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  1. If I was everyone and most importantly have had two cruises canceled during this time I would call Carnival instead of doing the cancellation online. Both of my son in laws and myself went online and followed the steps to ask for a full refund. One son in law decided to call Carnival just to give some peace of mind and he's sure glad he did. They first said they never received his info online and secondly they were shorting him $1,000 on the refund. So my other son in law and myself decided to also call. The same thing was told to us that they never received ours online and they were trying to short my son in law $500 and myself $800. All three of the shortage calculations stemmed from the first cruise that was cancelled in May. They were only trying to refund an amount from the present cancelled cruise and not the first one. All three of us separately spent around two hours on the phone with Carnival to clear this matter up. If we hadn't had called and remained persistent(they were repeatedly trying to only refund the lesser amount)then I am sure we would not have received our full refund. This happened to all three of us so I can only imagine how many thousands of people that this has happened to and if they didn't pay attention to their credit card and notice the shortage then think of the money Carnival swindled out of all these people. We have been cruising since 1990 and the only cruise line we have used has been Carnival. I don't fault them for complying with the CDC and pausing since March but this situation has turned me somewhat with them. I can say it might be an isolated incident but with all three of us having the same problem makes me think lots of people are going to run into the same problem. Just be aware and check your credit cards for your correct refund amount instead of taking their word for it.
  2. My wife and I will become Platinum on our 12 day cruise from Barcelona in May 2020 so we will have priority boarding for that sailing. My daughter and her family will be traveling with us but they will not have priority boarding. If their reservation is tied to ours and showing traveling with us will they be able to have priority boarding with us?
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