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  1. We were "ship jumpers" too. That Vision cruise was one of my favorites. I haven't seen any itineraries with overnights in both Reyjavik and Akureyri since that cruise. We even saw the Northern Lights on that one! I would love to see that itinerary offered again.
  2. Thank you so much for your input. We are also booked on the October Vision TA and planned to book the preceding Rhapsody Venice to Barcelona cruise. We were holding off on booking Rhapsody until we could find out why Vision didn't have any October sailings until the TA. Now that we have an answer and some reassurance, we are keeping the TA and booking the preceding Rhapsody. We've sailed TA's and some additional cruises on both these ships and really enjoy the more personal atmosphere on both of them!
  3. I am confused as to how you were able to link a 20 year old daughter who no longer lives at home. I thought children no longer living at home had to be under 18 years of age.
  4. That's exactly what we do. We've found that on the flights we've booked recently, it has cost less to book economy with Air2Sea and upgrade through the airline website then it is to book the higher category through Air2Sea. We have a return flight from Amsterdam in May 2020 and a flight to Rome in November 2020. For both of these we booked economy with Air2Sea and paid in full so we could go to the airline website and upgrade to Comfort+. Like you we didn't want to wait until final payment date and risk no or limited Comfort+ seats.
  5. We called Air2Sea and paid for the flights. We then went to the Delta site and were able to upgrade and pay for the difference on their website. We did it this way because the cost was a lot less. The 2 times we have recently done this were both for 1-way international flights. The economy flights on Air2Sea were much less than they were on the Delta site, but the Comfort+ seats were actually a lot more. Worked out well for us and we saved about $1600.
  6. If you booked economy seats you should be able to go to the airline site and pick your seats, but if you want to upgrade to a premium economy or business/first class you would have to pay the full fare before you can do that. If you originally book a premium economy or business/first class with Air2Sea, you can wait and pay for the tickets with the cruise final payment and pick that class of seats on the airline site. You can only pick the class of seats you booked with Air2Sea until the full payment is made. Since we wanted to upgrade and those seats fill up faster then economy, we paid the fare in full. It worked out costing less to book economy with Air2Sea and then upgrade on the airline site. The tickets are refundable and can be changed, but with a fee. Once fully paid for, I was told you can't get a price reduction if the price decreases.
  7. Now that Air2Sea has changed their policy and are no longer requiring full payment for airfare until the final cruise payment is due, upgrading seats has become tricky. According to Air2Sea prior to full payment for airfare being made, you can only pick your seats for the category that you tickets are for. If you want to upgrade you cannot do this until you fully pay for your airline tickets. For our last 2 flights booked through Air2Sea, we paid in full for our flights earlier than required in order to upgrade our seats.
  8. Vision and Rhapsody still have month long gaps in their European sailings that also still need to be released.
  9. Sadly, Navigator no longer has the giant jacuzzi. It was removed when the ship was "amped".
  10. That article looks to have been published in 2014. It's been 5 years and it doesn't seem like the bureaucrats have done anything so far!
  11. The October cruises for Vision prior to the TA have not been released yet either. I was hoping they would be included in the Europe Phase 2, but I guess they also haven't been finalized yet.
  12. That's why we're waiting. At least if the Vision TA is canceled, we can collect another FCC and some OBC!
  13. We are booked on the October 30th Vision TA. It's a bit concerning that there are still no October sailings before the this. We'd like to add a cruise preceding the TA either on Vision or another ship. I'm wondering if we are going to have a change or cancellation of the TA. I guess we'll have to wait for the rest of the sailings to be released. Hopefully soon.
  14. Across the top of the RCI homepage there is an area for "destinations". If you click that, at the bottom of the page there's a tab for "explore all ports". Once you click that tab you'll see a page that shows all the ports listed in alphabetical order. The individual page for each port will show the highlights of the port, and at the bottom of the page there is a box to click for shore excursions.
  15. We sailed Honolulu to Vancouver this May. The weather was beautiful during our visits to the Hawaiian islands. Average temperature in the 80's F. The weather for the following sea days became gradually cooler as we sailed further north to Vancouver. I'd guess the temperature on the cooler stays was in the 60's F.
  16. We do exactly the same! It's worked very well for us, and the magnets are very easy to pack.
  17. We were in ISP a month ago and booked a whale watching excursion with Glacier Winds that was spectacular! Like Guindalf, we saw many whales and had an enjoyable experience. We chose to book the tour on a smaller boat that only took 6 people. There are many whale watching tour choices in both Juneau and ISP. Some are on larger boats with many people and some can be booked on boats that take less people. When you research the individual tours, you can decide what type of tour you would like to book.
  18. We just completed a 6 night pre-cruise tour and are currently cruising. Hotels, transportation, and the excursions shown on the tour description are included. Meals are not included. The meals on the train are also not included. There are optional tours that you can book during any free time, but they are an extra cost. There is not any organized evening activities. We very much enjoyed our cruise tour. The days were very busy, so everyone seemed to be pretty tired by the evening. We did find the food to be quite expensive wherever we went. Alaska is a beautiful state. The scenery and wildlife are amazing. I feel the cruise tour really added to our Alaska experience and would really recommend doing one if you have the time.
  19. We are currently on the 8B 6 night cruise tour beginning in Fairbanks. We flew in a day early and would also recommend it. Gave us some time to adjust to the time change and explore a bit on our own. There is some more specific information on the cruise tour included in the cruise documents. We did not receive the information on our specific daily itinerary/times and optional tours until we met with our Tour Guide on the first day of the cruise tour.
  20. Still don't understand why you are cancelling instead of just booking another date. If you book another date you will loose $600, but still have a cruise. By cancelling you loose $2000 and forfeit any cruise. Doesn't seem rational to me. $600 is an expensive lesson, but loosing $2000 and having nothing to show for it is even worse and unnecessary.
  21. Well that makes sense. Wonder who'll replace Susan on Radiance.
  22. We just disembarked from Radiance last week. The CD was Susan Adams. According to Susan she will remain on Radiance until June and then Cuddy will return to Radiance as CD.
  23. We booked the Volcano National Park tour with Robert's Hawaii. It was similar in price to Marylou's tour. We are currently cruising and were in Hilo today. We are very pleased with the Robert's Hawaii tour. We were able to see a lot of Volcano National Park in addition to a few other stops.
  24. We had already booked another tour for Hilo as a "Plan B" since we were pretty much expecting the tours to be cancelled. Thank you for the info for Kona. I'm going to take a look at that tour. Have a great cruise!
  25. We were booked on Marylou's tours for both Hilo on May 8th and Kona on May 9th. We just received a cancellation email for both tours this morning. We had already booked a "Plan B" tour for Hilo, which we are now glad we did. We're now working on a decision on what to do in Kailua-Kona.
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