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  1. Before you try Regent, which given your age and preferences might not be suitable for you yet. I suggest that you might like Oceania, the Premium as opposed to Luxury sister brand to Regent. If you go for the larger ships, Riviera or Marina, you should have entertainment that is more aligned to your likes. The food is excellent, especially the specialty restaurants, Red Ginger is on a par with Pacific Rim. The demographic is a little younger. You can usually choose from a pick n mix of add-ons such as Drinks, Internet, Excursions or OBC. This is very similar to the offerings by Celebrity
  2. @Guerncruising Your track and trace seems much more effective than in the UK. Hopefully, as you say, people will abide by the rules and not be selfish, or think they’re only seeing x-person so it’s fine..... While our Government have made many, many mistakes, there are also too many who think that the rules don’t apply to them. We hear about the big house parties and such like, but it’s the myriad single infringements that get through. Stay safe.
  3. So sorry to hear about your new cases, really thought that Guernsey had cracked it. Did they find the source case yet? Here in Kent we have managed to somehow get a mutated strain named after the County! Stay safe.
  4. We were unable to call at either of the Samoan islands on our Navigator cruise in January 2020 as there was a measles outbreak on them and there were insufficient people onboard who had been vaccinated against measles. I know that your question refers to vaccines required for Asia, but the point I’m making is that it’s worthwhile checking on government websites too.
  5. Prepare to be very happy clams (or any other mollusc).😎
  6. Here in the UK it was the norm to get a weekly “Pick of the Week” email every Saturday morning from Graham Sadler, MD RSSC UK. It always allowed for a few (several) minutes of perusing and dreaming of where and when we would go next. However last Saturday (2 January) his email said: “After quite a few years of sharing your breakfast on a Saturday morning with my cruise recommendations, this is my very last Pick of the Week. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll still pop up in your inbox every now and again, but for now it's time to leave you to your cornflakes.” There was no explanation,
  7. I think it’s a repeat, but not 100% certain. Got this email from Regent today: A RETURN TO THE SMALL SCREEN GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF A SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER® FESTIVE VOYAGE Get a behind the scenes look at a festive cruise on the most luxurious ship ever built, Seven Seas Explorer®, at7pm on
  8. You beat me to it 🥂 We are also partial to a local Chapel Down sparkling wine from Tenterden 🍾
  9. Channel 5 in the UK are showing what is being described as a Christmas edition of The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship at 7pm on Tuesday 22 December. It’s probably a rerun with added tinsel and sleigh bells, but it will be nostalgic and whet our appetites for when we can safely cruise again. Merry Christmas everyone
  10. Completely agree that they are likely to require proof of vaccination. I certainly wouldn’t be happy to go on a ship that doesn’t. As I noted on another post on this Board, not being vaccinated can and does cause issues. Navigator was unable to call at Samoa or American Samoa in January this year as there was a serious measles outbreak and the majority of passengers had not been vaccinated.
  11. I fully agree with the points Flossie makes. We were on Navigator in Dec 19/Jan 20 from Papeete to Sydney. We absolutely loved it. Sadly we didn’t get to either of the Samoan islands as they were experiencing a serious Measles outbreak. All passengers were sent a questionnaire as to whether they had Measles vaccinations. Given that the majority of us were late 50”s and above most had not. A decision was taken, presumably by Corporate, to skip the ports. We did get an additional day in Fiji. I don’t know whether they still have the Measles outbreak, or if proof of vaccination is
  12. We did it with Regent in September last year, 4 nights Discover Denali at £1,850 pp, so about the same price. It included the dome train from Anchorage, a coach back, 3 nights in the Denali Grande (B&B) which was a little rustic, but fine and 1 night in the Aleyska Resort (B&B) which is really fabulous. It included several excursions in Denali, it was the end of the season, the hotel was closing a couple of days after we left so there were sales in the shops in town, which was fun. It was also quieter, not sure what it would have been like in the height of summer with loads more peop
  13. News reports in the UK saying that Australia is looking at opening its borders, but VERY selectively.... ....no travel to/from UK, Europe or USA until late 2021 at the earliest. Covid: Australia in talks over quarantine-free travel https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-54499478 Guessing that rules out any cruises there until circa 2022 😔
  14. We were on a 31 night B2B on Navigator in December 2019 from Papeete to Sydney. The seas were relatively calm, couple of bumps but nothing of concern and the weather was good. i believe the prior sailing from LA to Papeete had been a little more interesting from a choppiness perspective. I’m sure Mariner would be fine in those conditions. Cruising the South Pacific is fabulous, especially if you have one of the great lecturers on board, we had Dr John Freedman, he was fabulous. Go for it!
  15. I’d try Cryptic clues or a couple of posts with names in them. Or using the RSSC FB page!
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