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  1. Thanks so much!! We are close to that cabin, so we should be fine. Thanks again for putting my mind at ease!
  2. Can anyone give me any specifics on the Victory Deck 6. All the posts are from other ships with similar layouts. Thanks
  3. I for one would love to change my cabin, but the ship is sold out, so I hope the earplugs work. This is the only time we did not get on a deck with cabins above and below. The cabins were not available, now I know why these were!! Oh well, I will start praying hard now for quiet nights!!
  4. I am always careful about what is above the cabin, but I never thought noise would travel from below. We are on the Deck 6 on the Victory over the casino. Can you really here the slot machines? We are an inside cabin, so maybe we will hear less. Any thoughts? Guess we will bring ear plugs. We are not stay up all night kind of people and have never had a problem with noise in our cabin. Hope this is not going to be the first!
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