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  1. For those who are interested in just going to Cuba, you can still fly there under "Support for the Cuban People" currently those rules are the same. I wrote a blog on what I didn't and didn't bring while going there last month. Depending on where you go will depend on what you encounter of course, but I didn't experience the "abject hopelessness" and lack that I assumed would be there. In fact the opposite. I will say that doesn't mean that people aren't experiences a lack of basics, because it's definitely happening. High taxes and low wages don't help. Etc. A Doctor makes about 40CUC a month which is about $45USD 😕 So supporting the people by visiting via other means is definitely something appreciated by the hard-working people of Cuba.
  2. This might have been mentioned here already, but for those to whom Cuba was the main attraction, as an American you can book a flight into Havana under "Support for the Cuban People". That hasn't been restricted further, as yet. Thankfully I went last month on a direct flight from JFK to HAV, but I am looking to go again this summer. I've posted about it (still working my way through photos.) if you're interested in how I did it and want to see photos of Havana and Vinales. HTH
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