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  1. Hello Lisa I can hear the groan already but I am going to ask anyway. I get it, Celebrity is there to turn a profit. I'm not disputing that. What I do find a bit exorbitant is the cover charges for speciality dining and the grill (or whatever it is called). Going back to the older times, the speciality dining was $20 per head and when you had Bistro on 5, which was excellent, there was a nominal $5 cover charge. This was fair, Ok I get costs have risen a little but surely not by over 100%. Whacking the charge from $20 to $45 appears to me as a means to price out the lower end demographics. When I book for my family to come on a cruise, I have paid for an evening meal. To add $45 per person on top comes across as ... well... greedy and money grabbing. Likewise with the Sushi Bar, $30 ???? For a family, who has worked hard, saved and likes to cruise, these costs are over priced and it is forcing some of your market to not bother. My question is this: Have you run the model of halving the cover charge and increasing the volume of people coming in through the doors? I think you would generate more revenue this way and it may help to break down the sense of elitism that I believe (IMHO) is starting to grow. Thanks for your answer.
  2. Never mind the useless mustard dill, I would think its more important to learn your 2 closest fire exits and count the doors between your room and the exits.
  3. I am the salesman's nightmare. I am one of those types that will only buy something that I have decided that I want. I do have a few watches but probably the most expensive is a couple of hundred £ or $. I see a watch as functional and I do have my preference of design. If it appeals to me aesthetically, it tells me the time and I am on the lookout for one I will buy it. If I have no interest then nobody is going to sell me one.
  4. Thanks, will ask for them
  5. Does anyone know if you can get a decent memory foam pillow like a Temupr? I can't stand a soft floppy pillow... or mattress but I doubt they can give me a decent one of those.
  6. Well a burger isn't a burger unless it has .... wait for it.... I can sense the anticipation... 2 all beef patties special sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles and... onions. Under a sesame seed bun. See, that was worth the wait
  7. So for example a family of 4, the charge has gone up to $180. If my local novelty premium restaurant whacked that on the bill, it would not go down well and I would go else where. The problem is that passengers are a captive audience and yes people will accept that and I get it that celebrity are a business, but I am not in the $10K+ suite bracket, an extra $45 per person on top of the fact that in my booking I have already paid for a meal, is in my opinion taking a liberty. I am just as entitled to enjoy the facilities on the ship as much as anyone else but I feel the current costs that have been brought in are pricing people out.
  8. Did that once and it got all wet and soggy.
  9. How is putting the outlet high up safer than on the wall closer to a shelf? I am sure people are just as careful or accident prone at home. Putting it high up only encourages people like me to think creatively.
  10. That is the solution I came up with. Not sure if that is electrically safe but will mean I get a minty fresh smile
  11. Based upon my experience. There are all sorts of people on board. Yes I have encountered some elitism and I have also encountered people that are very nice. Having sailed on both celebrity and RC, I feel that celebrity is at a much better level than RC.
  12. OK a) Does anyone actually bring paint on board? b) What is a dangerous food? A cabbage that jumps off the plate and mugs you for your sea pass? Admittedly my missus makes something so special that it brings a lump to your throat. The only thing dangerous about food onboard the ship are (IMHO) the prices.
  13. Had rooms near elevator lobby and never head a thing from the room
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