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  1. Looks like the December 13, 2021 Independence has also switched Nassau to a sea day. Received the email earlier without any explanation why. Since they can no longer go to Labadee, Grand Cayman, and Key West, they might be needing to use Nassau for some of the ships that had these ports on their itinerary.
  2. I think Ovation is sailing from Florida, and cruises from Florida can't require proof of vaccination. Edit: my mistake, it's sailing from Seattle.
  3. The information regarding the vaccine requirement is on the Royal website. It is also included in the app/online check-in where you have to check that you are vaccinated and can show proof at boarding. The vaccination requirement for the sailings out of Seattle has not changed, it has been required from the start. The recent change was the pre-cruise testing requirement for all passengers, which they seemed to know about. I find it very difficult to believe that they weren't aware of the vaccination requirement.
  4. The protocols are all very clearly stated on the RCI website. I would also think that the same protocols would also be communicated in the cruise documents. Currently except for sailings from Florida, all eligible passengers are required to be vaccinated. I have a feeling that these passengers were well aware of the vaccination requirement, but ignored it thinking they'd be allowed to board anyway.
  5. I called 2 days ago and opened a ticket. They said they've had lots of calls about the same problem, and that it would likely take 7-10 days to be fixed. Not sure why it would take that long, but hopefully the issue will be corrected soon.
  6. I finally got tired of going through hoops trying to access our Cruise Planners and decided to call the Diamond Plus desk too. I pretty much had the same experience as you did. The rep spoke with IT who have now received numerous calls and are now realizing that there's a system problem. They opened a ticket and told me that it could take 7-10 days to fix the issue, but to keep checking as it could be fixed sooner.
  7. 9 cruises for us and haven't been able to access the cruise planner for any of them for days. I've tried clearing cookies, changing browsers, changing devices, and using incognito. Royal might start to notice a significant decrease in profit if IT doesn't fix their cruise planner so cruisers can purchase items. 😁
  8. LOL, I think that everyone will be following the same protocols if the ship is under 95% vaccinated.
  9. They would need a way to easily differentiate who is vaccinated and who isn't.
  10. Correct, and exactly what I think will happen. Not my idea of an enjoyable cruise and numerous other options available.
  11. There seems to be 2 of this same thread. Anyway to combine them?
  12. I want to cruise without the current protocols the CDC is requiring for unvaccinated cruises which is basically masking and social distancing. I also don't want to be limited to ship excursions to be able to get off the ship. These measures do not seem to be needed if the ship is 95% vaccinated. I don't care if vaccines are required or not, but if these unvaccinated protocols will be in place due to sailing an unvaccinated cruise, we will not sail on it.
  13. Statement from Carnival regarding their reasoning for requiring vaccinated adults for Texas sailings. The press release states that they are still working with Florida. Their reason for sailing with a vaccinated cruise to start is to give their passengers a better cruise experience . "We appreciate the progress and support for our U.S. restart from the CDC and other key federal agencies; however, the current CDC requirements for cruising with a guest base that is unvaccinated will make it very difficult to deliver the experience our guests expect, especially given the large number of families with younger children who sail with us. As a result, our alternative is to operate our ships from the U.S. during the month of July with vaccinated guests," said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. This statement gives me the impression that if the cruise line can't guarantee a 95% vaccinated cruise all passengers will be following the CDC guidelines for unvaccinated cruises.
  14. Could go the other way. If Royal can't tell who is vaccinated and who isn't, everyone may need to mask and follow the other restrictions.
  15. Yes, he did. I still see how people could have been misled though. Children under a specific age and a minimum amount of exempted adults is still a bit different than no vaccination required. Personally I don't care who sails. If we feel the required protocols will negatively affect our cruise experience we will cancel. That's our choice. At the current time, we still don't know what the protocols will be.
  16. So, I did not book any of my cruises recently but do follow the policies and news since I have many cruises currently booked. It's pretty obvious that policies will change as new information is obtained. I do understand why people are upset about the new policy change as it was stated on their website. Personally my next cruise isn't until the Fall, and as I stated previously I will see what the current protocols are closer to then and cancel if they are the current one's for an unvaccinated cruise.
  17. Excuse me, I have been cruising a long time and mostly on Royal so therefore don't need a lecture. I know how to listen to what the Royal executives are saying, keep up with the facts, and follow the information on the Royal Caribbean website. If you listened to Fain's recent talks, he clearly explained why they were doing the test cruises. He also clearly said that Royal was requiring all adults and children over 16 and then 12 to be vaccinated for all the sailings. He explained they were doing the test cruises because with so many families sailing they couldn't guarantee that there wouldn't be more than 5% unvaccinated children. Although all my 12 cruises have been booked for a while, those that made new bookings prior to Friday when things changed, were misled. Nobody thought that children too young to be vaccinated wouldn't be sailing. Would be nice to show a bit more respect for others.
  18. Up until Friday evening that policy was also showing on the Royal Caribbean website for all US sailings in addition to the Nassau and Alaska sailings. The "all US sailings" part has now been removed. This means the policy was shown on the website when many people booked. Therefore they do have a right to be disappointed in the change.
  19. Those are the guidelines the Adventure of the Seas sailing out of Nassau provided to those booked. The Adventure requires all over age 16 to be vaccinated. This is the reason we will be switching to cruises that require vaccinations.
  20. No, I think the main discussion is about the differences between cruising on a vaccinated or unvaccinated ship. Protocols and required precautions will likely be different and many would not be needed if the ship was 95% vaccinated. Nobody is afraid of catching Covid. There is no sham. CDC and shipboard rules will need to be followed no matter what anyone feels about Covid or the rules.
  21. Nobody owes you an answer. Most people know the numbers as it has been discussed in the news for over a year. Sort of an outdated topic.
  22. I realize that and was replying to John's question regarding Adventure. Actually the Royal website had the same vaccination requirements specifically stated for all US sailings showing on their website until Friday evening.
  23. It's not scary. Everyone has different opinions and that's the way it should be. The issue is that some people seem to take a superior "know it all" attitude and therefore insult those who don't think the same. It would help if posters would actually consider what others are trying to say instead replying with nasty comments.
  24. Could be those that are vaccinated but don't choose to show verification will be considered unvaccinated and will follow those safety protocols.
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