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  1. Trend

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Bonnie thanks again for your work in the trenches! You works very hard to find the info and bring it back to us.
  2. Trend

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Please tell me Bonnie that by Christmas cruise out of BA Santa is bringing lounge cushions
  3. You are going at a quieter time of year and as other posters have note you will have a full day in Venice or can add to that ahead of time. If you love art and culture do Florence once you are already in Italy because there is so much to see a day can not do it.
  4. Trend

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Don’t care how wide they are if they sit like a rock which those type do, it will kill my back. There for spoil and relaxation. At that price I feel very let down.
  5. Trend

    visas needed??

    Just did the EVisa for Brazil use your cell phone for the pics of your passport info page. Then go to a passport photo place and use their back drop and your cell phone, this way no shadows. They rejected our photos from home on a white wall but from the passport place it took. Good luck.
  6. Trend

    Coming Soon Brazilian E-Visas

    Leejnd4 I think you posted that and when they turned down our first on a white wall at home we went to our CAA. Thanks for posting.
  7. Trend

    Coming Soon Brazilian E-Visas

    Just took a cell pic of bio page, the problem we had was with the photo. We ended up after having both rejected and went to a passport photo place using their background with better lighting took pictures with cell phone.That worked and was accepted for both of us.
  8. Trend

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Without cushions it looks like a mass market lounge area. This would finish me as I can not sit more than 15 min on the firm loungers. I am small and the pain on tailbone and back finishes the pleasure. Celebrity has some so what is the problem. We sail in December and I will be cancelling my next 2020 cruise if they don’t have by Dec. Not a difficult item to source out.
  9. Thank you for great info but some disappointments as I can not lie on those hard cots without cushions. We also as a couple love to shade ourselves on the bed style cot at the front suite only access area. My husband will be very disappointed as he looked forward to that when at sea.
  10. Trend

    Quest rescues yacht in distress.

    Another example of great team work with top guidance.
  11. Trend

    Montevideo Old Town

    Wow are you a professional writer as you are very descriptive on you analogies.
  12. Trend

    Coming Soon Brazilian E-Visas

    We did not have to wait for activation but had to call as could not get in to program till we switched to Google Chrome not Safari. Just got our Visa’s
  13. Trend

    Coming Soon Brazilian E-Visas

    Wow lucky you we had trouble with photo using cell. Went to CAA used their background and sent off a new one got a reply it is being looked at. They sure took the money fast!
  14. Trend

    Bug Spray

    It depends on when and where your SA cruise goes. Ours is from BA to Rio and back so it stops in many Brazil ports and that is where bugs are as well as the Falls. We just got our YF vaccine as needed for these area. (Travel Dr showed the map area CDC also lists it)
  15. Yes I remember the same the zodiac was near by