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  1. the past three cruises we have booked sail away staterooms. One in an inside sail away the other two Balcony Sail away. We have been pleasantly surprised and were happy with the staterooms we got. On the Inside we got mid ship, but then an ocean view became less expensive than the inside and we were bumped to an mid ship ocean view for free. On the other two we booked the Balcony sail away and ended up forward, near the elevators, in fact 4-5 doors from the elevator. One of them was a connecting balcony but we did not mind it at all we got good neighbors. Some people have mentioned that they did not get good locations but up to now, it has never been our experience. Good Luck.
  2. no, not fragrance free, however make sure to pick out not so new underwear or socks because they go through the ringer. My clothing comes back, like they are years old.
  3. I am on the Getaway transatlantic cruise this coming October for 19 days. We were sent an upgrade bidding email 80 days out and we bid on that day. We are 66 days out and have not heard anything yet. Last year we were told a no 2 days before the cruise :-)... good luck
  4. We also take the spa pass on every cruise, however i must warn you, is becoming more and more popular therefore not as quiet as it used to be. In fact at times it could be quite noisy. Some people don't understand that the spa is a place to be quiet and just relax, however it still is the best place to get away from the outside noise.
  5. Hi, this is exactly what we did. We booked our coming cruise in a mid ship large family inside, on deck 9. We paid considerably more money for it than people now. The Ocean view is now cheaper than what we paid for our inside cabin. We asked for extra onboard credit or upgrade. Ncl said no to the onboard credit but offered us the upgrade ( free).We went from Deck 9 to Deck 5 on the Getaway. A large picture window ocean view. We are happy, is in a quiet area, a larger spacier stateroom, so we can't complain. We are bidding for a spa balcony or spa mini suite, if we get it, great, if not that's ok. :-)
  6. The variety this restaurant before it went complementary was outstanding, they had the best ribs as appetizers. When it went free, the menu was downgraded but they kept the same desserts, specially the yucky green chai chocolate cake. 🤢🤮
  7. oh Wow, i don't decorate my door, but does not bother me one bit those who do, with all due respect. What a humbug.
  8. No, i have not. I am in an ocean view and just bid for a spa balcony and/or spa mini suite ( poor range) and have not heard anything yet but in the past i have never gotten anything in the poor range. I for one refuse to bid high range considering a spa balcony looks like any other balcony stateroom. Like some people tell me is always cheaper just to get the spa pass.
  9. I was upgraded for free but that was because I booked an inside cabin and the ocean view became cheaper than my original booking price. I have no idea whether me being Platinum plus had anything to do with the upgrade.
  10. Well i have been checking on a particular cruise for a while, and i got excited when i saw it was one of the cruises in the 20% off selection. When I went to check the prices again i did not see any difference in the price, in fact it was the same as always. Am I missing something?
  11. On my next cruise i booked a mid ship inside cabin. Recently, a large picture window ocean view became cheaper than my inside cabin ( 19 days) so i called my travel agent and NCL told her the same thing as you. We got upgraded for free, kept the perks, and 2 points for booking 9 months ahead. We are now bidding for a spa balcony or spa mini suite balcony, if we get it, great, if not we will be happy just the same 🙂
  12. on our last cruise we were at the party for 5 minutes, it was so cramped and same sales tactic of the cruise next rewards thing, they tell you that without us they would not be able to survive LOL..but words are cheap, show it with actual action.
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