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  1. We have done it twice. The first time we booked a 17 day cruise out of NYC ( panama Canal) on the Jewel for 599 dollars inside cabin, the cruise was 2 weeks out, we booked it because it was only a train ride hop away. The second time just recently, April 27 on the Epic for 14 days. We booked it 3 weeks out and we paid 649 for an inside guarantee which then got upgraded to a Balcony guarantee because the price went down. Checking the price is essential, also we do use airline miles so is easier and don't have to worry about paying high prices for the plane ride. There is really no strategy, is all about having the time to do it.
  2. We booked a guarantee on our last cruise and we were able to bid.
  3. I have been on it 4 times, love the thermal spa and the ship itself. I take peoples reviews of anything with a grain of salt, i take the positive and negative comments as a personal experience from those cruisers.
  4. I get up and leave. Even though by your description she sounds like a vulgar attention seeker, she paid for her trip and is her prerogative to act as ridiculous as she wants. Unfortunately, very few people know the art of manners and decorum.....To each its own. IMHO.
  5. New Promo in 10 hours? tax free cruising, free gratuities and free beverage package including the 20% service charge...LOL....yeah right...🤣...have fun everyone, on my way tomorrow on the Epic..
  6. me too, I have a great recipe that calls for vanilla ice cream...LOL it is delicious.
  7. yeah me neither, vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun, if you can't pay upfront for a vacation ( put money aside for it) then you should not go, no point having a debt after every cruise..IMHO
  8. We leave this Saturday on the NCL Epic and we have received the " no thank you" your bid was no accepted email LOL for spa mini suite. Oh well, we are ready to go...
  9. well with all due respect you don't know that, and neither do i. Only those who work directly with NCL and do the stateroom assignments know for a fact how they give out staterooms and what parameters they use, so until we know for sure how they do it, saying is a MYTH is kind of a stretch.
  10. We have taken it twice and both times we have been happy. Some people say because of our Platinum plus we get good locations on our staterooms however we don't know if that is true but again we have been happy. The first time we booked a sail away Balcony we received a forward one near the elevator ( quiet as can be) this time around we booked an inside IX and we received an aft inside stateroom. The price on sail away balcony went down so we got it and received a forward stateroom which looks to be in a quiet section as well...so far so good with the sail away price.
  11. don't say that we are on the Getaway this coming October 😱
  12. up to 48 hours before the cruise. In our case we booked our coming cruise this Saturday back in March and we received our guarantee within 2 days of booking. It depends on availability.
  13. wait 48 hours out as Jamie said. I am waiting for my bid acceptance or not, too.
  14. on one of our 28 days cruises on the Jewel the first steward we had was a godsend, he was quick in cleaning our room, handling whatever request we had. our stateroom would be ready by 10 am. We are early risers. He knew we like to spend time in our stateroom around noon to read etc. Unfortunately he had to leave on the second half of the cruise, he was going home. The second was a stewardess, she could hardly speak english, every single day we would come to our stateroom around noon and it was not ready and there were days that it was not ready until about 4pm. She would not change the towels, sometimes i fixed our bed, we were told she was new so we were understanding until we could not be anymore. To us it did not make any sense to wait that long to use our cabin. We spoke with management and only then was she able to finish cleaning our room and doing everything in a timely manner. The rest of our cruises we have had great stewards.
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