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  1. Hello We are looking at booking a cruise for next Spring using our FCC for the deposit. Whilst not anticipating having to cancel, there is a slight possibility that we may have to. My question please. If you use the FCC to cover the reduced deposit of £75 each and then have to cancel within the loss of deposit only time frame, would we just lose the £75 each or would we have to pay the difference between the regular deposit sum minus the £75? Can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Many thanks.
  2. True and have done in the past, however, OBC received for this cruise should cover most of final account!!!
  3. For us Brits, definitely US $ and let the credit card company do the conversion. Better rate. Possibly same for other currencies.
  4. We did a Diamond cruise a couple of years ago as Japan was at the top of my DH’s bucket list. Agree very much about being outnumbered by fellow passengers from Asia, but enjoyed the different culture. Don’t remember long lines. The only problem was the lifts where they seemed to “swarm’ in and often exceeded weight limit so didn’t go anywhere. Our reflection was that we should have done a land tour to see the real Japan and not just what seemed to be a tour of commercial ports. Yes I know ships are so large now it’s the only places they can berth. One guide informed us that in the rush to “modernise” after the end of the war, they realised too late that they were losing a lot of their history. Our highlights were Nagasaki where we used the local tram, helped by lovely local residents who made sure we got off at the right stop to change trams, to go to the Peace Park which was very moving in spite of the torrential rain and Taiwan, totally different and really enjoyable Princess day tour.
  5. Hi Does anyone know if Princess are again putting kettles in the cabins for European cruises from Southampton? Thank you.
  6. Hello. Does anyone have experience of hiring a wheelchair for the duration of their cruise? DH can get around the ship OK, but now having problems with extended walking, i.e, going ashore. Mobilityatsea.co.uk seems to be the recommended hire company. He doesn’t use a wheelchair/scooter yet, but getting closer to needing his own at home. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I enjoy flower arranging and just itch to sort out some of the arrangements on board! I must have just been unlucky with the ones I have received in the past. Perhaps too picky, I know what I like. Will organise a welcome home gift instead.
  8. A friend of mine will be celebrating a special birthday whilst in a cruise. Does Princess allow flowers onboard from a company such as Interflora, or do you have to buy direct from Princess. Personally I have been very disappointed with both the quality and arrangement of Princess flowers so don’t want to go down this route. Failing that a welcome home arrangement will be organised. Thank you.
  9. Something like Bucklers a lager type. DH reckons not too bad. Lucky here in the UK, there is an increasing number of non alcoholic beers/ciders available in our supermarkets. The best is one brewed by Guinness and another Heineken 00. Also some very good ciders, which he thought he would never drink. Even getting to be available in pubs and restaurants.
  10. Agree with Joanne G. Tough it out and never go to bed until your normal bed time, no matter what time your internal body clock thinks it is. Our one exception, when flying back to UK from any western destination , usually land about 5 / 6 am. On arriving home go straight to bed but set alarm for a couple of hours. Then get on with the day as normal until bed time. And never, ever, fly in on the day of your cruise. Not a jet lag thing, more like worrying about flight delays and the possibility of the ship sailing without you.
  11. Sad I know, but we love the bitty bacon. At least it’s cooked. Makes a great butty (sandwich to our American friends) especially if topped with an egg. Never eat cooked breakfast at home so a treat.
  12. Absolutely agree. Secret Silk went on too long. Sat through Encore wondering “was I really was on a Princess ship”! It was excellent.
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