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  1. Update: On 5/17/20, we decided not to wait the full 60 days to see whether or not HAL would issue us a complete refund for the total fare that we had paid in full prior to our due date (which we will NEVER do again). So, we began a credit card dispute. Today, 5/31/20, I received notice of a Merchant Credit to my account for the total fare less the insurance penalty fee.
  2. Just an update..... We did decided to cancel October 2020 cruise. As advised by Kazu, I cancelled the "extras" on 4/1/20 and received the credit card refunds for these on 5/10/20. On 4/14/20, we submitted the formal cancellation notice to HAL, received the cancellation document back showing all would be refunded, except for the Platinum Plan amounts. Still waiting for the 60 days to go by (according to Chat rep) before pursuing cruise fare refunds with credit card company. Thanks to all who submitted comments on this. On a side note, a friend who was booked to sail at the end of March, decided to cancel her trip and just received her full refund from HAL.
  3. We cancelled our October 2020 Hawaii cruise. Another Cruise Critic member recommended canceling the "extras" first. So on 4/1/20 I cancelled the shore excursions, laundry and Internet packages. Then on 4/14/20, we submitted the formal cancellation request to HAL and received the cancellation document showing the fee for Platinum Protection Plan deducted from the total to be refunded. On 5/10/20, our credit card received the refunds for the "extras". Still waiting for the cruise fare refund. Was advised to allow 60 days, so will pursue it again with credit card company at that time. A friend was booked to sail at end of March 2020, cancelled and has just received her complete refund for that sailing.
  4. Thank you dag144. I'm close by in PD. Our deposit is refundable Our confusion is about the 10% loss with the insurance. If we cancel prior to our July 19 final payment date, do we only lose the Platinum insurance or also the 10% on top of it.? Or is the 10% loss only added in if we cancel after July 19?
  5. Thank you Kazu, very helpful. We do have a refundable deposit. Page 2 shows July 19th = $300 forefited. The confusion is over the 10% penalty on top of the loss of the Platinum insurance and if that 10% will be lost before and/or after the July final payment due date. As we are paying single supplements on a 17 night cruise, it is a sizable chunk of money when added to the insurance loss. I will cancel the excursions and ship extras and then monitor into June to see Covid status around then. My gut says we will be canceling and trying again at another time. Definitely won't risk our health and pets over money.
  6. We have an October 2020 Hawaii cruise booked with a July 19th final payment due date. Two cabins, both single supplements and both have the Platinum Cancellation Plan. Shore excursions, laundry and internet packages purchased too. Because we recently had access to some money before the Covid-19 crisis, we decided to pay for the cruise In Full (we have sure learned our lesson about that now). Both of us are in our 60's and in reasonably good health, though not perfect. I read if the cruiseline cancels us, most likely we can chose a 100% refund or FCC. However, if we cancel prior to our July 19th final payment, would we be refunded all except the deposit and the cost of the Platnium Plan? How about if we cancel after July 19th? We have multiple pets and a very understanding house/pet sitter, so we are more worried about not being able to return to her as scheduled and leaving her in a mess. Thank you for any advice you can provide.
  7. Currently, we are Anytime Dining on the Koningsdam but might want to change to Early Fixed. When booking online, Early Fixed time was shown as 5:15. Today the telephone agent said it was 5:45. I've seen on the Boards that reservations will only be accepted between certain times and not always available for tables for two. Holland's website is not helpful with details about this. As my head is beginning to spin, is there somebody who can please provide clarity on this? Thanks to all in advance for any guidance!
  8. We booked directly with HAL a few months ago and have never been able to successfully make a payment online. We have tried logging in and accessing the payment screen from all available angles without success. Also have tried accessing it from both Chrome and Edge. The blue payment screen always shows "Booking Cannot be Processed" in the upper left corner. I've reported it on the Feedback tab and also to the telephone agent who took my payment. We always receive the PDF e-mail confirmation of payment afterwards. Must be a technical glitch.
  9. Thank you everyone for your helpful information. We aren't going until next Fall, so I have plenty of time to think about it.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, penaddict. 18 is a very big accomplishment for a basset. We are on our 4th & 5th bassets, both rescues and we love them dearly! They are wonderful hounds!
  11. Yea! Can you tell me how long the massage usually lasts and estimated price?
  12. Does anybody know if it's possible to book just a foot massage in the Spa?
  13. If I am traveling solo and paying a single supplement, am I allowed to bring two wine bottles on board for free?
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