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  1. Was the French side open - I know there were some rioting going on
  2. the above snacks look incredible! Are you doing a tour in St Martin? I have a Bernards tour schedule, not sure if I should keep it it not . Thanks for all your posts.
  3. Look at the post “ live from Sky Christmas/New Yrs, h-sar was kind and posted some for me - hope you find what you are looking for. Page 4
  4. Thank you so very much ! I’ll be on the SKY in January -I can’t wait!!! I’m really going to miss Crooners! Enjoy the rest of your cruise and thanks again for taking the time to post so much great info😎
  5. Thanks for all the information and pics! Any bar menus would be appreciated- thanks!
  6. Can anyone post bar drink menus? Thank you and happy cruising !
  7. Happy Cruising everyone! I will be on SKY in January. Any pics of drink menus would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you so much for the plethora of information! I’m so looking forward to sailing on her in January😎
  9. I would make more sense to put the walking track on the outside ! Bob - I am a runner and I am respectful of the walkers on the running trail - just like the cyclist are respectful of the runners and walkers !
  10. I did the same thing ! Great cruisers think alike 😉- I am so excited to be on a new ship!
  11. LoriPhil are going November 2020, so you get to post the pics!😉
  12. We are 1/11, I booked this in August 2018. You will be able to send me all the sweet pics😊 November will be here in a blink of an eye !
  13. Did you book one of the angled balconies? I booked c415- I hope is is bigger than the pic ! Last year on the Ruby we were offered a deluxe balcony from an ocean view for Alaska , yes we took it ! The balcony spoiled me - now I’m a bit afraid !!!
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