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  1. that's exactly they way it would happen. Quarantined on a ship would not be a floating vacation, you would definitely be confined to your stateroom. As another said, we pass.
  2. We are booked on the Jade from Rome to NYC October 19 and we are still waiting for the cancellation. We booked it last year. I doubt very much it will go.
  3. I've said something similar on another thread but some people believe why shouldn't he make that amount of money. I don't believe cruise line CEOs should make the exuberant salaries while the people on board make so little not to mention the customer has to " supplement" their income with the DSC, which by the way I am happy to pay for they deserve that and more. I for one just don't get it.
  4. exactly, we don't either. Also, the thought they would charge an annual fee to hold status is ridiculous, they can have it as far as i am concerned. Like Budget Queen give me a better price. Only thing we enjoy is the free laundry and the dinner but even that they are not asking for extra surcharge. I would not be surprised that they would do like United Airlines that if you don't take a flight a year or have the credit card you lose your miles, Miles have expiration dates. I bet you would have to take at least a cruise a year to keep your status. IMO.
  5. I would pay nothing extra. It looks like is another move by Del Rio to keep isolating former loyal customers. I hope i get that survey. 🙂
  6. If they are working on ships out of Europe they may prefer Euros however i don't think it matters. We always tip in dollars.
  7. WE have been on the Epic 4 times. We like the ship a lot, others don't. The bathroom lay out for some is unacceptable, for us at first it was odd but then it became an none issue. We have booked 2 inside guarantees and 2 Balcony guarantees and we have always been happy with the staterooms we got. Like Budget Queen says you have to accept what you get because it is a gamble.
  8. will cruise again when we don't have to wear a mask, no quarantines on the ship and air travel is back to maybe 50% normal , probably a year or more from now. We are not interested taking a cruise that will feel like a floating hospital 😞
  9. We don't plan on cruising until we get a detail explanation on how cruise lines are planning social distance within the ship or before a vaccine. We currently have a cruise on October 19 of this year, but i am sure that will be canceled as well and if it is not, we wont go. We love to cruise but we are not addicted to it, there are other ways to vacation. As i said on other threads the idea of wearing a mask on the ship does not appeal to us. I see things are starting to open up, beaches are crowded in some areas and all we can think of are family and friends who are nurses and doctors that have families of their own that will be handling new cases of infections. We hope to go on a cruise again but not at the expense of our own health and others.
  10. Hello again. I called again and the only way they can extend them is if we book something after the expiration date. We are not ready to book anything right now, so i guess they wont be extend just yet. Thanks.
  11. UPDATE: Just got through Norwegian. For anyone who was also wondering if they could extend their certificates, The NCL person said and i quote" Unfortunately at this time we are not extending the expiration dates on the cruise next certificates" I guess that's it, however in the past these people have shown to be uninformed LOL....
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