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  1. I did a Hunter Valley Wine tour a couple of years ago and brought on 4 bottles of wine no problems. I am boarding QE on the 20th and will be taking a carton wine on board to enjoy over Xmas/newyear. Cheryl
  2. Loving the Blog! Keep up the great work and I can not wait to board QE on 20th December! See you then! Cheryl
  3. Really enjoying your posts LadyL1. Look after QE for me as I board her on 20th December in Adelaide. I hope the weather continues to improve. I am surprised that everyone wants early sitting! I have always preferred late sitting myself and every cruise I have been on, everyone wants late! Continue having a great time! cheryl
  4. Good On You! POWER all the WAY! What a great win when no one gave them a chance! Cheryl
  5. Great blog Roscoe! I will enjoy reading this as it feels like I am on the cruise as well. by the way, just loved the shoes! cheryl
  6. Are you on the Christmas/new year cruise for 2019/2020? If so, so am I. I can not wait to see the ship decorated and the christmas atmosphere.
  7. I made my QE booking for Christmas/New year for 2019/20 and I made my original booking in March 2018. I checked again in November and the price had dropped and I contacted my TA and I saved just over $3500 on my cruise. Mind you I did loose my $250 OBC. Gee I think the saving more than covers that..LOL. cheryl
  8. We have a similar sale in Australia. Balcony for the price of inside. I checked for my cruise next year (Christmas/New Year) and just saved over $4700 aus. Thanks for letting us know of sales. I am one happy girl. Chez
  9. I have used Jim Archer tours and I can highly recommend them. They are very professional. Chez
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