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  1. If anyone needs a referral and have a trip booked leaving prior to August 14th, please email me - labates at mac.com Thanks!
  2. Chairsin and Rallydave - thank you this is most helpful. So it seems I don’t need to receive a referral coupon from Seabourn, I just need to find a first time cruiser and follow the directions in the link above.
  3. The Odyssey holiday cruise (pertaining to children) was a little different to the Sojourn experience it seems. There were a handful of teenagers on board who were perfectly well behaved/dressed appropriately at all times and not a bother at all. However, there were a few children approximately 10 or under, which did impact our experience somewhat. There were 2 boys (1 family) probably around 8 and 10 or 9 and 11, and the mother allowed them to jump repeatedly into the pool, throwing a ball for them to catch, creating noise and splashing anyone in the vicinity. Not just in the main pool either, the parents also allowed/encouraged this game in the rear pool on deck 5. They weren't doing anything 'wrong' - just being kids, but it is amazing to me how the parents don't pick up on the general vibe of the other passengers/ambiance, especially on deck 5. We also had another little boy on board (around 4 or 5 years old) who was generally delightful, but still sometimes noisy in the pool as you would expect, especially when the other boys were there at the same time. Also there was a baby of around 12 - 15 mths, who was allowed to stand on bar stools at the patio bar/sit on the bar during dinner times (impacting passengers eating at E&O), and also run in front of the deck stage during performances (i.e during classical sail away). I also heard him banging his cutlery in the restaurant repeatedly. We did manage to avoid the children for the most part (by moving away from deck 5/sitting in a different restaurant section etc.) so it wasn't a huge issue for us and of course it is to be expected during a holiday cruise, we knew that going in. I really wish Seabourn would restrict to adults only, or even 12 and older. I just don't understand why parents want to bring younger kids on a cruise line that really does not cater to them. I understand that some parents do not wish to sail on mainstream lines just because they have children, but they really should consider the impact children inevitably have on the experience of other passengers.
  4. I'm sure this information is within this multiple page thread somewhere, but would somebody remind me how you actually 'refer' someone? I received a referral $400 before our first cruise (back in 2017) but just completed another cruise and did not think to try to refer someone to get additional OBC. Just about to book an August trip and would like to refer someone if possible - just not sure how it works for the 'referrer'! Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for your response, that helps! It's nice to have the chance to dress up so I will plan on it even if I will be in the minority :)
  6. I did. Unfortunately she hasn't been on a SB cruise over xmas period.
  7. Sorry if this question offends those who are tired of the endless dress code drama threads/posts but I did a search and genuinely have not found a satisfactory answer! Question is - I am taking a holiday Caribbean cruise this year, and wondering if passengers might dress up a little more for Xmas eve / New Year’s Eve? Would a long ‘black tie appropriate’ dress (I mean classic/simple, certainly not too fancy or remotely ‘ball gown style’) be out of place? If it wasn’t a holiday cruise I would not even consider. Based on my experience of Seabourn non holiday itineraries, I would definitely feel out of place in a long dress! Thoughts?
  8. Exactly! Plus cruisemapper.com doesn't show Odyssey stopping there (that could be incomplete of course). I'm hoping it's just a website glitch as I would think Seabourn would notify booked passengers of an itinerary change, especially withdrawal of a port. Unless they are figuring out a different port.
  9. Hopefully it's just a glitch on the website (not unheard of!). I actually would be ok with a substitute port, just not another sea day.
  10. The Odyssey holiday cruise we are booked on had Antigua (English Harbor) scheduled as a stop on Dec 24th. It has disappeared from the itinerary in the last few days with no notification from Seabourn (or my travel agent) regarding a different port/sea day. Dec 24th isn't even listed on the itinerary any more (although it is still showing on the map). Cruisemapper does not show it either. Does anybody know if they are likely to add a different port or is it typical to replace with (another) sea day?
  11. What do you do with your stuff if you do drift snorkel? Not keen on leaving anything unattended...
  12. Yes Isklaar you're right, I'm still unclear on whether we will have a beach bbq/caviar event on the 21st Dec - Jan 4 segment as none of the ports we are visiting have a history of holding the event. I guess a pool event will still be fun though. We really enjoyed the lobster bbq on the beach though! Perhaps we just need to add on the first week as well which will solve my problem. But we are still working so not really an option this year :).
  13. I'm Iooking forward to Martinique too! I have experienced the beach BBQ on Mayreau before - which presumably you will have too on the first week. As we are joining for the 2nd two weeks of this cruise I think we might not have the beach bbq/caviar in the surf because there is no stop in Mayreau or Carambola which is where Seabourn usually hold it. I don't think it will be the same in the pool! In response to Isklaar - I believe Raphael360 means the 'private' beach event typically held on Mayreau or Carambola.
  14. I’m on the same ship as you (Odyssey) joining in Barbados on 21st. So unless something has changed, you are going to Martinique (Trois Isles) on the 23rd!
  15. Does anybody have an idea of wherer this event will be held on the holiday cruise, if at all ? Ports are: Bequia Martinique Antigua Santa Domingo Cartgena Santa Marta Aruba Bonaire Trying to book excursions but don't want to miss the caviar in the surf. Previously we have done this in Mayreau but this cruise stops at Bequia in lieu of Mayreau. Thanks!
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