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  1. I suspect that Seabourn will be going ahead with their cruises as scheduled. We are on the cruise immediately prior to yours whereby we will be departing Hong Kong on Feb 1st and returning to Hong Kong on Feb 28th. We also have 3 days pre-cruise booked at a hotel in Hong Kong. So far our TA has been able to get us a number substantial price reductions due to the poor demand. I was even able to renegotiate our business class airfare with Cathay Pacific for quite a savings. I will be contacting our hotel over the next while to see what we can do there. Personally, I think Hong Kong will be safe as long as we avoid mob protests.
  2. Love the Langham - especially the Club suites.
  3. Thank you for this post. My wife & I are booked on Cathay Pacific business class at the end of January. I hadn't heard of any cancellations from Cathay, but I checked upon reading your post. Sure enough they had cancelled the flight we were scheduled for and moved us to a less desirable flight on the same day. I contacted them to have our flights moved to a more preferable time and was able to request and be given the new discounted rate. We ended up saving $4,300CAD. Thanks again!
  4. We completed a 16-day cruise on Ovation in September of this year and there were no problems with wine service in any of the venues. In my opinion food service and wine service were excellent.
  5. We have done this numerous times and have never had a problem
  6. I suspect that it is the crew stairwell. Does it show as a blank space on the other deck?
  7. I don't understand why this is so complex. I have been on cruise ships where you are expected to tip and I do. But one of the reasons that we sail on Seabourn is that gratuities are included and the staff is well paid. Therefore we receive equal treatment from all staff and don't have to feel that we must tip to receive good service. I do tip on Seabourn, but it is included in my fare along with all other services (and given the cost of fares, I believe we are assessed a good amount for gratuities).
  8. Here is a great website that will give you a bit of an overview and maps of most ports: https://www.whatsinport.com/
  9. There was a notice on the website just the other day stating that there would be work performed this weekend which would interfere with certain functions.
  10. I find this all very interesting given that we went through the very same thing on Sojourn 5 & 1/2 years ago on our South American cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Buenos Aires. Seems like this is a long standing problem with this ship's decking!
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