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  1. Those beach chairs look like bean bags, no thanks, you're gonna sweat your kahunas off sitting on/in one of those
  2. We traveled well when we were crap, so what's the difference now
  3. Quite, but you can get to the next page with pricing without entering a VC number. So I did one booking entering my number, cleared the cache, then did the same booking again this time without using a number and the price came out the same, so there was no apparent discount.
  4. Am I missing something here? I thought as a VC member we got a 5% discount on booking. I've just did a couple of dummies on the MSC UK site and whether I put in my VC number or not the price comes out the same. πŸ€”
  5. Slightly OT but when we sailed with NCL I used to pack a box of wine and wrap it up in birthday paper. They never once checked it for fear I hoped that they wouldn't want to unwrap someones bday present.
  6. Yes it's different. Tappanyaki is all sit around a large table with the chef in the middle cooking your food and showing off. We did it but found it not worth the money.
  7. There is no option now for 30 items, and no option to choose if you want it in batches or not. Not on the UK site anyway.
  8. This is where the confusion is. The US site is showing that you can use it when you like, and the UK site shows as my screenshot above, that it has to all go at once. The UK site does not show the option to choose which you want, just the 10,20,40 and baby. I'm going to screenshot one of the posts above and take it with us in December in case they don't let me send stuff in batches.
  9. And this is what I see. "Item allowance must be used all together in a single delivery
  10. If you are using the UK site then show me where it says that, and that there are 2 versions, because for the life of me I can't see that.
  11. It does't say that on the UK site. It says must be used all at once. At any rate, the description doesn't actually say multiple batches are fine, MSC could argue that it says you can either have it all done at once anytime during your cruise, or done all at once the day before your departure.
  12. OK I know that the official info is that you can only use the laundry service once, all items to be sent at the same time. Well this was "officially" the case last year as well when we were on the Seaside and used it 3 times. So wondering if anyone has experience of using the service multiple times recently.
  13. I phoned up uk customer service, answered within a couple of minutes, he checked us in and emailed documents straight away
  14. I certainly don't consider myself foolish. I chose a specific cruise because I wanted to call at Athens, and another because I wanted to go to Rome. They just so happened to get me there in a style I like. Yes I would have been disappointed had they not happened, but such is life.
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