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  1. In response to a prior writer I woouldl like to make my self perfectly clear. Firsst and most important of all I was in no way meant to suggest that those that trqveled in suites were any better than those that chose to travel in the bowel of the ship The point that I was trying to make is that it is my feeling that the smokers should have just as many privileges as those that have different accommodations. We are given very little space to enjoy ourselves and what space we are given is certainly not considered to be idealistic. It is not my intention to offend any one on this board as I realy do enjoy most of the comments made. However I do strongly feel that the smokers are strongly discriminated against and I add that regardless of the accommodations we are not allowed the full amenities of the ship.
  2. I have just finished reading of the new smoking policy that is going to be implemented on the Cunard cruise line. It certainly does not make me at all happy. We have reservations to sail on the QM2 in November of 2010. We wll be in the Queens Suite, which we have always enjoyed. However with this new smoking policy it is my intention to CANCEL this voyage. We enjoy our accommodations , for which we pay dearly, and will not be treated as second rate citizens. As passengers in the Queens Suite I expect to be treated with respect and not be discriminated against. I do respect the comfort of the non-smoking passengers and agree with smoking be prohibited in the dining rooms. The smokers have been given less and less space and it is time that Cunard take close look and realize that the smokers stop being pusdhed aside. I do not mean to insinuate that the passengets that are traveling in the bowels should not be given consideration, however those passsengers that are occuping suite accommodations should also have more freeedom to enjoy themselves. I have not met a rude smoker, but have mett many rude smokers. They seem to take a great pleasure with the waving of the hands and the forced coughing and the nasty looks that they feel free to give. I have never smoked in a non smoking area but have encountered the non smoker in a smoking area, and for sure they are very adament and show no courtesy whatsoever. I am very sure that I wll get bashed severly for my commenets.
  3. We have recently returned from a 10 day Caribbean cruise on the QM2 Prior to this cruise we were in a P1 - however Iam now compleetely spoiled - the difference in the size of the suite - the amenities is really worth every penny = I was actually hoping that there would not be that much of a difference but now we are really hooked - I would highly reccommend your going for the Queens Grill -- You will not be disappointed
  4. We have recently returned from a 10 Day cruise on the QM2 where we were completely satisfied with the cruise - the ship - the service - everything was perfect. We decided to make reservations for our next voyage before we disembarked - Our TA advised us that should we decide to do that - it would be best to make our reservations before we left because it would be very dificult to meet the prices that are offered by Cunard. We woould still be able to maintain oour TA. Upon his advice we did that and received an excellent price We requested the same Suite Q5 the same time and not only was the price very but we also received an OBC of $900.00 each. I dooubt that this could be matched - however, for sure I will keep an eye out for any price reductions
  5. My question is When are you Non-Smmokers going to let go and give us smokers some courtesy?? It is certainly getting annoying to be discreminated against. We cruise on the QM2 in a Queens Suite and thoroughly enjoy it. However we would apprecoaate it more if the non-smokers would llend us more courtesy. As smokers we NEVER EVER would even consider going into a non-smoking area. However very often we do have passengers that are non-smokers coming into a smoking area and as a general rule have encountered them to be rude and very intimidating. There have, unfortunately, been very few and limited areas where a smoker may go to injoy themselves. I will respect the restrictions but do not feel that staying in a premium suite and paying very dearly for it that we should not receive the shabby treatment that non-smokers like to treat us with. Itis my opinion that they are very rude. Perhaps they feel that they can be very authoritiz. For sure I do not pass remarks of those that choose to wear inexpenisve fragrances that cause one to be allergic to and make one feel very uncomfortable, after all it is their choice and I will respect it and want them to show the same respect to us smokersl. Although I find those non smokers who are polite and there are few of them I apologize to them and hope that I have not offended them. Please do not blast me as that is not what this was intended to do I just want to be treated fairly . Thankl you for your time.
  6. Would some one explain more about Todds English Dining Would this be something that woould be included as an amenity to the QG dining? What is your experience and also your satisfication of dining there? Thank you fpr any responses
  7. What laundry services are offered in the Queens Suites
  8. Hi Another question on embarkationm times on the QM2. Do all passegeners board at the same time or do they go by the Cat. you are in?
  9. Hi Cousin - So happyt to hear from you and that you are enjoying yourseld. I am still in the dark ages and do not have a blaqckbery. We are counting the dAYS TO OUR cruise. //the extra good news is that our TA called us and believe it or not we have been UPGRADED from a P1 to a Q5. Needless to say that we are on cloud nine. How has sthe weather been for you? Keep in touch and keep the ship in good shape for us LOL
  10. Thank you for your reply. We looking forward to this voyage. We are still up on cloud nine.
  11. Hi Just got a call from my TA and cannot believe that we got upgraded. I am so happy. This is the first time that this has ever happened to us. We have gone from a P1 to a Q5. Has anyone ever been in 9045? Would love to hear from you and your commemts. I, for sure am very excited.
  12. Hi . Ryan . I can certainly understand you excitement. Keep us posted. We are also looking forward to our upcoming cruise which will be on Novembeer 30th. This cruise is a birthday present for Ralph. If you get a chance. perhaps you oould send us some pictures, especially of the P1 suites. Your cruisin cousins on the Cape
  13. Hi First of all thank you for your response. However the link that you referred me to is the roll call. What I am trying is to find out is whether the Cruise Critic has a Meet and Greeet Program. It is really a very nice program where when you sign up for it you are notified about a group gathering, introduce yourselve, and enjoy cocktails together. Hopefully some of our fellow cruisers are familiar with this snd if so, will post all the information on this board,
  14. Does the Cruise Critic have a meet and greet group that one may join? A great way to If so, what would the procedure be in joining? We will be on the QM2 on November 30th sailing out of New York. Looking forward to any responses.
  15. Hi Is there a specific list for the November 30th cruise on the QM out of New York and if so -- What is the procedure to join it???? It is always nice to meet other passengers and the Cruise Critic get togethers are very enjoyable
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