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  1. Thank you everyone for your great feedback. I see some differences from Princess but don’t think they are deal breakers. Am I correct that when you eat at a specialty restaurant that there’s the normal cover charge plus you have to pay taxes and additional gratuities? With Princess there’s only a coverage charge. Also with Princess room service is free whereas it looks like there’s a service charge on NCL. Does the coverage charge apply to breakfast as well? I’ll probably wait to book until 2023 at the earliest so I can make sure to be able to book private excursions.
  2. I’m not a big spender. I don’t drink soda or alcohol do avoid the beverage packages. I would consider it for this cruise though if bottled water is included. I go to the shows and/or trivia but usually only spend money on the cruise fare and shore excursions. Typically I book private excursions as I’m a wheelchair user and private tours are more than just a “drive by” of the sites. I can also do without specialty dining as I find the food in the MDR good (at least on princess).
  3. I’m considering taking my first cruise with Norwegian (up until now have cruised primarily with Princess). I love the service and everything about Princess but have found essentially a dream itinerary with Norwegian and princess doesn’t offer it. The itinerary I’m looking at is on the jade and is 19 nights from Athens to Dubai. I’m have heard mixed reviews of Norwegian as a whole... I have friends that love them (but have not sailed any other line to compare it to) and on some of the boards not so great reviews.... mainly that they nickel and dime you. Here are my questions: 1.
  4. Yes a friend of mine will be with me and my best friend and her family will be there for the cruise part.
  5. I will have to end up changing my tour plans as I don’t think I can manage the steps on the catamaran either. I contacted the access office snd there was no other option other than the catamaran on the 17 day tour. They did say however, that the similar excursion offered while at the Kenai Lodge is a different boat and is wheelchair accessible. I will probably do the 15 day escorted connoisseur tour you ended up doing. What did you end up doing at the McKinley Lodge? Looking for suggestions. Looks like maybe a half day there.
  6. Thank you Kari! This is more in line with what I was expecting. Can I ask what private whale watching tour company you used and what were some of the challenges with getting your husband on sms off the boat? Also what about the cruise across Prince William Sound made you leery? Thank you again for all of your feedback, it’s been really helpful.
  7. Thank you very much for the feedback. I’m surprised the tundra tour didn’t have an option for a lift equipped bus since it’s a national park.
  8. I woull look d love to do an Alaska cruise tour with Princess cruises in June 2023 and was wondering if anyone had done one through them? The tour I’m interested in is the 17 day escorted connoisseur tour. Cruise goes from Vancouver to Anchorage with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and has scenic cruising through Glacier Bay National park and College fiord. The land portion includes a cruise across Prince William Sound to Valdez and we stay in the Kenai peninsula, Mt McKinley, Denali National Park (Tundra tour included), St Wrangler, and Fairbanks. I use a wheelchair but can weight bear
  9. I booked the cruise for January 2022 on the diamond princess. With the pandemic I’m sure we may still have to take ship excursions then so I have been working with the accessibility office to find out what my options are. I have some limited mobility... I can stand and take a couple of steps with my cane. Lift equipped vehicles are scarce in South America, but since I can transfer from my wheelchair to a regular vehicle, that gives me more options. I recommend checking with either the accessibility office or shore excursion office (depends on the cruise line) to see what your options may b
  10. I’m booked for this cruise in April 2022 and it will be my first time to Hawaii. I also use a wheelchair (manual and collapsible). Did you have any problems tendering in Maui? If not, any recommendations for what to do there? Ideally I would love to visit both the national park there and a whale watching tour but not sure there will be enough time for both.
  11. Actually in a recent Bloomberg tv interview with the ceo of Carnival (parent company to Princess) he said that Carnival ships would have onboard covid testing capabilities. That way if someone had Covid like symptoms, they could test onboard. Not sure how much testing capability they have but logically they could use this same system to test passengers prior to disembarkation. Of course this would only help with the airline requirement if no post cruise tour were taking place.
  12. Thank you! I figured it was something like that.
  13. I have downloaded the medallion app for my cruise on the island in September but every time I try to fill out the information to be ocean ready it says there was an error. Do I have to wait for a certain time period before my cruise before I can fill this out? My cruise personalizer says this will be a medallion class cruise but I also know that the island princess isn’t completely medallion class ready yet. Could this be why I can’t get ocean ready in the app yet?
  14. I’m booked in September for the Oktoberfest itinerary. 🤞🏻That things will be better and I’ll get to go. Planning on getting vaccinated when it’s available to my group.
  15. Just downloaded the app and was able to link my September 2021 booking fine but it shows my captains circle level as blue when I’m actually gold. The website has it right but the app doesn’t. Is there a way to change this so it is correct? Is this a common problem? Thanks.
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