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  1. Back from the Solstice today. Didnt have the internet package so could post sorry. The power outage was an experience for sure. Went out when we were in our room, which was an inside room so very dark! And it was so quiet! We grabbed our phones for a flashlight and headed out on deck. I feel like it took a good 10 minutes for an announcement to be made. But I dont remember really being told what had happened, just that all was now well with the ship but we had to be escorted back to Seattle by the coast guard to be checked out. That night on the ship was like any other after that point. A few jokes about our cruise to Seattle Haha. They kept us updated about what was going on and when we would be on our way. I believe we left around 2am. They managed to get us back on track for arrival in ketchikan only an hour late. And then we stayed an hour later than we were supposed to. It was an amazing cruise!
  2. On board now. Just back to Seattle. All is good on board and hopefully back on our way soon
  3. On board Solstice now. Lost power while we were in our cabin. Maybe out for 30 minutes or so. Just arrived back in Seattle to get checked out by coast guard and then hopefully back on our way.
  4. This will be our third year in a row going to Alaska. We chose to go to Alaska because it is only about an hour drive to Seattle for us and it is wonderful to not have to fly somewhere to go on a cruise for a change. We are celebrating our anniversary, the kids stay home with Grandma, and we just want to relax. Last year we only got off in one port. We don't book excursions and prefer to stay on the ship and hang out by the pool or in the hot tubs. For us the ship is the destination. We relax and enjoy each other the whole time. We appreciate the beauty of Alaska but for us it's not too different from where we live. My point is, it's your vacation so you should do what you want to do. That's what we love about cruising. You can do it all or nothing at all!
  5. I am thinking about getting eyelash extensions for my upcoming cruise to glam up my look a bit. But I'm feeling a little unsure if I will like them or not. I guess I'm worried they will bother me or I'll end up damaging them. Has anyone had these and what is your experience? Cruise is in 2 weeks so I'm running out of time to decide! Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
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