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  1. I found some great info on cruiseadvice dot org Deck 14 On the Harmony of the Seas, cabins on Deck 14 may have noise issues because the Lido pool area is above many staterooms. That said, we do not in any way suggest that Deck 14 is not a great place to pick a cabin because parents of small children might love this deck! Exterior cabins 14138-14166 port side and 14538-14562 starboard are across the hall from youth activities areas, which include the nursery on Deck 14 of the Harmony of the Seas. These would be fine staterooms for small families. There are several wheelchair accessible cabins on Deck 14. These include exterior cabins 14162, 14166, 14170, and 14172. Boardwalk View Staterooms with Balconies 14295, 14299, 14301, and14305 are wheelchair accessible. Central Park View Staterooms with Balconies 14251, 14253, 14651, and 14653 are also wheelchair accessible. Noise sensitive travelers may want to steer clear of exterior and interior cabins14174-14254 port side and 14574-14654 starboard because these are under the pool area, and there could be after hours noises such as the scraping of deck chairs when staff are cleaning. Deck 14 is under some of the liveliest venues on this ship. You may want to consider an inside cabin elsewhere on another deck of the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas.
  2. Thank you for letting me know that - I never did any further research - I'll know next time!!
  3. Not sure what cruise line you're sailing - but - Carnival offers transportation from the Miami Port to Fort Lauderdale Airport - It's like a little over $30 per person I think - we arranged this a few years ago for my daughter's honeymoon cruise - and it was really convenient!
  4. When we were on Carnival one time, and they have the policy of "one buys it, everybody gets it" - We asked about only my husband buying it, and they said if I could get a note from my doctor faxed in, that they would just let one person in the cabin purchase the drink package - Of course, I was already on board, and the doctor's office was not open on the weekend - so I didn't have any luck - but - it may be worth a try to get a statement from your doctor, and try to get prior approval from Royal that way?
  5. Following along and anxious to hear more!
  6. wrcjr98

    Pearl Harbor Tours

    Hi Cherie - No, it was later in the day actually - it was around mid-afternoon, 2 or 3 o'clock or so... Good Luck!!
  7. Thank you for the review - Can you tell me how much the Thermal Spa passes are for the week? Thanks!
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    Pearl Harbor Tours

    Like you, I had no luck getting the advance tickets to Pearl Harbor online. But, I went on recreation.gov the day before I wanted to visit, and I had 3 different time options. So, if you have internet on the day before you want to visit - try that! Then, if that doesn't work, like others have said, be there at 7:00 a.m. the day you want to visit.
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    I haven't been to this port since 2014 - however, when I went, I had a broken pelvic bone so I was in a wheelchair. We got off the ship, and just "rolled" around the port area there inside the gates. There was a shop that had free samples at the time of rum cream - we purchased a bottle of coconut rum cream, and they gave us a small bottle of Appleton rum with our purchase. So unless something has changed, you should be able to purchase some rum and rum cream right there at the port, without going outside the gate! Hope this helps!
  10. How do you do this? I've recently had problems using both Internet Explorer and Opera and believe it or not even Firefox - maybe I need to do what you mentioned?
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    Best tip ever FLL port

    Wow!! Great tip!! I'll be using this both on a flight into Atlanta - and again on a cruise on the Allure!! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. I'm not positive, but, I'm pretty sure that since she has a passport, you won't need the notarized document. The one time that I needed to produce the notarized document, was on a Carnival Cruise before my son had a passport, and they wanted to be sure that he had permission to leave the country by both parents. My son's Dad had to sign for him to receive a passport, and I never needed a letter after he had a passport. If you booked through a travel agent, it may be a good idea to check with them -
  13. I was having the same problem myself. I did a little searching on the boards, and it was recommended to clear your cookies, and clear your cache. I had to google how to do those two things, but once I did that, I haven't had any more problems! Good Luck!!
  14. Hi all! I'm the OP, and I thought I'd let everyone know that my travel agent called RCCL, and was able to re-book our "my time dining" at 6:00 each day. Yes, we are "those" people that book the same time every day, by request of my mother in law. Traditional dining is not available for the early seating, which is why we booked MTD. Royal Caribbean just now emailed me back today, but just like when I called in, nobody can really tell me why we were cancelled? It's the weirdest thing?! Oh well...I'm sure I won't go hungry, even if they cancel us again!!! Thank you all for the advice!!
  15. No - she told me that she didn't have any further information? She barely spoke English, and was super hard to understand. I have called my Travel Agent, and I hope she can get it figured out for me!