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  1. The Triumph has outdoor movies. The Sensation did not but I sailed it long ago so may have added. Triumph is largest of those listed. Others are all very similar in size. All will have active kids clubs. The only way to get the shakes and smoothies is to be 21 and buy the cheers package which would be a waste of $. Carnival should offer a second upgraded drink package for kids & non drinkers like Royal does. You should have no problem with the peanut allergy but recommend you pick a dining time and not Your Time dining as to lock in a specific wait staff to get familiar with your son’s allergy. We have been lucky requesting the same waiter each night on Your Time Dining but there is no guarantee. There will be good and bad differences between Princess and Carnival, keep an open mind and have fun. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Thank you! Was your sea day the last night? I want to book Steakhouse but not miss out on Elegant night in dining room.
  3. I am looking for answer to same question as we are doing Liberty in January. I am guessing it won't be last night because of luggage going out that evening. And, it won't be first night because not everyone has luggage.
  4. Tuba4

    Nice beach

    Castro, My husband and I are coming Thursday, March 2 and would like 2 chairs. We are not early risers so will our chairs still be available noonish? What is the cost for the chairs? Sounds like a beautiful beach. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  5. Tuba4

    Which Beach did you go to?

    We will be on Carnival Fascination. Which is closer for us, Sapphire or Emerald? It is our first time in St. Thomas. Restrooms are a must. Thanks for help! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  6. When a cruise tour states "must be able to walk 1.5 miles, etc.", does it mean continuously or is that the total amount of walking done over the entire tour? I admit I'm not a big walker so I'd like to be prepared in advance.
  7. We are sailing July 2007 on Voyager. How far in advance must one book pre and post hotel stays in Barcelona/Madrid?
  8. Royal Caribbean's Voyager is doing Sicily.