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  1. I think those not vaccinated have to have negative PCR test before boarding, which makes it less likely you would catch it from them than the vaccinated ones.
  2. But MSC don't have your money. Your TA has it apart from the deposit. The TA only pays MSC after you have sailed. PS I've had my refund, you just have to know how to put them in a position they can't get out of. I've also had my refund for the flights from Ryanair
  3. Refund received today from Cruise 1st for our June cruise. Very good customer relations, no argument when I asked, all done within 2 weeks. I'll remember you when I want to book again
  4. How much will you lose if you just cancel. Could be worth doing that if its only going to be a couple hundred pounds because ofthe trouble people are having trying to get a refund
  5. Don't know if it's been mentioned but MSC have canceled all sailings until July 10th. That's our cruise canceled. I've already put in my claim for a refund from our travel agent.
  6. On the news yesterday that the government have no intention of changing the law to allow holiday companies to give credit notes instead of refunds, and the regulator has said that they will be taking action against companies that refuse to issue refunds within the 14 day notice. Mind, who the regulator is I haven't a clue.
  7. Sorry I thought I was on the UK thread🤦
  8. Point proved 😘 2 things , firstly I'm American, born and brought up in Philly, second its pompous not pompos
  9. Anyway back on track. According to UK law they must offer you a cash refund. (Do not get this mixed up with the ABTA/ATOL suggestion that they might offer credit, this is not law) I would send them a letter before action giving them 14 days to give the refund (they must refund within 14 days by law) and then start county Court action, you must do this quickly before the law gets changed.
  10. Oh do shut up, you sound so childish
  11. 3 stickies dedicated to the YC. The rest of you get back where you belong in steerage
  12. Does anyone know of a cooking class we can take in Naples
  13. OK I get it, can't ask a simple question and everyone's a know all😂😂😂
  14. They’ll miss their flight then as they are flying out of Fort Lauderdale
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