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  1. So, the question is - take 125% FCC, or the 100% refund? Will the prices be jacked up or lower when this all settles down?
  2. I am SO bummed about this. We have the time off, and the money ... and it's spring break ....
  3. ... the boards look different. Do people not post photos of food and menus anymore? I went to the gallery page, but couldn't find a way to look specifically for NCL Joy menu or food pictures. Anyone have anything recent to share, or direct me to? We are sailing the Joy on 3/22 ... as we've been out of commission for a few years, wild horses (or crazy viruses) couldn't keep us from boarding!
  4. We're on the Joy 3/22 - no plans to cancel as it's been 3 years since our last cruise. We are, however, looking to bid on an upgrade from an oceanview with a balcony to a Haven suite. Seems like our odds are good ...
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