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  1. The card is not checked every time you order drinks at breakfast or in the lounge (Sky lounge on S class) where the cocktail party is held, so being served there should be no problem. It's only checked on entry for the first couple of days, until the CC host recognizes you. In other bars, only elites and above will get free drinks from the CC menu. Their companion will have to order and pay as at any other time.
  2. It's quite a hot wash, so take care putting delicate items in.
  3. I wonder if accepting a Move Up offer would constitute rebooking. This might make a difference to how much I'm prepared to bid.
  4. Liquor purchased on board will be delivered to your stateroom on the last night of the cruise. You can bring a bottle of wine aboard on embarkation, but nothing stronger.
  5. Often, the word "small" really refers to the bus, a minivan rather than a tull size coach. This can be important on small roads etc. However, if the bus is full, a small group can feel more crowded than a group of 50 on a coach. Somewhere outdoors, like Herculaneum, I don't think the group size really matters.
  6. You can still get the Elite discount on the short package.
  7. If there are two of you in the cabin, both elite, as long as you don't mind only being able to use the internet one at a time, you can use one person's allowance for 90 minutes then the other person's either for another 90 minutes or for the elite discount on the remaining part cruise package, which is still available on board. You have to wait until approximately half way through the cruise to get the part cruise offer.
  8. If you're elite and you want to get the Elite discount when pre-purchasing a package, you'll have to call the Captain's Club. The website can't handle it. If I were you, I'd wait until on board, use my 90 minutes Elite allowance, then purchase a package for the remainder of the cruise. If you go to the Internet room, they'll explain the options.
  9. I hope they sent you back and made you walk around! 😉
  10. I should have guessed that US customers would get a better deal than those booking in the UK.
  11. "Free" shuttles is a bit of a misnomer. You have to pay the higher Cunard fare to get them. Otherwise, there's a charge.
  12. If you're wanting to look like a local guy in Rome, wear a dark suit with collar and tie, even on the hottest days!
  13. Be very careful if using mobile data roaming. It's fine in port, but when you're at sea you'll be charged according to the ship's phone service rates, not your plan. You can run up a big bill very quickly that way. Always turn off mobile data on your phone when not using it.
  14. Creme brulee is still being served on Constellation tonight.
  15. You should call Celebrity Captains Club, who can sort it out. The equivalent tier is Select.
  16. Usually a couple of weeks before sailing.
  17. Yes, I'm just going through the TA process now. This seemed to happen yesterday, so I'm guessing we may not be the only two
  18. I've just had an email from Celebrity telling me that the OBC for my next cruise, departing tomorrow, has been changed from $200 to $00! According to them, I've spent it, which I haven't! While I wait for a response from Celebrity, via my TA, I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
  19. I'm going the other way next week, airport to Civitavecchia. Celebrity are charging me £38.50 Sterling.
  20. I suggest that you contact the hotel to see if you can drop your bags there in the morning then head into town for sightseeing and lunch. Taxis are good. No need to pre-book and then worry about timing.
  21. It's an easy stroll to the Opera House for a guided tour that takes about an hour.
  22. I'm on Android, so can't answer your question about the Apple app. However, I can tell you how to get the boarding passes on to a phone. When you print them, use a PDF printer (I use Cutepdf Writer) to create PDF copies of the forms. You can then save these to a folder on your phone and use a PDF viewer to display them. My phone uses Kindle for this. I do this with all my cruise docs, tickets, insurance etc. I hope that helps.
  23. I thought that staff could only keep cash tips from guests who leave autotipping in place. If the guest has stopped the automatic tips, then the staff member must hand the cash over to go into the tip pool. Staff can only keep cash if the autotips are left on. If this is the case, then the OP's plan simply won't work. They might as well leave autotips in place and save themselves the hassle of seeking individual staff members out .
  24. The tables by the windows tend to fill up first, so get there early if you want one.
  25. Worse than the noise of the occasional trolley, on Silhouette, was the all pervasive smell in the corridor of curry being cooked.
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