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  1. Yay, Celebrity! They really do have great ships. I haven't been on Equinox, though.
  2. Saying lanyards are trashy is ridiculous. I use a lanyard. I’m a woman, and almost all of my clothes either have no pockets, or those tiny little inadequate pockets. I’m not dragging a purse around all day. So, lanyard it is. Haters gonna hate. 😂
  3. I’m following this thread, as we are also considering a future Sunshine cruise. A lot of the reviews I’ve read mention a foul sewer smell in the aft of the ship. Can anyone speak to that?
  4. Thank you so much for the great response! If you’re looking at Celebrity, I prefer the newer ships, the solstice class. I did one on the older, smaller Millenium. It was a nice cruise, but not my favorite. The pax on Celebrity are definitely older. People probably do go to bed earlier, but I was one of them, LOL! One of my favorite things about cruising is just relaxing and recharging. But my last cruise, I took my party-hearty sister and 20-something daughter and step-daughter. They stayed out and partied until 2 am most nights at bars and dancing.
  5. That wasn’t my intent. One of the reasons for not cruising Celebrity anymore is that I can no longer afford it. My question was because I assume the higher price tag for the celebrity cruise line was to pay for possibly better food, cabins, amenities, etc. I would at least assume that more money equals more stuff? Or else nobody would pay more? I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out. Sorry if you were offended.
  6. Thank you! This was very helpful! I’m looking forward to the experience of just parking and walking on the ship. The convenience factor is huge for me! When cruising out of Florida, I usually flew in day before. That adds extra days I can’t really afford to take off in my job. Also, I am not really a Cekebrity budget, anymore. I divorced my former Celebrity budget, happily. So, at this point, I’d rather try a Carnival cruise than to have no cruise at all. 😊
  7. Lol, I said former. You wouldn’t recognize me, now,
  8. I also think my husband will enjoy the more casual Carnival atmosphere. I’m afraid he would find Celebrity a little too stuffy. And he definitely will enjoy the more casual food, like burgers and pizza. 😊
  9. Thanks! I really think I'll be very happy on Sunshine. And yes, the Celebrity crowd can be skewed a bit older! The 7 day Caribbean routes aren't usually too elderly 🙂
  10. I haven't cruised in quite a while. My new husband and I are looking at Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston. This is very attractive to us, because we live only about an hour from Charleston. My previous cruises are mostly Celebrity. I know not to expect everything on Carnival that Celebrity offers. I love the Carnival price! I'm also very open-minded, and not at all picky or a cruise snob. Any encouraging comments from those of you who have cruised both lines?
  11. That's my backup plan. I stayed in Aqua Suite 2109 last cruise, right beside the spa, and I loved that cabin. Thanks!
  12. Best - Reflection Luminae, followed closely by Murano Worst - ever, land or sea - Blu Reflection. NEVER again!
  13. Has anyone had any luck getting a corner aft S1 on Reflection? I'm looking at Caribbean routes 2016, and all I can get to come up for S1 category are the ones on deck 12 that are not aft. My goodness, what do you have to do? Sit by the computer the day the 2017 cruises become available to reserve? I'm usually not picky, always book suite, but I just wanted to try the corner aft. Looks like that takes more years of waiting than I'm willing to do!
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