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  1. I used the laundry room. It was free, pods included. We didn't do the Jet Boat or Pendleton excursions. We flew home from Lewiston. The board only showed 4 flights, 2 Delta and 2 United. We did some of the optional excursions, Mt Hood rr and 2 winery tours We stayed overnight in Lewiston because our flight left at 630am. Delta routed us: Lewiston-Salt Lake City-Atlanta--Buffalo. We arrived home at midnight.
  2. Hi We have returned from a 10 night NW Pioneers cruise, Sept 29 to Oct 9, Portland to Clarkston. We had to do a Covid test 3 days before arrival. We were tested again before boarding the ship. We had to wear masks aboard the ship except when eating or drinking. We also had to wear masks on all shore excursions. For us, highlights were Multinomah Falls, Mt. Hood rr, winery tours and Mt. St Helens. I will answer any questions. Everyone aboard was fully vaccinated and tested negative for C19. Our Cruise Director was Olivia Fiore. We booked a next cruise with Pearl Seas(ACL owned) in 2023. Tom
  3. I looked at your link. Prices in the US are dirt cheap compared to Australia. Highest state was $12.85, far below $35
  4. Wow! I don't smoke, but relatives who do go to the reservation to buy their cigarettes. I don't know prices.
  5. We have seen all but one, Goodpasture bridge in Oregon. We are currently on a Columbia river cruise , but will not get to see any covered bridges this trip. We have seen Mt.St Helens.
  6. Thanks for your review. We will be on Serenade in Jan. We have a js on deck 10. We were scheduled on Empress this past Jan--cancelled by Covid. We rebooked on Rhapsody and 2 weeks ago we were switched to Serenade. Your drink updates reminded me of a thread a few years ago titled :"Sell your RCI stock!! I bought the drink package!!" We have only done 1 Alaska cruise, on now defunct Alaska Cruise West. Ship had 98 pax. Spirit of 98 can be seen at the end of Wyatt Earp movie w. Kevin Costner. Some of the crew were extras in the film. Our 1995 cruise was a celebration of our 25th anniversary. Next year we celebrate our 52nd on Allure.
  7. I searched for Bernard Cornwell and BBC4, but not available on my cable network. Here is my review War of the Wolf https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2421028472?type=review#rating_405425907 book 11 in the series.
  8. DW watches Sch### Creek and enjoys it. I don't. Buffalo News paid a reporter to cross into Canada. Process is doable, but expensive.
  9. I have been reading Bernard Cornwell's books for 30 years and enjoyed every one. Here is a review of a Last Kingdom book https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3486999396 It is now a tv mini series, on amazon Prime and I enjoyed that also. i suggest reading them in order.
  10. For bonus points, name the town where the polar bears gather waiting for the Bay to freeze over. 1st pic is of a bear sniffing DW's leather boots
  11. It was November. Daytime highs 10f
  12. Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington state, US?
  13. Memories of West Montrose trip. DW has 3 scrapbook cb albums, because when she passes on, she wants family to save them.
  14. We have visited the West Montrose cb, but before I wrote travelogues. It's a lovely bridge. We also rode a scenic train--St.Jacob's Waterloo, in 1999. We have been visiting covered bridges for 40 years.
  15. I live 12 miles from the Canada border, but I can wait until the fees are gone.
  16. I grew up in Buffalo and I agree with you at present it may be more difficult for Canadians to enter the US. But rules could change. Indeed, with Covid test requirement not many US day trippers will go to Canada for Chinese food, shop in Niagara on the Lake, or sight see the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I have read about provincial trade barriers being greater than US/Canada trade barriers.
  17. DW and I visited Eastern townships area of Quebec in 2019. We were looking for covered bridges, DW's focus. I wrote about it here: http://www.vermontbridges.org/keatings_in_quebec_june_2019.shtml This is the area where Louise Penny has set her Armand Gamache mystery series. Here is my review of book 1. https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1281167864 We did not go to Montreal or Quebec city. We have previously visited all of New England's covered bridges--585 worldwide so far.
  18. This is my 1st picture post, on this thread
  19. Peterhof palace, St Petersburg?
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