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  1. My cruise, scheduled for last week, was canceled back in March, and I still have no "credit" despite choosing that as an option on the form.
  2. Oh. I was hoping I would have a credit and that I could apply it myself by booking online, instead of spending lots of time on hold on the phone. 😞
  3. We were supposed to cruise April 6. As soon as it was canceled, I filled out the form for a FCC/OBC. I have actually been ready to book another cruise with some of the deals that have been out there...but I do not have the credit, and my cruise planner is still showing I am cruising in 7 days. How long has it taken? I was hoping NOT to have to call them!
  4. If only I actually had my FCC. I filled out the form when they sent it, but it is still showing me as cruising in 19 days.
  5. People in Charleston were turned away this morning from boarding because they had diabetes. They had them on the news tonight, understandably unhappy. they got no advanced notice. They were turned away at the port and told it was CDC guidance, with no information on refunds, etc.
  6. We are sailing April 6th. Booked directly through Carnival. Also nothing yet.
  7. should I be concerned that we have NOT received the letter for our April 6 sailing? What's up with that? edited to add: I booked directly with Carnival, through the website.
  8. FYI, I called and was told only early saver is eligible for price drops after final payment date. end of story. no negotiating. I was nice. she just said, sorry, there is nothing that can be done. I booked under a VIFP rate and am ineligible to change. 😞
  9. My rate dropped by $100, but I just booked 2 weeks ago, after final payment date. Is there any recourse? eek.
  10. Also interested in this topic. We are cruising in April, so definitely during daylight savings time, leaving from the east coast. So does that mean it will really be 11?
  11. I noticed in your Mr. Sanchos video, you didn't get to port until 12. How long did you stay at Mr. Sanchos? Did they close at 5? Is it worth going if the ship does not arrive until noon? We are on this itinerary in April (during daylight savings time), so trying to figure out if an AI is worth the cost.
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