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  1. Clear cache & cookies on all browsers and try again.
  2. Has anyone recently been able to purchase an FCD for someone who is not on board? I am looking at a cruise for 2020 (not yet released) and would like to have a friend purchase FCDs for us. Any recent experience with this?
  3. Thanks. I have 40 in my group so hoping we can get tables to accommodate us all. Don't need to be close to each other but we will probably all be heading to the dining room about the same time. I hope to speak to the dining room manager and see what he suggest, just wanted to get an idea of whether there were larger tables available or not.
  4. I will be travelling with a largest group on the Sky in August. Can anyone who has been on her let me know if there are large tables in the Any Time Dining room? I am thinking 8's & 10's. How many you remember seeing would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. The only way I got it to work was to unplug the lan cable, pull the power cable and then repower. If I did it in any other way the HDMI selection would show up as disabled.
  6. On Equinox now. I was able to switch to the HDMI input by unplugging the lan cable then unplugging the power and then repower it. On the bottom right there is a button that opens a menu, repeated presses of the button takes you to the input menu, press and hold opens that menu, select hdmi. If you try this with the lan cable connected or without repowering you get a message saying the function is disabled.
  7. Does having one of the drinks packages affect this pricing?
  8. Also Canadian here and we did this cruise last February. We did go to Antarctica and it was the best part of the trip. We have been to Alaska and see the glaciers there but they pale in comparison to Antarctica . Yes there are a number of sea days but we found plenty to do an there are many naturalists talks to enjoy. If you decide to include Antarctica then you are doing the best direction, Chile to Argentina. For your pre/post excursions I can highly recommend Rylee Mcgowan of LatinAmericaForLess (don't let the name put you off). She did a great job with our post cruise trip to I
  9. Thank you @LynnTTT that is probably what we will do.
  10. Thank you @Lunenburg this is good to know. Question, in what way were the luggage tags useful?
  11. There is a group of us board the Costa Diadama in Abu Dhabi. We will be travelling throughout India for the 30 days prior which likely means none of us will be home when the hard copy arrives. Can we board without documents with only our passports? If not are the tickets online in MyCosta the ones we will need? If so we may be able to print them at one of our hotels in India. Thanks for any info you can provide.
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