottled water, so it's not a result of salty cruise food. At least water bottles are recyclable. If you're really that concerned about environmental issues, cruising in generally is not good for the environment.
  4. Based on your user name, I assume you live near Ft Lauderdale? And Allure is currently sailing from Ft Lauderdale, so I guess you didn't have to worry about the weight and size of your luggage. The rest of us have to pay to check a bag when we fly and it's just not worth it sometimes. Packing a pair of leggings for a theme night takes up a tiny amount of space. A formal gown and shoes to match can take up a lot more space in my suitcase. I'll certainly wear a nice dress and dressy sandals for formal night, but I'm not going to feel back about not packing true formal wear. I wear a suit and heels to work most days and I don't want to deal with all that on vacation. While you may label me as disrespectful, I don't think rolling your eyes at others' choices is very kind.
  5. I 100% agree that terminal 2 sucks. Terminal 3, however, is my favorite of all time. It never feels crowded, the check in line moves quickly, and boarding is also speedy. I think the beautiful space helps, but it’s also just really efficient. Im boarding an non NCL cruise for the first time in years this weekend and we have terminal 6. I have no idea what that will be like.
  6. What we know so far is there is the Broadway Cruise, two days to transition the ship to Miami, and then two more Sixthman charters - Kesha and then Melissa Etheridge.
  7. O’Sheehans will be open for lunch, as is the main dining room. I love going to O’Sheehans as you get a sit down meal, but can watch people boarding as well.
  8. I’m also a craft beer snob and will be on Rhapsody next week. That ship does not have a pub or other bar dedicated to beer, so I’m expecting to not drink any as I’d rather choose a cocktail than the standard offerings. My only other RCCL trip was 7 years ago on Explorer and I was surprised they had an ok selection in their pub. Not sure what it’s like these days as the industry (and my preferences) have changed.
  9. Before airlines started charging for checked baggage, I was all about formal nights. Now I don't want to use precious bag space for a dress and shoes that will be worn for a few hours. I've also gone on many music charters where there is no dress code, but there are theme nights. In packing for my upcoming "regular" cruise, I had to write out a packing list to remind myself I needed actual nice clothing for dinner and didn't need to bring any weird accessories or cat leggings. Though I might still bring the cat leggings to wear to the gym.
  10. I just paid $45/day for the Rhapsody Thanksgiving cruise. I’m wondering if it’s been low because they haven’t sold many, which is probably because the number of kids will be high. But I thought that price was reasonable.
  11. It was about 85% male, so they changed a bunch of the restrooms to unisex. There is one scheduled for October 2020. https://www.themelissaetheridgecruise.com/ The ship did not sell out this year.
  12. If the ship gets the proper channel, there are enough screens for them to accommodate you. The problem is that the sports coverage on board is limited and they likely won’t have the proper channel.
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