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  1. Thank You all for your helpful replies and recommendations. I have to decide by tomorrow! It is very helpful to know that the life boats are below eye level. I am looking at booking 4091.
  2. Thank You! I will check it out. It was meant as a general question regarding "obstructed view " cabins as I know that it is a new ship. Your recommendation is much appreciated.
  3. I am considering booking an Obstructed View Veranda on the Rotterdam. Would like anyone who has had one of these to please tell me about the experience. The price is so good and I like the location of the cabin, the life boats would be below the balcony. How much of a problem is this?
  4. I am considering a Casino Offer I received, however I am concerned about the fine print regarding how to obtain the Free Play. My email reads: "To redeem the Casino FREE PLAY offer you must present this Email to the Casino Cashier" and then further down it reads: "To redeem the Casino FREE PLAY offer you must present this Email to the Casino Cashier. Photocopies will not be accepted." My question is how do I present this email without making a photocopy of the email?
  5. GREAT NEWS! Faith restored. Our Chase account was credited this morning with all 6 payments made on our March 15th Silhouette Cruise! The credits match our payments exactly. We were just told last week that it could be another 30-45days! Such a wonderful surprise today! Our purchased shore excursions have not yet been refunded, however, we did receive an email from Celebrity this morning that the excursions have been cancelled and refunded and will be credited to our account within two billing cycles. Hang in there folks, they are working on it!
  6. Just got off the phone with Celebrity regarding our cancelled 3/15/20 cruise on the Silhouette. We requested a refund on the evening of 3/13 online when notified of Celebrity's temporary ceasing of operations. Today I was told that it be at least another 30 days before we would receive any refunds! We have spoken to them three times regarding refunds, each time there's a different line. We were told that we would receive a refund on excursions a week ago. That didn't happen. We have also seen 30 day and 45 day expectations for all refunds in notices online from Celebrity, those will not happen either. We booked this cruise and made a deposit over a year ago ! I know (or that is I think )they are busy. I don't accept that as an excuse. They haven't communicated a word to us on what to expect. We have had great sailings on four other lines, I can only hope we get to sail on one of those other lines again. I don't know what the future will hold, but I do know that I will never set foot on a Celebrity ship … unless it's FREE.
  7. Our March 15th Cruise on Silhouette was cancelled on 3/13 by Celebrity. I requested a refund. To date, no refund of cruise or of the excursions which were paid for.
  8. We also on this sailing and wondering the same thing!
  9. You are welcome, comforting to know I wasn't the only one with the misconception. All concerns have been alleviated. I am also very excited about my first "Celebrity" cruise.
  10. Luckyinpa, I appreciate your post.🙂
  11. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my question. I felt at the time that it was probably a silly question, but had hoped my concerns would be proven ridiculous, as they have been by all the wonderful, understanding responses. I can't really site any particular "examples" it was just the discussions about "special dining venues" and class distinctions such as Aqua and Concierge that caused the concern. I have a better understanding now, and will fret no more.
  12. Thank You all so Very much for your positive feedback! I had been worrying about this for so long, and was afraid to even post the question, but you have all been so gracious and explained the different categories and perks so well! NO MORE WORRIES, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
  13. As our first Celebrity cruise is approaching, I am feeling apprehensive. The discussions on CC lead me to believe that there is a definite "class" system on Celebrity, and I am worried that I am going to be feeling like a "steerage" passenger with my verandah stateroom. Can anyone out there give me any information to ease these uncomfortable feelings?
  14. Just looked up on my reservation on the Silhouette , it shows "traditional dining" @ 6:15, so is this what is considered the early seating?
  15. I am considering the "Powerboat" Pitons Cruise & Snorkel. We have been to the beaches and the idea of snorkeling right at the Pitons is appealing, however the "Powerboat" Is not , does anyone have experience with this Celebrity Excursion?
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