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  1. Actually I'm a travel agent, but we are still very limited getting to the Casino people. They are an enigma!
  2. Ok, here's the dilemma for us... My sister had a free cruise booked on the July 6th sailing on the vista with a $500.00 casino cash (premier cruise) and I had paid for my cruise but still had a $1000.00 casino cash. My son is in the room with my sister and my husband and I are in the other cabin. Because I can't get any response from the casino host (it seems like it would be easier to find Jimmy Hoffa than someone from the casino), we can't book our summer cruise. Any suggestions? I do think that they should offer us what we originally had, but not fighting the casino cash as much. Just trying to get the free cabin that was originally booked.
  3. We are going to be on the July 6th cruise. Just called carnival - no update as of now. Will update by tomorrow per the rep. Hoping desperately that our cruise doesn't get cancelled. Have a great players club promotion attached to it with $1000 free play. Fingers crossed.
  4. I am a travel agent and I'm always surprised to hear that people always say that the Carnival cruises are such a great value. We cruise Carnival because of our son - he really enjoys it. They are a great family ship, just like Royal Caribbean. However, many of the other lines are the same price or lower when it comes to cruising. As far as the gift... it is what it is. A gift. Keep it, share it, throw it away if you choose, but don't ever pick a line based on unknown perks. Just my two cents.
  5. We enjoyed it. You can actually step out onto the balcony without getting completely windblown! I think you'll enjoy the space (it definitely makes the room seem bigger to me). Have a good time!
  6. I agree with Five. Galveston has really gotten stuff together when it comes to embarkation. If you do wait it won't be long. The only reason we ever got FTTF is if we were going to a place that has tender boats (boats that take you from the ship to the island). That is nice not to have to wait in line for. The biggest reason I hear people take the FTTF is because they want to drop their stuff off in their room. So, look at it like this.... If I was to offer you $90 to carry your luggage for 1 hr or so, would you do it? If so, save your money and use it on an excursion! :).
  7. If you go, get the Art of the Table. It's not so much for the dessert, but the presentation. Usually you're stuffed when dessert comes :).
  8. Good info here. Yep, I've seen the 2k a day players (definitely not me). I did send an email to the players club. I'll let you all know what's said.
  9. Well I see this has had quite a few views but no answers. Surely someone out there has run across this before. If you have, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. Good morning all! This is an odd question, but any help would be appreciated. I recently booked a premiere cruise for July and the offer for the room was full price with 1k free play (even though it shows "up to" $500 off). My sister (who gambled more than I did on her last cruise which was 2015) received a fantastic offer of 100.00 interior pp + 200 onboard credit + 500 free play. I play about 2k everytime I cruise but the last cruise I held back a bit and didn't receive a bounceback offer for a free cruise (received 200.00 pp per room). Sidenote - we cruise at least once a year. So here's my question. Has anyone ever reached out to the players club and talked to them about giving a more attractive offer? When I call Carnival they can't help (PVP's don't seem to have any influence or ability to request new offers). Thanks in advance for any info/advice!
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