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  1. I knew you were asking about the app. I have not seen any “rules” published. My point is that there should be no difference between the rules for the photo that ship security takes and the rules for the app photo. Does anyone else have any information? In any case, if ship security doesn’t like the photo they’ll just take a new one.
  2. I have never been asked to take my glasses off for a Princess security photo. 🤓
  3. For iOS/iPhone it was merely an update - not delete and reinstall.
  4. In my understanding, you do not need to book anything in the Cruise Personalizer. Once you have filled in all the information in the section titled "Guest Check-In", you are finished. See quote in blue from the Guest Check-In page. If you have provided all the Guest Check-In information that is required, and the MedallionClass™️ app still shows "incomplete", you may be having an issue with the app itself. Good Luck! Getting ready for your Princess MedallionClass Vacation Two quick steps for an easy check in: Required Passenger Check-In Start by completing a
  5. There is nothing "traditional" about me.... Be there, or be square!
  6. Of course for those of us who chose Any, the My Journeys is showing correctly...! 😃
  7. Do you have your ruler handy - to measure the size of the clip on the OM clip holder - to see if it will fit over my watchband which is ¾ inch wide (2 cm)? Thanks!
  8. "Adult" in body only - still young at heart!! In December, I'll look at our grandsons' cruise cards (non-Medallion cruise) and see what letter they have after their number. Thanx.
  9. Hi Deb. OK - never thought about that number on the bottom right hand corner of the cruise card, or what it meant. What does the "A" after the number mean, please? Thanks. Bill
  10. Princess could at least have offered you a complimentary bottle of wine or a coffee card for your inconvenience in having to backtrack to check-in....
  11. I'm sorry for you, but that's almost Too Funny! Murphy's Law: If it can happen, it will...." So, was anyone back at the check-in just a bit embarrassed by having given you the wrong medallions?? Agreed - it would be nice if Princess gave passengers an either/or choice: lanyard or sport clip. They are probably a very similar cost - to Princess. Maybe next year....
  12. Hmmmm.... Seems like there are a few problems?! We became "Ocean Ready" a couple of weeks ago and I'm not going back in to "check" on anything.... We don't have any other OM cruises booked.
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