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  1. Thanks everyone. I’ll hold back, for now, from making any adjustments as the sail perks available on 2020 cruises and not yet available for 2021 and since I’ve got until about April next year to switch or stick I’ll hold back and hope the perk sales options come online in the near future then take a view in the event they don’t make available.
  2. I hope someone may be able to assist me as I’m struggling to understand in regard to a changing a booking made onboard Equinox when we sailed in June 2019. We booked a European 2020 cruise but now want to switch to a Caribbean 2021 booking. At the time we booked we got an onboard spend of $150 aqua class, plus drinks and gratuities. 2021 dates have recently been released but the cruise isn’t offering any offers yet just value or a £200 saving but no 2 perk options. The deposit is fairly small but I’d rather not lose, we’re not in a rush but I’d like to switch then it’s done. I can’t quite wor
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