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  1. What pray tell is the PMU code?
  2. We like to sleep with our door open, at least until the heat and humidity has one of us get up to close it so the air conditioner will kick in. Don’t know how comfortable I would be with an open door so close to the water line.
  3. You’re such a meanie!! Why would you want to boot the kids? lol
  4. It’s magical!! We leave and as soon as we’re gone it’s like a Disney feature film. The sheets lift up and sing and the pillow dances as the pillow cases float through the air, the towels become living creatures that then stay in a pose for us to see and all that joy and excitement leads to a happy bed waiting for us to come back and relax on!
  5. The difference between cheap and frugal. Frugal is when you think to yourself do you really need this? No problem spending but always wise in not wasting!! Cheap is when you never pay your way, always expecting or hoping someone else will!!
  6. Another way around it is what we used to do. Based on a couple of trips with semi average gambling we started getting offers for free slot play at the Peppermill in Reno Nevada. One time it was $200 but usually around $60 to $100. We would play the entire amount but cash out any winnings as we played. A cherry might give us .60c or maybe we hit something for ten bucks. Regardless of the amount, we would always cash out everything no matter how big or small. On average we would pocket about 60% of whatever the offer was and use it for a dinner or two. One time we even hit $1,200. Cashed that out as well instead of trying to “reinvest” it hoping for more. I have to imagine you can do the same with your OBC
  7. I wouldn’t try to get the test early in the morning of boarding day cause there might be a delay getting the results
  8. In California all vaccinations are inputted into a State data bank. All you need to do is go to myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov You’ll be asked a few question verifying who you are and then prompted to create a pin. Then you can take a screen shot of the vaccination record and it is accepted everywhere in this country.
  9. It’s been about 4 years since our last cruise. I’m hoping I can go in a hot tub (Mardi Gras 10/16 cruise) and have pleasant conversations with complete strangers without anyone getting political or mean spirited in any way. I’m a moderate Democrat who had an interesting give and take conversation in the pool on a ship with a former Secret Service agent and his wife and another couple from Kentucky all of whom were very conservative in their outlook in life and the political landscape. But through all the banter there was lots of laughter and buying each other drinks. And always warm smiles and pleasant hellos when we would run into each other throughout the cruise. I miss those days. Why can’t we remember the beauty of this great country is all the diversity and all the differing opinions and lifestyles. And most of all why can’t we remember that there really is no us vs. them!! People need to lighten up and just enjoy life again.
  10. Thanks. I was just wondering cause I kept on my daughter and her boyfriend to check in at exactly 12 eastern time for their August 14 Mardi Gras voyage. Guess it really is first come first serve cause they got the 10:30 boarding slot. Man, that gives them almost a whole extra day on board not to mention first dibs on specialty restaurants and stuff for their 600 obc. I’m gonna do the same for my wife and myself when our October Mardi Gras cruise opens for check in. Lets keep this little secret to ourselves my CC brothers and sisters!!!
  11. Just curious what is the earliest boarding time on most ships (when everything is going on schedule)
  12. You obviously don’t use a C-Pap so it’s understandable your thinking that putting it on the floor is good solution. Unfortunately air is sucked in through the vents and most of us would be kinda grossed out thinking what is getting sucked out of the carpet and into the machine. There is also the tube issue. I sleep on my side. Both sides. And if I’m facing away from the machine the tube goes across my face/head. If the tube flows downward instead of laterally to a table somewhat equal to the height of the bed it would be extremely uncomfortable. Mardi Gras appears to be a fantastic, beautiful ship with very well thought out touches throughout. But they dropped the ball on this!!
  13. So now we get the bitching from the smokers about the view!!
  14. Not only that but I’d wager most of the action is in the evening when there aren’t any views anyway!!
  15. Looking at John Healds videos leaves me wondering also why there’s no outlet and table next to the bed. I would venture a guess that in this day and age at least 10% or more of the older passengers use a C-Pap
  16. Duh!!!! Everyone who cruises knows the Panamera is one of the most popular ships in the Carnivore fleet.
  17. If you could get pictures of the extended balconies on the “hump” cabins ( for example 10350/10354 I would appreciate it.
  18. Not only that but most c-paps have the option to go without water. Regardless, luckily for me I still have my old c-pap that works just fine and doesn’t use water at all. So whenever I travel that’s the one I bring.
  19. They tend to not pay attention to the scanner when they’re rushing the last groups coming on. I only know from experiences twice as we were some of the last boarding. Of course there’s no guarantee, but the worst that will happen is they take it and hold it till the end of the cruise when you can then get it back.
  20. What a refreshing full of life person you are! I hope you’re all able to get on early (the saved screen shot should help), but if not at least you’re able to keep it all in perspective instead of most people these days who make the biggest deals about such petty stuff. Another hour of your life waiting your turn to get on such a beautiful ship is pretty low in the pecking order of life changing problems!! If you want to “smuggle” a little, ahem, adult beverages, being one of the last helps. There comes a point where they’re trying to close the doors and they tend to relax a little on their search for alcohol.
  21. I think the banning of smoking in public buildings, restaurants, public areas etc. was the beginning of the “I have my rights” movement. And just like mask wearing which is not so much to protect yourself as it is to protect others, or vaccinations which are to protect not only yourself but others by disrupting the chain the virus needs to mutate, smokers “rights” never take in consideration what smoking in enclosed areas does to everyone else. There’s nothing worse than putting on fresh laundered clothes only to have them stink with the putrid stale smell of smoke, let alone what it does to our health. Our “rights” as Americans can only go as far as when they don’t trample the rights of most everyone else.
  22. Checking in at 12:01 Eastern time is great advice. I’ll tell my daughter and her boyfriend for their August cruise and definitely my wife and myself will do the same for our October Mardi Gras cruise. As far as your Mom, in today’s world she’s still middle aged, but, playing up her elderly age as all the rest of you are ready to board should be enough to instill some common sense into the desk employees. It’s not like her boarding with you is gonna make a difference to anyone else. It would be different if she had the early check in and was trying to bring the group with her. But one additional person who is part of your group? Only the insensitive would have a problem with that.
  23. I truly don’t believe Carnival is looking for excuses to deny vaccinated passengers to board. Quite the opposite. I think they’re gonna do everything they can to make your experience a positive one. No doubt there are glitches that are causing delays, but in the end, they will do whatever it takes to get you on board.(As long as you’re following all the requirements in good faith).
  24. You’re missing the point. Yes, open the schools unless the Delta variant really does start hitting the younger age groups. Right now though, any adult who wants to be vaccinated can be vaccinated so the argument that kids would be potential silent spreaders is moot. Cruise ships however are a whole different animal. An outbreak in a school or a neighborhood can be contained. Nothing other than maybe a school or a school district being closed for a few weeks would be the result of an outbreak. A serious outbreak on a ship has the potential of shutting down the entire industry!! And potentially bankrupting some of the cruise lines. And potentially even ending cruising as we know it. Sorry, I love kids, and I think the excitement they bring on a cruise ship is contagious. Unfortunately Covid is much more contagious and it would be devastating to the cruise industry if something were to happen. The kids have the rest of their long lives to cruise. They can wait a few more months!!
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