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  1. Yeah that was an early sign of it. I fought it off pretty well during the cruise, but it really hit me after I got home. Seems like something was going around the ship - a few people from our roll call were complaining about fighting off a cold. Losing my voice was a MAJOR pain! I turned in early a few nights just because it was becoming harder to socialize at the end of the night, as my voice was pretty much gone by then. I probably would have hung around the Avenue Saloon even later, but when I couldn't talk at all anymore I'd leave...which, come to think of it, may actually be a good thing. LOL! 😉 FYI - looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! I'm sure I will be fine by then. LeeAnne
  2. Oh there's more to come! Unfortunately I'm just not well yet - in fact the last couple of days were REALLY bad, as my sinus infection moved into my lungs and morphed into bronchitis. I'm starting to turn the corner today, but damn, this has been one ugly illness. I honestly can't even remember the last time I was this sick...years, for sure. REALLY annoying. And bad timing too, as now that my cruise is over, I'm supposed to be kicking it in gear to offload all of our belongings and get ready to move onto our boat and get our house rented out. TONS of work to do. But I'm up, and at the computer (although I need to get some *work* work done today), and I promise to finish this up. So...patience, my friends! it's coming. Oh, and I'm happy to report that Sandy feels she's finally all recovered from her bout. So if she's all better now, I'm sure I will be soon too.
  3. Okay I'm gonna give y'all a break while I sort through the rest of my photos. But there is so much more to come. 🙂
  4. And now for something different - FOOD PORN! At least, that's what my Facebook friends and I call it when we post photos of food and drink to make everyone drool. These are just some random shots of yummy stuff I enjoyed at various times on the cruise. This was one magical night in Waterside, enjoying a glass of chardonnay with the sun setting over the water: I was waiting and HOPING to see the famous "green flash" the moment the sun disappears, but it wasn't to be this night. Didn't diminish the pleasure of the view, though! Plus, I'm one of the lucky ones whose seen it before. 🙂 Don't even ask me what this was...I can't remember! I just remember it was super delicious, which is why I took a pic of it. Another night in Waterside, dining with Ron & Guin - this was my FAVORITE appetizer of the cruise! It was some kind of Wagyu beef thing...when they took the top off the little jar, it was infused with aromatic smoke that wafted up to your nose, which just added to the charm of this delicious dish. Same night in Waterside - this was their version of Thanksgiving dinner! An actual FLOWER made of slices of the most tender turkey I've ever had the pleasure to eat! And the reduction gravy was a highlight - so packed with flavor, it was an explosion with each bite. This was, I think, the next to last night - Pam & Jeff had arranged for a couple of tables to be set aside for any Cruise Critic folks to dine together in the back of Waterside. A good amount showed up, and we had yet another great night of dining and yakking and dining and yakking! I had the lamb shank served with a side of mashed potatoes, with extra of the wine reduction sauce on it...and yeah, they definitely got a knack for these reduction sauces! And the lamb...oh dear, it was fall-off-the-bone tender and flavorful. Another hit! Dessert that night - wish I could remember what this was! All I know is, it was one of the more artsy desserts I've ever seen, rivaling that tree-like chocolate thing I had when Sandy and I dined with Marjorie and Francois at the Belmond Copacabana in Rio (you'll have to go back to the beginning of this thread to see that photo). That white stuff on the side was some kind of foamy fluff...like nothing I've ever tried before. And finally, one of their specialty martinis in the Cove...memory fades so I can't recall which one, but I do recall that it was very delicious and I drank the whole thing. 😉
  5. Before I get back to posting photos, let me do a pic-free post just to share some random experiences and thoughts. Again I'm probably getting the order of these things wrong, but who cares right? On one of the nights early in the cruise, we met Ron & Guin, and Marjorie & Francois, for our one and only dinner at Churrascaria. I don't recall why, but we ended up having dinner very late this night - I think we went there at like 8:30 at night. So the place was already starting to empty out, and we were one of the final tables being served. This was one of my FAVORITE nights on the cruise! Just...everything. The food, the service, the company...there were many magical things about this night. First let's talk food: we tried pretty much everything on the menu. The hits for me were the sausage, the short ribs, and the lamb - WOWZA! Sandy loved the lamb and the jumbo prawns. There was another type of meat now, can't remember what it was called - some kind of Brazilian beef which our server said was his favorite - not sure what went wrong that night but it was our least favorite, as it was very tough and chewy and hard to eat. But everything else was just incredible! I had brought two bottles of my own wine, made from the grapes in our Temecula vineyard (which we just sold off this past summer) to share with the table. And Marjorie and Francois had brought chocolates from the chocolate shop they own in France (handmade by Francois, a skilled pastry chef!) to share. And we all had so many stories to share, and the sharing of the food...it was just a sharefest to end all sharefests. A night filled with talking, laughter, funny stories, incredible food, delicious desserts, and more camaraderie than i can even measure. Just one of those nights that will go down in history for me. We were way too absorbed to take any pictures. Sandy and I really wanted to dine at Churrascaria one more time, but we never did. The one night we could have was the night after our Montevideo BBQ tour, which included a lunch chock fulla the famous Uruguayan meat...and we were just on meat overload at that point! Oh well. So, let's talk Silk. On one of our sea days, we tried Silk for lunch. Let's just say...we're not fans. First off the service was terrible, which was starkly unlike any other area of the ship. The waiters couldn't seem to get their act together, drinks were slow and then never refilled when empty, orders were wrong. The food was...meh. I've had dim sum in Hong Kong, and at authentic dim sum restaurants in the states, and this just was very blah. I also tried the sweet & sour pork, which was the worst dish I had on the entire cruise. The pork was chewy, the sauce was flavorless...hardly any vegetables...just ick. We had one night reserved for dinner there, which we promptly cancelled. Shows - WOW! What a great time we had at the shows. We didn't get to see everything, but the ones we saw were really well done and enjoyable. Dammit, this thread is really suffering from my fading memories, because I just can't remember enough details about them to say much more. Oh well! Avenue Saloon...OMG how could I have neglected to mention this so far? Sandy and I ended up there at the conclusion of most of nights onboard. Mark Farris is just a TREASURE! I don't know how he does this, but he manages to memorize the names and hometowns of pretty much everyone in the room, and then he remembers them throughout the cruise! He kept calling Sandy the Winner of the Miss Costa Rica Pageant. And he loved me because I'm one of those idiots who accepted his invitation to go up on the stage and goofily shake the maracas while he was playing some funny song or other, making a complete fool of myself. In my defense, I was NOT the only person who did this, and sometimes I even went up did it with other people, so we had duos or even trios of goofily-dancing maracas shakers punctuating his performances. And he is just freaking FUNNY! He had us laughing so hard we spoiled our mascara, every single night. We just adored him. Oh, and then there was Russ Grieve. I know he's a favorite among the Azamara crowd, who were horrified to lose him...and is rapidly becoming a huge favorite now on Crystal, and rightly so! This man is just so...damn...charming. And fun! And hey, I'm just gonna say it...he is one of THE most handsome males of the species I have ever set eyes upon. Now let me just clarify that I am a happily married woman (34 years) so please don't take these comments the wrong way, but...I have rarely met a man in person, in the flesh so to speak (as opposed to, y'know, seeing some dashing movie star up on the big screen) who is SO preternaturally gorgeous. I mean, he literally made my breath catch a little in my throat when he would stop and talk to me, which he did every single time he saw me. Another person who has a shocking memory of faces, names, and personal details! And to make matters worse, he insisted I DANCE with him...several times! Gadzooks. One of the most amazing moments for me on the whole cruise was on White Nights, when he got me out there doing the TANGO! This ol' gal has never tangoed in her life...but he insisted he'd have me tangoing like a pro. He showed me a few steps, and then off we went...and sure enough we were really tangoing all around that dance floor. THAT is talent, folks. That's a true professional. Shout out to the Latin Dance Troupe. They were just FABULOUS! We saw them several times - in the Galaxy Lounge, in the Starlight club, and in the Cove on White Nights. Truly entertaining, fantastic dancers. On White Nights, after their performance, they went out in the crowd and were pulling people onto the floor to dance with them. So much fun! Marketplace - we only dined there for breakfast twice, never for lunch, which is kind of a bummer - I would have liked to try them. But we were so enamored of those Trident tuna melts, the few times we had lunch on the ship (we often skipped lunch) we were at the pool and just did that. The breakfast buffet was wonderful, though! The french toast in particular was yummy. We also never had lunch in Waterside. We had breakfast there twice though. The Eggs Benedict were great, as long as you asked for extra hollandaise sauce, as they were a little skimpy with it otherwise. And I was happy to see that it was REAL hollandaise...not the gloopy crap you usually get on cruise ships. But I enjoy eating breakfast in the room, so that's what we usually did. And they do a fantastic job of room-service breakfasts! They were spot-on with our orders every time, and they were hot, and perfectly cooked, and always right on time and beautifully presented. The only complaint I can offer about this ship has to do with their handicapped accessibility, which leaves something to be desired. I won't go into all the details, but it was not always easy for Sandy to get around on her scooter if I wasn't with her. The worst was trying to get to the pool deck. The elevators closest to the pool (midship) have these heavy wooden doors on either side, which Sandy couldn't open herself...and high ramps which Sandy's scooter couldn't get over. She can get herself out of the aft elevators on the Lido deck and then ride through Silk to get to the pool without having to deal with those doors, but...our cabin was on deck 5, and the aft elevators don't go down to deck five! So she would take the midship elevators to deck six, ride to the aft elevators, take those to the Lido deck, and then ride all the way back through Silk to the pool. And that was just one of the accessibility issues. I realize much of this has to do with the construction of the ship which can't be helped, but...just something to note for anyone with mobility issues. We did notice that on entire ship, we only saw one other person with a scooter, and one person in a wheel chair...and this was very different from what Sandy is used to on NCL cruises, which often seem like a scooter NASCR race. 😉 Comment on the switch to open dining - this was an area of concern for me some months back, when I was reading reports on here that seemed to indicate Crystal hadn't quite worked this out yet. I'm happy to say they seem to have it down to a science now. We ended up having others already with us to dine all but one night...but the one night we asked them to put us at a larger table with strangers, they were already in the process of starting a group table, and they had it filled within a few minutes. I think I wrote about this night earlier in this thread. Okay, those are just some observations. More posts with pics to come!
  6. Thanks! I wish I'd had the ability to post as I went along - many of the details I would have liked to report on are now fading into the sands of time. But I'm not done yet...still sorting through photos, and will have another post shortly. Still to come: Vintage Room, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires!
  7. Y'know, it just dawned on me - I do have this out-of-sequence, because BTO was on the first sea day, NOT Ilhabela - whatev. The night of Ilhabela we actually went to Prego - and I got to have my Carpaccio! WOOHOO! Okay, I realize I make way too big a deal over this one dish, but it just has a lot of memories for me of my first Crystal cruise (Baltics) with my Mom, and what a surprise it was that it was so damn delicious. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the huge production they make of it bringing out that gorgeous plate of paper-thin slices, artfully arranged...then topping it with the thick balsamic, then the super-rich green olive oil, then the shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano - and then that first creamy bite - OH MY! And it did not disappoint. So, next two days were sea days. I don't have a lot of photos, nor much to tell, other than it was truly wonderful to just relax, have a late breakfast, explore the ship, read, hang out at the pool, chat with people, make new friends. We actually spent quite a bit of time floating in the pool - it's SO salty, you literally can't sink! We were laughing that we think they do that to make sure nobody drowns, because it's nearly impossible to get your head under the water long enough to drown. LOL! And again we availed ourselves of those yummy tuna melts. Them things are dangerous! I'd had grand plans for attending lectures, and taking advantage of all the things that Crystal offers on sea days, but...I just didn't! I did go for a couple runs on deck 7, which was super enjoyable - I can't even explain how much I love gazing out at the undulating sea as I run. But the pool and our books called us, and we came at their bidding. 😉 At some point we also had our Meet & Mingle, which was wonderfully attended! It was at sunset, so in addition to meeting so many interesting people, we also got to enjoy the gorgeous sunset over the ocean. There was a funny moment - the location was in the port-aft corner of Palm Court, and there was a sign there designating the reserved spot. I arrived first, and there was a couple sitting there...I asked if they were with the Meet & Mingle, and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I pointed to the sign, and they said nope, not us! So I politely let them know there were soon going to be a whole bunch of people in this area. And the man says, "Well you can tell them all to move somewhere else, because we've claimed this spot!" I honestly thought he was joking...I laughed. But he wasn't! Dude was damn serious! He repeated several times that we were going to have to move our gathering because they were there first! I just smiled and told him that he was welcome to join us. And then everyone started showing up, and the couple eventually left. LOL! Anyway, as you can see, we had a really nice gathering. It's just so wonderful to have a ready-made set of friends onboard! And with the size of Symphony, we kept running into the same people over and over, so we always had someone to talk to. Gotta love Cruise Critic! Moving on...the next day was our first of two in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I'd done my homework on this upscale beach resort city on a peninsula, and learned that the best way to see it is by renting a car, which I did. Unfortunately, the cold that was hitting so many of us on the ship was bad for Sandy on this day, and she ended up not getting off the ship...so it was just Ron, Guin and myself. I did the driving. What a fabulous day! The three of us kept saying how this day seemed to be charmed - one thing after another just kept falling into place. First thing we did was drive about half an hour to Casapueblo, which is an amazing building constructed by the famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró. It was his home until he passed away a few years ago, and is now a museum and spectacular hotel, perched on a tiny promontory over the ocean with breathtaking views. He was a prolific artist, working in almost very medium imaginable - painting, drawing, scultping, muralist, pottery, etc. Here are a few shots of the beautiful building, and one of his murals: We explored it for quite some time, and then JUST as we were leaving, the big ol' buses were rolling in, filling the place with tourists! First thing to work out perfectly on this day. 🙂 Next we drove about 45 minutes through the beautiful countryside, with farms, rolling hills, and lovely scenery, to get to Jose Ignacio, an upscale beach town just north of Punta del Este. It’s truly a little piece of paradise if you can afford it. This is the not-so-secret spot where international celebrities go to enjoy their summer vacation, and is supposed to be where the South American hoi polloi go to see and be seen, and to watch for celebrities. THE place to dine there is a charming, rustic little seafood shack right on the sand called La Huella, which I'd read about online. All the write-ups say that in the summer it's virtually impossible to get in there without a reservation...but again, fate smiled on us! We arrived just before the crowds, and were seated immediately. I ordered a plate of grilled langostino, which were delicious! Right after we were seated, the place started filling up...and by the time we left there was quite a long line outside. After lunch we walked out onto the gorgeous, tiny beach area dotted with umbrellas and loungers, and a lovely beach American Express beach club. I took one photo that I thought was funny - note that, while it may be the "American Express" beach club, Mastercard made sure to advertise itself on the back of a lifeguard chair! LOL! FYI, it looks a little cloudy and ominous in these photos, but it was actually a perfect day - enough clouds to keep it from being too hot, but still warm and the sun would break out every now and then. We walked through the tiny town and went to a few of their upscale boutiques, and yeah...this place is definitely for the hoi polloi, because the prices were eye-popping. After that we drove to La Barra beach town, but this looked more like a standard busy beach town so we just drove through it. Then back to the Punta del Este peninsula, where we drove down to the tip of the peninsula, parked and walked around a bit in the high-end residential area, then back to drop off the car. We ended at the famous Playa Brava "Hand" sculpture, which happened to be where the Crystal shuttle was dropping off and picking up, and was right around the corner from our car rental place! How convenient! We'd actually walked a pretty long way to find the car rental place in the morning, not realizing that the Crystal Shuttle would have taken us right there. LOL! Okay that's enough for one post. 🙂 More to come!
  8. DAYUM! What a rough week. The day after I posted my last comment, about my bad cold, WHAMMO - it turned into the sinus infection to end all sinus infections. Off to the doc I went, to get antibiotics - it's now day five on them and I'm just now starting to come out of the fog. I don't want to spend too much time here whining about it - doncha hate people who ramble on and on about their health problems? I'm not gonna complain anymore. (But it did feel like someone was ramming a railroad spike behind my face). Nope, not gonna be one of those people who go on and on about it. (But it sure would be nice to be able to BREATHE again.) That's not me - I'm not a whiner. <<Cough cough hack hack>> Okay I'm done now. 😉 So...finally am sitting up at my computer again. And I promised y'all some write-ups and photos, and dammit I'M GONNA DO IT! This thread didn't exactly turn out as I'd planned - the lack of a laptop kinda messed me up, as I wasn't able to bang out posts along the way (and was just too busy to make it up to the computer lab). I'm just gonna use the photos to jog my memory, and offer the best recap I can. Where'd we leave off? Oh right...Buzios was my last real update, and my dive photos. Next day was Ilhabela, where I was supposed to go diving as well. But that's when I started to feel the effects of this cold, and you're really not supposed to go diving when you're congested, so I decided to bail. Fortunately I hadn't pre-paid for that dive, so I just emailed the dive op and cancelled...and Sandy and I didn't even get off the ship. It was a FABULOUS sea day, as the ship was deserted! We hung out at the pool, and got to know the wonderful servers there who plied us with refreshing drinks and cold towels. It was also our first experience with the Trident Grill, and our discovery of....THE TUNA MELT! Holy mother of God, those things are incredible. And their french fries! This would not be our last tuna melt, that's for sure. This was BTO night, and I'd pre-booked a hair appt - I've mentioned previously that, while I realize BTO is not everyone's cup of tea, I LOVE it! I don't get too many chances to dress up in my regular life, and I expect I'll have even fewer once we move onto our boat and take off. So...I went all out. I went to the salon to get an up-do! I really didn't know what to expect - I decided to just let the young lady get creative. Here is her creation: It was quite an elaborate bun back there! I later learned, once I took it apart, that my head had about 6 lbs of metal in there holding it in place...I musta pulled out 50 various varieties of bobby pins and hair pins! I'm surprised my head didn't bob around on my neck like a bobble-head dashboard doggie. We learned that Marjorie & Francois tend to hang out in The Cove for a glass of champagne every night before dinner - a bit of knowledge that proved useful for the rest of the cruise, as, regardless of our dinner plans, we always knew where to go for a lovely chat and glass of bubbly with two of our favorite people on the ship...we did that quite a few times throughout the cruise. Marjorie had given us advance notice that she was going to be wearing something she called her "disco ball dress"...damn I wish I had a pic of it, as it was truly eye-popping and gorgeous! She was definitely the belle of the ball! Anyway, dinner plans were in Waterside with Ron & Guin, two more of our favorite people on the ship and it was truly wonderful! Here's a photo of us in our finery: I don't recall everything that I had for dinner, but I do recall it involved caviar and lobster. I was a little hesitant to order the lobster, given that most lobster I've had on cruise ships has been sketchy at best...but SURPRISE! It was FABULOUS! And keep in mind, I consider myself a lobster aficionado...having grown up in CT, I've had more than my share of live Maine lobster. And on top of that, as a scuba diver out here in CA, we dive for local lobsters during the season and I've caught and consumed dozens. So I know good lobster when I taste it - and this was truly delicious! Okay that's all for one post...moving on to another post. FYI, be aware it's entirely possible I'll have some of this out-of-sequence, but...my memories are a bit scattered now, so it is what it is. LOL! LeeAnne
  9. Hmm...I'm really curious how a dining room can be cliquey? Not that I'm questioning the veracity of this, just...I'm having a hard time visualizing it. I wouldn't expect people to invite me to sit with them unless I knew them. I always actively participate in a roll call before my cruises, so I have ready-made friends aboard which we end up dining with often. Can you share what occurred that led you to make this observation? Since you mentioned Paul Gauguin - even though I'm fully Crystalized, I would not hesitate to book that ship again (and I've done it twice). No it doesn't rise quite to the level of Crystal in the luxury department, but it's really an entirely different kind of cruise - less than half the size (330pax I believe) and it's total culture immersion in French Polynesia. I wouldn't want to cruise FP on any other ship...even Crystal, as much as I love them! On most cruises, you basically have two experiences: the ship, and the ports. The ship experience doesn't change much regardless of where you are. On the PG, you are fully immersed in the South Pacific both on land and at sea, and it's really worth it! It helps that (at least when I was on it) the luxury level was very high. First time I did the PG, she was still part of the Regent fleet, so it had the six-star Regent service and cuisine. Next time I went on it (a few years ago), PG had divested from Regent, but the service and cuisine was still very high. I haven't read any recent reviews, but I hope nothing has changed! It's not quite as chi-chi as Crystal, but it worked given the cultural immersion. On another note, you nailed it with this line: "Learned the hard way that paying half as much gets you less than half as much, I think." I think too! I made a decision long ago - no more skimping or cutting corners on vacation. The cost savings just doesn't justify the lesser experience. On this last cruise I just finished (Symphony in South America), we went whole-hog and did everything first class. Yes it cost more, but I'd rather take fewer vacations and have them be this wonderful, than more vacations and deal with the less enjoyable experience.
  10. I'm here I'm here! Sorry folks - I was fighting off this damn cold the whole cruise...I started feeling it pretty early on, and just refused to give into it. But once I got home it hit me like a brick, and I've been laid up ever since. Doesn't help that I had to work the whole week! (Fortunately I can work from home, so I didn't have to share my germs with my office.) I'm still feeling like crap, and Sandy too - she got hit with bad bronchitis and is still suffering, and waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. I spent most of the weekend just lazing around the house, hoping this damn thing would go away, and I didn't even turn on my computer. But I'm back at my desk (at home - I'm not going into the office) and I have an iPhone full of photos that really deserve to be seen, and a head full of memories and impressions that I would love to share. So...stay tuned a little longer, and I promise I will get to it! Of course I'm suffering from post-Crystal-syndrome - where's my early-morning knock on the door bringing me my coffee? Why isn't my bed made? Where's the people handing me sparkling water and cool towels at the pool? Why isn't there a glass of champagne in my hand??? GAAAH! Real life sucks. OH, and speaking of being jolted back into the real world - TSA had a field day with me. I had my suitcase very carefully packed - dirty clothes on the bottom, separated by a shawl with the clean clothes I'd laundered on the ship on top; two bottles of wine gifted to me carefully wrapped in bubble wrap; two jars of Uruguayan dulce de leche, purchased for gifts, also carefully bubble-wrapped. But when I opened my suitcase the entire contents were all mushed up. AND the bubble wrap was removed from the wine and the jars, and the two jars were shoved back in next to each other so that one of them cracked and spilled sticky sauce all over my clothes (fortunately the wine bottles didn't break, which is a surprise). AND to make matters worse, they actually went into my toiletry kit and REMOVED THE TOP from my small perfume, spilling it all over everything! I know for sure I put it in there closed...it's a screw top, and the top was completely on the other side of the bag. So now ALL my clothes needed washing. UGH! Okay enough kvetching. I've got a few work things to get done, then I'll start back-tracking and reviewing my cruise. Thanks for your continued interest - and your patience! LeeAnne
  11. Hi all, Off the ship...WAAAAHHHH!!! Safely encsonsed in our suite at the Alvear Palace...WOOOOOW! Lots of other Symphony pax here as well. We’re meeting another couple for dinner and a Tango show tonight, so once again no time for a proper post. But tomorrow I have a ten hour flight followed by a six hour flight. I will take that time to finally write up my cruise. Be prepared for some loooong posts! LeeAnne
  12. GAAAAH! Not having a working laptop has really messed with my plans to do a daily blog. I just couldn’t get myself up to the computer lab. So...that didn’t happen. I’ll have to backtrack and fill in the gaps. I’ve got a ton of photos to post and some really fun stories. Yesterday was a truly wonderful tour of Montevideo. Now we’re about to leave for an all-day tour to a ranch outside of Buenos Aires. Off we go!
  13. I danced three dances with Russ last night. He is...really something special. 😉 if he can make this ol’ gal with three left feet look like I’m an expert at The Hustle...we’ll, THAT takes talent!!!
  14. Love your perspective Marjorie! I now wish I’d gone with you into Ilhabela. I never even got off the ship yesterday, but I would have very much enjoyed doing a little shopping with you. But I can’t complain...I enjoyed my lazy day too. Just like I’m enjoying today. Looking foreword to seeing you and Francois in the Cove for drinks tonight! LeeAnne
  15. Crystal. What can I say? I wend to the computer lab just to see if it was possible they could help me in some way, and it turns out they have Adobe Photoshop on the computers here. I'm used to using Adobe Lightroom to process my photos from raw, but you can do it in Photoshop as well...just not with quite as much flexibility. But the young man here gave me a quick lesson on how to use it, and BOOM - here are the best shots from my two dives yesterday. 🙂
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