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  1. Jimmy Geegitz

    Re-asking about bringing alcohol on board

    Go to you tube and search how to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship. Enjoy your Crown.
  2. Jimmy Geegitz

    Is Havana worth it.

    We liked it. One of the drawbacks was after 7pm a bunch of kids fill the hotubs and make noise til midnight.
  3. Jimmy Geegitz

    Happy Hours

    Oh Yeah also all the extra tips all the servers received will be gone now too.
  4. Jimmy Geegitz

    Happy Hours

    Oh well, Instead of getting more than half price for drinks now they will receive ZERO.
  5. Who buys that worthless crap. Somebody must.
  6. Jimmy Geegitz

    5 for 4 Beer

    Once you get onboard any of the beers they serve in bottles or cans can be purchased 5 for 4. Bringing a bottle opener is no problem. I also bring a soft cooler. The ice melts fast in the plastic buckets.
  7. Jimmy Geegitz

    Fun way to carry my phone on the cruise

    I cruise to get away from my phone. I guess that’s good for port pics tho. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Jimmy Geegitz

    drinks package

    Unless you're in prison of course. Then no problem.
  9. Jimmy Geegitz

    drinks package

    Only in the U.S.A. Anywhere else on the planet health care is covered.
  10. Jimmy Geegitz

    Happy Hour

    So no drink specials for us po folk... Only the elitist?
  11. Jimmy Geegitz

    Princes Cruises - New rip off for drinks package.

    Not for beer drinkers $5.29 for a beer is not a great deal. If you get a bucket of beer you get a small discount making your beers 5.06ea woohoo save .23 cents. In order to do that I have to drink all 15. If I don't I'm actually paying more than I would without the package.
  12. Jimmy Geegitz

    Photographing photographs in the gallery

    Once everything goes digital that will end I would think.
  13. Jimmy Geegitz

    Unhappy with Princess customer service!

    Yeah take the $50. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  14. Jimmy Geegitz

    Carnival Dream Flooded

    Yeah saw it all over FB.
  15. Jimmy Geegitz

    Sista sailed the Vista! Review + answers 4/15-21

    If you have video of your trip post on You Tube. Best way to really get your experience. Great review tho.