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  1. I believe that all 3 of those ships were built long AFTER 2007.
  2. I am not questioning the management... I need to view 2 notifications for me and the site will not let me see them. Sounds like a technical glitch on the part of Cruisecritic which needs fixing on your end.
  3. I am unable to view 2 most recent notifications for me, but I can see older ones. What happened and how can I read what was written to me?
  4. My point is that I believe that many people think "Wow, NCL has cabins for single people; that means that there is no single supplement." They think this without looking at the ppdo for a regular inside cabin and noticing that the ppdo is actually LESS than what is being charged for the tiny single studio. I know that they cannot book the regular cabin for that ppdo price, so they are still paying a supplement to occupy a much smaller space. For example, say the ppdo for a basic inside is $900; without a single supplement it would be 450/person. Yet the price for the single studio is $600. So, don't fool yourself into thinking NCL does not charge a single supplement; they are, however it is less than the 100% charged by other cruiselines....and you are getting a much less desirable cabin.
  5. When singles complain about having to pay a single supplement, the response is "oh, NCL has cabins just for single people". There is no mention that these cabins still cost more than the per person amount for a regular cabin and they are the size of a closet. So, IMO, its not a good deal at all.
  6. NCL is pulling the wool over our eyes with those so-called single occupancy studio cabins. Sure, they can only occupy a single person....BUT they are not priced at half of a double occupancy cabin plus they are smaller than a regular cabin. Very sneaky. No one is getting a good deal booking one of those studios. Very sneaky of them. I have not and will not sail on NCL.
  7. I'm very curious about why you want help to choose an UNsuitable cruise.....as you wrote for the topic of this thread.
  8. drsel, You don't get it. The original poster does not seek help finding someone to share the cruise; they want to know if different people can sail on different segments of the world cruise with them rather than the same person for the whole duration of a world cruise. The OP apparently knows different people who are willing to do this but are unable to do the whole thing.
  9. I had no problem hearing it. Did you increase the volume on your computer??
  10. I'm sure she means that she and her friends are single, i.e. not married...
  11. I am not the one experiencing the situation. Someone else is the OP.
  12. Lois, He is just looking for other English-speaking people to dine with, not necessarily other solos...
  13. Uh....Nov 7th is only 1 week from now...Hope you don't miss your ship.
  14. You and your philosophy sound just like me! And I live in the Maryland/DC area.
  15. Then why do you cruise so often, if you are not happy paying double??
  16. You don't look very happy...Did you lose a lot of money?
  17. Those benches are not comfortable at all!!!
  18. Its disappointing that they only have 4 chairs out on the whole long deck. This seems to be a trend and I wonder why.
  19. This seems like a strange place to inquire about Medicare. I suggest you go to Medicare.gov.
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