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  1. I'm sorry to say that I feel exactly the same. The questions being asked are in the main a concern for many others, judging by the comments. The answers are so brief and often quite dismissive that I feel it has been an opportunity wasted. Maybe the sheer number of questions posed and the very short time frame for answers i.e.today has contributed to this. I personally feel that many companies ask for feedback but regrettably few take it onboard ( pardon the pun ! )
  2. I always take my own hairdryer and the European adaptor works fine. My GHD styler will work on the US outlet as will ipad and phone chargers so I bring a US adaptor too.
  3. This is so disappointing! Have been following the questions since this thread was launched and really thought we would have some communication by now.
  4. I didn't see any flavoured gins on Reflection in January. I don't think they are as popular in the US as they are at home. The same goes for tonic waters which are just basic standard brands.
  5. Totally agree with you on taking copies especially of the original booking. On our last cruise our drinks package had not been applied onboard. Guest relations called Miami and they didn't seem to have any knowledge of it but luckily we had proof and they accepted it. Also we were asked to show a copy of our ESTA at check in. I have no idea why as we wouldn't have been allowed into the country without it but as it's electronic there should be no need to carry a copy. Again I had it with me 'just in case' but I still don't know if this is a new requirement as we've never been asked for it before.
  6. Wow that's really poor service from BA to allow customers to book then cancel the route ! I looked at booking this route for Jan 2020 as we're really sick of Miami queues at immigration but decided against it as the return flights didn't work for us staying on for a day after the cruise. We booked Virgin instead. Surely if you booked BA they should have some obligation to sell you a replacement flight to Miami at the price available when you originally booked ? I would certainly kick up a fuss and maybe get one of our TV consumer programmes involved.
  7. I believe there are some countries where tipping is even considered to be insulting ( Japan for example) .
  8. There is sometimes a one off lunch available with a smaller menu than the evening dinner menu but otherwise the speciality restaurants are only open in the evenings.
  9. It's 5 years since we sailed on Serenade. We usually sail Celebrity but we went for the itinerary on this one. It may be better now if it has had a refit but we found it quite poor. The cabin was tatty and the bed really uncomfortable. Also we couldn't even get our suitcase to fit under the bed and it has been fine on every Celebrity ship . We weren't impressed with the food either. We did enjoy the Diamond Lounge every evening, made new friends and really liked the cosy atmosphere in there. We didn't have a drinks package but never a problem to take drinks from there into the dining room. We definitely prefer Celebrity ships.
  10. It looks as though at least suite guests will be getting new menus in Luminae according to the new partnership with Michelin starred chef Daniel Boulud ( no I have never heard of him either ). Let's hope it then rolls out to other restaurants onboard.
  11. Elite drinks were not available in any restaurant including MDR on Reflection in January. This was quite clearly stated on the welcome letter.
  12. We've sailed both Serenade and Reflection. The difference between them is like chalk and cheese. Definitely not in the same league. Reflection is beautiful. Serenade we found was a bit tatty, poor quality bed and we couldn't even get our suitcase underneath. Food was poor and speciality restaurants not that much better. You really do get what you pay for.
  13. You also need to bear in mind the long queues at Miami immigration which will add between at least 90 minutes to two hours, then around 45 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale depending on traffic. We usually find that by the time we get to our hotel , a shower and a quick meal is all we can manage before needing some sleep ! We always use Larrys Limos as they do meet and greet at the airport and there is nothing nicer than having your transport right there when you finally get out. It is easy to book on their website or just by emailing them. We have stayed in several hotels in the beach area but nowadays we just go for the Crowne Plaza at the cruiseport. Rooms are clean, pretty ordinary food and decent buffet breakfast and you can easily book on several UK based websites. Taxi to the port is around $15 and cheaper than the hotel shuttle. We just don't see the point in spending a lot of money on a hotel for that short a time.
  14. On Reflection a couple of weeks back there was a man on his own with a large labradoodle dog wearing a vest saying it was a service animal ' in training ' . Due to a delay in boarding, there was a large crowd on the gangway and the dog didn't like the sound of hand luggage being dragged along and it kept leaping at the cases. The guy had to keep pulling it away from people including us. Now I am a dog lover but it is still a bit alarming to have a dog diving at you. I personally don't think a dog in training should have been allowed onboard as it isn't a true service animal until it is fully trained. I overheard people asking him what the dog did for him and there were vague answers that he helped get him out of bed !
  15. I always check washing labels on my stuff before it goes into the suitcase. It's still surprising how many items are not able to be tumble dried or only dried on a low heat. I also found that white underwear came back with yellowed lace so I don't send that any more. Laundry is okay otherwise and of course you can each get two items ironed.
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