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  1. About a 45 min. drive from Hilo....very easy! That way you can stop and stay at an area in the Park as along as you want. Plus, in a car rental is about the only way to get down to the chain of craters road to the sea ... as the major tour buses do not do down for several reasons, one of which is no where to turn around at the end is big enough for them, as well as no parking for them, only cars.
  2. Arrival time in Kauai is usually a little before 8am, with get off time at 8am. The shuttle to the airport for your car rental will be your only slow up in the trek. You Have to walk off the ship thru the terminal to an area for car rental pick-ups. Only about a 3-4 minute walk from the ship.
  3. tmt3698 ...Thanks for the info...and you found some room photos! That is a big help. Chuck
  4. tmt3698 ... Thanks for your answer. If you were to go with the lower beds to be twins, would they be under the beds on the wall above them? Thanks again! Chuck
  5. tmt3698... Great posting .... Mahalo! You said you have some more shots of your room. Could you post them as well please. I have one of those rooms booked for my grandkids and daughter. Thanks, Chuck C.
  6. Just announced today by the Supt. of the National Park, access to the USS Arizona Memorial will not be available until at least March of 2019, just as the above poster states. What a bummer!
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