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  1. . Hello to DCPIV and anyone else that has been aboard the Summit in 2021. We have a question for you ... Can a guest order cappuccino in the MDR (and/or in Luminae and/or in Blu)? If so, is it brought in from Cafe Al Bacio, or is it made in the dining room's own bar? Thanks, in advance. .
  2. . The wines-by-glass pages of the above-linked list show what is availabe in the MDR. From recent experience on Equinox, we know the following: (1) Only some (usually far fewer than half) of the wines listed on those pages can be found at most other venues (the various bars). {Sorry, "z," but we don't know how many of them are on the Blu list; maybe all of them are. Almost certainly all are available in Luminae [sic].} (2) Some of the specialty restaurants have their own supplemental wines-by-the-glass lists, which include products that are not on the list that is linked above. Tuscan Grille and Murano, for example, each had almost ten kinds of wine (available by the glass) that are not on the list that is linked above. You can view them ... ... here ... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2796219-live-equinox-81521-ultimate-caribbean-it’s-finally-here/?do=findComment&comment=61705302 ... and here ... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2796219-live-equinox-81521-ultimate-caribbean-it’s-finally-here/?do=findComment&comment=61682214 For "zitsky" (despite past sarcasm) ... We were unable to find a Blu wine list for you. However, we are CERTAIN that you will enjoy viewing the following page from a 2018 cruise (which reveals that some Blu menus mention some wines that are not on the current MDR list): http://thepreismans.com/suez_italy_menus_blu.htm Have fun! .
  3. . Thanks, GenX, for what you are doing in this thread. Keep enjoying yourself immensely! We have a question for you or anyone else that has cruised on the Summit in 2021: Can a guest order cappuccino in Luminae, Blu, and the MDR? If so, is it brought in from Cafe Al Bacio, or is it made in the dining room's own bar? Thanks, in advance. .
  4. . The Internet room is on deck 6, just forward of the midships elevators. (Take a sweater/jacket. It can get chilly in there.) PS: If you have ordinary Internet service, the best times to use the Internet room are (1) before 6 AM and (2) when the ship is in port and many guests are away. Otherwise, response time can be pretty darned bad. .
  5. SeaPass cards on the Equinox (in September, 2021) said, "Premium" and "Classic," instead of "PALL" and "CALL." We haven't heard if this wise change (to something meaningful) has now been distributed fleetwide.
  6. . Sorry to go off on a "semi-tangent," but is it possible to get a cappuccino at breakfast and lunch in the MDR on the Summit? If so, is it prepared at Cafe al Bacio and "imported," or is it made the MDR's galley/bar? Thanks!
  7. . Thanks for this extremely welcome news, "abbydancer." The previous corporation-wide policy -- to send home a close contact, even if he/she tested negative -- was horrifically unjust and stupid. Glad to know that "X" came to its senses! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Don't worry. Everything will be fine for at least 99% of the guests and crew (speaking from experience of being aboard the same ship for 21 beautiful nights in September). .
  8. . You have pointed out an EXTREMELY important thing, "wrk2cruise." Two or three days ago, we discovered a massive deficiency in Celebrity's online booking system, which can result -- without any warning -- in the assignment of the "Loyalty NRD" discount, which REMOVES (!) the three "Always Included" [sic] features, leaving the booking guest with no beverage package at all! (Admittedly, some folks would prefer that.) Here's how we discovered the problem ... All current Summit cruises in November are set up with AI fares (not with "Simply Sail" fares nor with "Guarantee" staterooms) . 1. A person that is booking online will quickly get to a screen that says, "click here to see if you qualify for a discount." 2. If he/she clicks on that link, an opportunity is offered ... ..... (a) to enter a U.S. state of residence, or ... ..... (b) to declare that he/she is a first responder [one of two types], ... and/or ... ..... (c) to provide his/her Captain's Club [nine-digit] number. 3. If the Captain's Club number is inserted by the person booking, the immediate visible result is a decreas in the cruise fare, leading the person to be very pleased ... BUT ... 4. The "review before paying" page, near the end of the process provides a summary that ... ..... (a) reveals that a "Loyalty NRD" discount was assigned ... ..... (b) does not list "Always Inc NRD" at all ... ..... (c) and does NOT warn the booking person that taking the Loyalty discount results in the three Always Included [sic] features being DROPPED (as though he/she is making a "Simply Sail" booking)! The screen into which a Captain's Club number can be entered badly needs to be fixed -- to WARN the booking public of what will happen to them if they enter a number. (Entering a U.S. state does not cause this problem.) .
  9. . All virus cases -- three or four plus one, if we recall correctly -- on the two Equinox cruises between September 5 and 26 [12 nights plus 9 nights], were announced by the Captain himself. The facts were not being hidden. There was no panic and no noticeable increase in the wearing of masks. We believe that no close contacts of the victims became infected. .
  10. "Z-man," this post (on another thread) may be helpful to you and/or others reading this thread ...
  11. . Thanks for your observations, folks. We wonder about just one thing: Is the ship being properly supplied? In other words, are there shortages -- either of various food items or of beverages? Was there a lack of certain things that you had come to expect from sailing on other "X" ships -- and, if so, what were they? Although we may be wrong, we have to assume that you purchased "Always Included" [sic] fares, so you had Classic Beverage Packages. Were some wines, spirits, liqueurs, etc. (that were mentioned on dining room lists or on bar menus) actually missing from the ship? Thanks, in advance, for your replies. .
  12. . Good day, "hasentreelake." You are asking about our last two ships (one late in 2019, the other here in 2021). We like both equally well -- and they are almost identical -- so we recommend that you go with the one that will save you some money. Others (above) praised the Lawn Club Grill on one ship, while others (above) praised the glass-blowing on the other ship. We had a terrible experience in the Grill, and we have no interest in the glass-making -- so those canceled each other out! Have fun! .
  13. . Yes, exactly. Those photos were very helpful. Thanks so much for your effort, despite the trying times through which you are going. Please accept our condolences.
  14. . Dear "DCPIV," May we ask a favor of you? Could you please display photos of the "activities" page of two of your "Celebrity Today" issues (for example, October 4 and 5 (or October 5 and 6)? We're referring to the page that gives detailed times and topics, possibly with all the musical performances summarized in the lower right-hand corner? [We don't need to see any of the other pages.] Thanks, in advance!
  15. . Hello, Mary. We would have placed a "million-to-one" bet that we would never see the name, "Nea Hellas," in a CruiseCritic thread. We are stunned to see that you were aboard her -- and in 1953, to boot! Why the surprise? The father of one of us was a U.S. Army Sergeant, serving in North Africa and Europe during World War II. In 1945, he came back home to the U.S. on a liner that had been made into a "troop ship." We are sure that you know the name of the ship: Nea Hellas. The ship's existence spanned 1921-1961. You can read about her here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Tuscania_(1921) Thank you, and ... smooth sailing for many more years to come!
  16. . Hello, dear "zitsky." Long time, no chat. We suspect that you noticed our (derisive) use of "[sic]" after our references to the "Always Included fare." We are going to assume (charitably) that you really want to "know [our] position" on "Always Included" -- and that you are not just "goading" us for laughs! Shortly after Celebrity started using that term -- "Always Included" -- we got involved in at least a couple of debates, here at CruiseCritic, about how appropriate (if at all) it was of "X" to coin and use the term. Rather than re-invent the wheel by posting our position (on "Always Included") again in this thread, we decided to link you to a short (3-page) thread, in which we posted several times on the first two pages. Other (anti-AI) members also left good posts -- most of them better than ours! Here is the link: . Have fun, "z"! .
  17. . Hello again, "bandp407." You cannot IMAGINE how happy we are about having asked you to "elaborate, with some detail" about your original music-related comments! Our eyes nearly popped out of our heads upon reading that Music Soup is aboard the Summit!!! Here's why ... We first saw and heard them on back-to-back Reflection cruises in 2018. Our opinion was that they were the BEST musical act we had seen/heard on any cruise boat/ship (going back to 2006). Because of "Music Soup," we booked another back-to-back Caribbean trip on Reflection in the following year -- 2019 -- BUT we then learned that Celebrity was transferring them to the Solstice (Alaska)! To show you just how much we loved Music Soup in 2018, we have to tell you that we canceled our Reflection cruises and booked ourselves on the Solstice instead! It was another fantastic experience. We will now look into the (strong) possibility of booking (at least) two five-night cruises on the Summit -- ASAP. We cannot thank you enough for helping us. .
  18. . Hello, "Oceangoer2." While writing our previous message, we forgot to mention that all of the dozens of consecutive cruisers were told -- in writing -- that they were permitted to leave the ship AND the terminal (to tour/shop in Fort Lauderdale) ... and that they would be allowed to re-board the ship, upon return, without a delay. The on-board test of the previous morning would become sufficient to prove that anyone was virus-free. You wrote, "So....we're tested day before, results next AM, move to disembarkation/customs [etc.]". In reality, one receives implied (good) or actual (bad) "results" the "day [evening] before" disembarkation ... but one gets official (printed) results on the morning of "turnaround" day. .
  19. . No, "mayleeman." As just stated, the card belonged to one of us. An "Always Included" [sic] cruise fare was purchased directly from Celebrity, over the phone, and the Classic package was immediately upgraded -- during the same phone call -- to the Premium package. When that is done now, the Sea-Pass cards are printed -- at least on Equinox -- with the word, "Premium." [The same thing was done on consecutive cruises, and both cruises' Sea-Pass cards have "Premium" on them.] .
  20. . You were very mistaken, Dave, to criticize our post. You did not read it carefully enough. Please re-read all three posts above, using special care when reading the words we have highlighted. Then come back here and read the rest of this new post ... . . . As you can see, we didn't "assume" anything. Quite the contrary! We were very careful in how we expressed ourselves. We were not speculating about possibilities. We were talking about a fact. We do "really know" something: It is one of our Sea-Pass cards (from Equinox, September, 2021) that has "Premium" (not "PALL") on it ... and it is sitting right here beside this keyboard. That is why we originally quoted your October 1 statement. You mistakenly said that someone's card "will" have "PALL" or "CALL," if a Premium or Classic Beverage Package has been purchased. We were simply letting you know that you can no longer make that unqualified statement to anyone. In other words, it does not matter what you or Kathy may encounter on your next cruises, because "Premium" is now being used on at least one "X" ship (and quite possibly all six active ones, because they may all be using the same card-printing software). . Let's call a truce! .
  21. That used to be true fleetwide, "davekathy" -- but it is no longer true. On Equinox in September, a card said, "Premium," for someone with a Premium Beverage Package. (Presumably, a card said, "Classic," for someone with a CBP -- although we did not verify this.) It's possible that all of the currently active ships have now stopped using "CALL" and "PALL," perhaps due to the fact that those terms were never descriptive enough ... but, again, we have not verified this. ,
  22. . Sorry, "fstuff1." Those are questions for you to ask Celebrity. We just copied the numbers that were in the flyer -- verbatim -- which is why we used quotation marks, when appropriate. We don't know (from experience) how financial matters are handled at the sushi nook. We seem to recall reading here (two years ago?) that someone using a dining package at S-on-5 begins to pay a-la-carte amounts once he/she goes past a certain cutoff point (maybe $35 or $40). Someone else will probably confirm or correct this. . .
  23. . We were not talking about suites. We have never been in a suite. The subject of suites never crossed our minds. .
  24. . Dear "bandp407," Thanks for your enthusiastic report. May we ask you to elaborate -- in some detail, if possible -- about "the music" (outside the theater), which is very important to us too? For example, what kinds of acts performed in the atrium and lounges (house/party band, instrumental combos, soloists [guitar, piano, vocal], duos, etc.). Did their repertoires include selections from classical music, the Big Band era [e.g. jazz standards], the (genuine) Rock 'n' Roll era [1955 to 1984], etc.? Finally, was beautiful (or obnoxious) music being played over speakers in the buffet restaurant? Thanks, in advance, for your help! .
  25. . Thanks for that photo, "cruisestitch," because it brought back good memories. Because we had the Premium package, we tried the first five of the six pictured cocktails ... and we highly recommend all of them to anyone to whom the ingredients seem appealing. Another page in the Cafe's menu has seven more "coffee cocktails," for which the 2021 price is $8, if we recall correctly -- and are thus covered by the Classic package. All of those pleased us too, but not as much as the $12 drinks. Contrary to what was stated by one or two people above, "Aspen Coffee" is now avaiable for $8 (therefore within the Classic Package), not for $10. One can see this in the "International Coffees" photo in this post from an August, 2021, Equinox cruise (confirmed by us in September): .
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