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  1. We are 1/11, I booked this in August 2018. You will be able to send me all the sweet pics😊 November will be here in a blink of an eye !
  2. Did you book one of the angled balconies? I booked c415- I hope is is bigger than the pic ! Last year on the Ruby we were offered a deluxe balcony from an ocean view for Alaska , yes we took it ! The balcony spoiled me - now I’m a bit afraid !!!
  3. dkitty


    If I have 100.00 in OBC and my husband has 200.00 in OBC, if I spend 250.00 and my husband spends 50.00- will Princess use my husbands OBC against my charges? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone ! I booked a later flight - I hate to be stressed and with my luck ship will be late getting into port !
  5. Thank you ! I checked early this morning and not open for 1/10/20 Just booked my direct flights from PGH - thanks again Sky Princess - here I come !
  6. I am cruising on Princess in January - is a 10:10am flight too early? I can’t find the recommended times to book after the cruise. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know of any lauderdale hotels that offer a 2 bedroom suite to book prior to cruise?
  8. I know Princess was releasing “new” drinks .....I’d love to see drink menus too!
  9. I am interested In the Grandeur to Bermuda - looking at an ocean view room . Does anyone know how the ship docks . Would one side face the water and the other the town . Thanks !
  10. When docking in Bermuda - is it better to book a room port side or starboard side ? I’m looking at an ocean view room and wondering how the ship docks - thanks!
  11. I love Crooner’s - I see it is back on the Enchanted. Take five is a jazz bar - I don’t mind jazz but as hubby says” it’s the same thing over and over”! I just want a sweet place to drink and people watch !
  12. dkitty

    New Drinks

    Thanks , it would be great if you could post the menus !
  13. dkitty

    New Drinks

    I’d love to see the menus from the other bars! Thanks land lover
  14. thank you! I see a few new drinks! Hope the Ac is fixed soon !
  15. Princess was adding new cocktails - do you have any menus with the new drinks ? Thank you for sharing your vacation time with us !
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