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  1. sunset sails

    Balcony for Norway Cruise?

    Thanks so much for all the input! We're convinced! A balcony it is!
  2. sunset sails

    Pre-booking and pre-paying

    I think that there is a cutoff date prior to sailing that you can purchase the drink package with the discount. Anyone know how far out that is from sailing - 3 days? Thanks!
  3. We are considering a 2019 Norway cruise. We typically book a balcony cabin but aren't sure we will need one for this cruise. Would love to have input prior to booking. Thanks!
  4. We are traveling in April on the HA Noordam. I realize this question has been addressed in the past for some ports, but want to get current information. Several of our ports do not appear to be within walking distance of the nearby towns. For instance, Port Chalmers is several miles from Dunedin. I would love to get information regarding shuttles and/or taxis available at the following ports and the approximate cost. Thanks in advance! Port Chalmers Picton Wellington Napier Does Holland still tender into Paihia for Waitangi?
  5. We are trying to make a decision between these two Celebrity Excursions. Which will give the best views of both islands from the water? We don't really care about the snorkeling as we will doing that at other stops so we're more interested in the sail and then the beach experience on Nevis. Any advice? Thanks in advance!