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  1. Yes i noticed, some of us waited for the free gratuities forever but since the cruise industry was doing so well, NCL did not bother to give us the offer for years, now that they are not doing well then all of a sudden it appears. The prices are 3 times as much so at the end it evens out. :-).....Since April they have offered it twice.
  2. We are or were Platinum Plus and we have never gotten calls, maybe some emails, and flyers. We have never booked directly with NCL so maybe that's why they don't call us.
  3. I think for people who wont feel comfortable getting the vaccine yet, need to know the complete side effects it could cause, Is understandable for some people to be concerned about side effects. We all want to get back to life as soon as possible and the operative word is LIFE.Now for those who are never vaccines advocates those will never see the light no matter how much proof you show them.
  4. we had 2 cruises canceled this year, they were practically inexpensive cruises so we opted to take the FCC plus the 25%. We booked a transatlantic for next Nov 2021 to see what happens. We got a good price and our FCC covered the cost of the cruise and we will have plenty of time to cancel if things are not looking up, vaccine etc. If the future of cruising is wearing masks, social distance, etc we ill opt to cancel and not do any more cruises for a while. We will go back to destination vacation.
  5. If you go to ncl.com and check on the Escape spa category there’s another stateroom being sold above the Haven Spa suite...
  6. We currently have the Spa Balcony on the Escape for next November 2021 and we were wondering about that too, The price was only about 2 dollars more than a regular balcony when we got it so we took it. We used our FCC so is paid for. I wonder about the Haven deluxe suite with Balcony, is being sold in the Spa section but it does not say if they get the complimentary spa pass, is confusing. Anyways hopefully by next year we will have a reliable, safe vaccine but i won't hold my breath.
  7. We had two cruises canceled this year and we decided to use our FCC to book a November 2021 cruise.
  8. We booked on the Escape next November using our FCC, it was a good price, plus we got prepaid gratuities which will give us another 567 dollars savings. We don't plan on booking anything else....
  9. The first time we went on a cabin crawl we were surprised how on some ships the Ocean view cabins are actually bigger than a Balcony stateroom, in fact it helped us choose an ocean view on our last cruise on October 2019, we were very happy with it.
  10. we have been using this insurance for over 10 years, we have used it before in with no problem, believe me we got this, but thanks for the concern.
  11. We asked our Travel agent who has done our travel for years and yes our insurance will cover it, otherwise we would have taken the refund.
  12. didn't people take insurance? insurance should cover this, ours does. We were thinking on taking the refund but we paid so little for our coming Jade cruise that we decided to take the FCC, if for some reason NCL goes under we will file through our insurance.
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