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  1. At this point I didn't even want to consider 2021. Our group of 12 has just rebooked for the Oct 19, 2022 voyage. We originally booked for Oct 2020, moved to June 2021, now Oct 2022. Hopefully third time is the charm. Fares went down a little and PG applied a 20% FCC based on the amount paid - which was basically our deposit. I have to say that United has been really great to work with in changing/canceling flights for either e-certificates good for 24 months or full refunds.
  2. I think anyone from the US who was thinking about being able to cruise in June has already been vaccinated. That was certainly true of our group of 12 that was set to go on the June 16 voyage. We are all quite upset with this news. Now comes the hassle of trying to find a date and reschedule. I'm feeling like I don't even want to look at 2021 and we are now looking toward late 2022.
  3. We just heard as well - I was so optimistic with the announcements coming out of Tahiti about opening. I am shocked they did this but I guess nothing should come as a surprise. Now just trying to determine when to reschedule.
  4. Outstanding! We still have high hopes that we'll be able to be the first to cruise on June 16!
  5. My fingers are still crossed for the June 16 cruise after postponing from Oct 2020. I feel the other ships starting up in June is a positive sign. I have NO issue with cruises requiring that everyone be fully vaccinated. I have a feeling we'll see that it's necessary to enter Tahiti as well as get on the ship.
  6. Now that they have moved the startup date from March to May...I could easily see the startup date moving again. We moved our trip from Oct 2020 to June 2021. The thought of having to move everything again just sucks, especially the flights.
  7. We were also on the Oct 14th cruise along with 6 other couples in our group. However, after the issues with the first cruise, we decdided to rebook to June 16, 2021. We felt it just wasn't worth the risk that one person testing positive would effectively end the cruise. The great news was - Paul Gauguin basically just moved our bookings, maintaining the same cruise fare and deal we had. Many in our group were also concerned with being able to get covid test results in 72 hours. Hopefully by June of next year the requirements will have changed.
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