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  1. Wonderful human being, we met Philip on our first cruise with AZ at port embarking in Singapore and he kindly helped us through the confusion. Next when at Bangkok port when doors opened I was bit by something and he quickly came to my aid with ice. Always there for passengers with a warm comforting smile. We wish him well on his future and time with his family..
  2. My deepest sympathy to you Connie you have put things in perspective for a lot of people. It is so sad you had to take to this forum to get the help you deserve, sad your agent did not do battle for you in this time of need.
  3. We did the Christmas/New Years last year and love the two week with some Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. BA was amazing we were very careful with No jewelry but had a great time exploring the city before and at end. Took AZ one day Falls trip and it was excellent.
  4. Trend


    Thank you Bonnie for following this up and giving your passengers the proper information.
  5. Trend


    I see there is another post above that has a statement now from head office of RC! Glad to hear the recognition.
  6. Wow so glad you can still do this as I was in Japan in the 60’s and a a young teen it was intimidating but unforgettable.
  7. Trend


    Yes as you can see right now they think two weeks but that can change. So my question about AZ just got answered somewhat, I just got an email reming me of the AZ fist pump. Never had an email before a cruise with them like that, it even shows a video of the fist pump.
  8. When inclement weather they have moved the white night party indoors. It can be describe better as staying with an old friend rather than visiting relatives you only see at occasions and don’t really enjoy their company.
  9. Trend


    Thank you oddjob16 all I can say is at the TO airports people have self reported and it has helped them as well as containing it.
  10. Trend


    Our airports have already put in extra screening question. My son works for Sick Kids in research and they sent out alerts and info yesterday. what can they do? Ask if you have traveled to Wuhan or surrounding area. I also have been there several years ago on business, Now our factories in Dongguan are closed for holidays and will not open on order of govt till March. Not trying to scare but there are precautions that can be followed on a contain ship.
  11. Trend


    Our airports have already put in extra screening question.
  12. Trend


    Yea well you obviously were never affected by SARS but here in Toronto we were.
  13. Trend


    Has Azamara implemented any screening processes for this emerging virus?
  14. Wow a positive movement!
  15. Too bad they are not upgrading the closet size gym
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